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Anju D. Krivov, Ph.D.



Biofuels Instructor

The University of Vermont


Prrincipal & Co-Founder

GSR Solutions LLC (GSR)













Dr. Krivov’s current area of research is ALGAE BIOFUEL. The rationale behind her collaborative research is - rapidly growing energy needs, depleting fossil fuel reserves, and adverse affects of rising oil prices leave no doubts that we need non-food renewable alternative and sustainable sources of energy. She believes algae oil is the way to go - it doesn't compete with the food and water resources; is carbon neutral; can be coupled with CO2 sequestration; and best of all the estimates predict production of over 15,000 oil yield gallons per acre compared to other biofuels like corn that can produce only 20 gallons/acre. Unfortunately, the commercial-scale production is economically not feasible yet.


As an Algal Biofuels Scientist, she is applying systems approach to develop a robust system of algal-oil production. She has been conducting the R&D through GSR. Her work involves algal-culturing, native algae selection; biochemical analysis including lipids, biomass conversion techniques, modeling & simulation, and economic analysis. Earlier, over the last two decades, Dr. Krivov had been involved in understanding the complexity and organization in ecological systems by employing quantitative and qualitative approaches, developed simulation models and published many papers. Before that, another thrust of her research (Ph.D., 1996), has focused on studying Environmental Toxicology and Biochemistry in experimental-animal/natural systems, and that greatly influenced her current heavy involvement in algal oil research. Other details here.



Her Current projects as Principal Investigator (Contact her for details):


Wastewater treatment integrated with algae biofuel production:







High Lipids Algal Research



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BioEnergy – Biomass to Biofuels Course



In 2009, with funding support from Department of Energy, VT Sustainable Jobs funds, Dr. Krivov developed the Biomass to Biofuels course at UVM, and each year from 2010 onwards has been bringing together the Biofuels brains from VT-based business, farms and UVM faculty members. This course provides hands on experience in various biofuels including liquid biofuels (biodiesel including oil seeds; ethanol, algae oil), solid biomass (woody biomass and grass energy), biogas, and various Biofuels related science & technology topics, background & literature information besides addressing the environmental, economical, policy, social and other Biofuel related issues. She utilizes various means of instructions: a) on campus classes, b) field work involving tours to Farms,/Biofuel facilities; c) talks by experts on particular Biofuel type; d) Biofuel equipment demonstrations by professionals; e) online supplementary classes/information including video clips. The participants include students, farmers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and others. Check out the Course Website for details:


Academic Credit: (4 College Credits for ENSC 285, NR 285, or TRC 295).

Previous Course Listings: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 as ENSC 285, NR 285 & PSS 296 TRC 295

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Outreach: Algae & Energy Conference





Dr. Krivov organized the conference on Algae & Energy in the Northeast with the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, VT EPSCoR, co-hosted by the University of Vermont  in Burlington on March 17 & 18, 2010. She invited foremost algae biofuel researchers and entrepreneurs to present the current state and projected future of algae as a biofuel feedstock. The details including presentations and pictures are available at the Conference website:  Check out Conference website



Topics covered:




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