AGRI 183 Communication Methods Lecture Eight Outline,Tuesday, 17 October 2006


Attendance speech: 30 seconds or less, State your first and last names slowly, talk about anything you would like.


Suggestions from grading presentations and reflection papers:

  1. Objectives focus on the audience: What you want the audience to do and/or know because of your presentation.  "Today I will talk to you about the macrobiotic diet" is NOT an objective.  "After my presentation you will know the health benefits of the macrobiotic diet and I hope you will be inspired to try it" IS an objective.
  2. Practice in front of your friends: Explain the critique sheet to them before you practice, go over each category, have them use it to do the critique.  Get their feedback and put this in your reflection paper.
  3. OK to move around during a presentation, but return to the neutral standing position periodically.  Don't be rigid.
  4. Know how the Audio Visual equip. works in your lab room before you give your presentation.  You should not have to ask right before you give your talk.
  5. Don't apologize for slip ups.
  6. Arrange furniture in room so audience can see all of your body.  Do not stand behind a desk or lectern if possible.
  7. An outline next to you on a desk is better than note cards in the hand.  Outlines can be large font so you only need to glance down at it to remember what to talk about next.  You could put note cards on the desk as well.

Four to Six page paper critiquing a formal speech given outside of class (due: Oct 27, 4pm) lab peer edited


  1. Practice the standing exercise.  Keep hands out of pockets.  BODY PRESENTATION IS MOST IMPORTANT!
  2. Practice your persuasive presentation think about Choice presentation.
  3. Refer to text readings as needed!

Be sure you know your Speech date and lab role assignment, these have been updated!

Choice speech: Trevor Gaines example

Formal Class Introductions (graded, 5%).  Don't End with "That's about it", no hats, no gum, hands out of pockets.