University of Vermont
Wright Express Fleet Card

Program Highlights:

  • card ties to vehicle
  • each driver assigned a pin number
  • for fuel and repairs
  • ties to default budget number 
  • bill paid monthly by Accounts Payable

Gas Stations Providing Tax Exemptions:

  • BP Oil                           Chevron
  • ExxonMobil                   Getty
  • Mutual Oil                      Shell
  • Stewarts Shop                    Sunoco
  • Texaco                          Tosco (Circle K and Union 76) 

At the pump:

  • use card
  • enter pin number
  • enter odometer reading (budget #, etc.)
  • retain receipt for reconciliation

Wright Express On-Line Access:

  • add a new driver - instructions
  • generate a report, download data
    • review and reconcile charges 
    • check exceptions 


  • $2.00 per card, for replacement cards only



  • state tax exemption when billed
  • diesel tax refunded quarterly
  • volume discount from Tamarack Services of White River Jct., Inc., including the following stations:
    • Spillane Service Center, Williston Rd
    • Airport Mobil, Williston Rd
    • Village Mobil, Shelburne Rd

Lost or Stolen Cards

Wright Express Customer Service:  1-800-492-0669

Information for New Card Holders 


Wright Express Fleet home page

Computer Requirements:  On-line access requires:
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater
  • Netscape 6.1 or greater

    Questions about the fleet card program can be directed to Erin Fitzgerald.

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