AGRI 183 Communication Methods Lecture Fourteen Outline,Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Folder hand backs & collection.

Group Peer Evaluation reminder & Collection (Jamillah Moore).

FINAL EXAM: This Friday Dec. 8, 11:45AM 108 Lafayette Hall.       Study guide is online.


Speak Off

Criteria for evaluation: Same as Presentation Critiques we have been using in lab:

Hook, Introduction (purpose/objective, credibility, preview), Construction (logical order, pacing, pauses, transitions), Language (min. filler words), Mechanics (loud clear voice, eye contact, poise, body language, gestures, do not read extensively from notes) Passion & Enthusiasm, Conclusion (powerful, restate must know [not categorical]), finish between 8-10 min.  Things to watch for: mental dialog, language devices (alliteration, parallelism, antithesis, etc.). 

Audience job: complete the speak off critique sheet explaining why you think your choice of the winner is the best.  You must include specifics about your winner's presentation to convince me that your choice is right.

DO NOT JUST VOTE FOR YOUR LAB'S REPRESENTATIVE.  Vote for the BEST presentation based on the criteria above.

Prof. Leonard decides the winner and will take into account the feedback from the audience.  Winner will be announced via e-mail within four hours after class.