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UVM Self-Study | NEASC Accreditation

UVM SELF-STUDY | NEASC Accreditation

Accreditation Steering Committee

September 29, 2008

1 to 2 p.m., Bailey/Howe Library Dean's Conference Room

Present: Mara Saule, Jill Tarule, Rocki DeWitt, Ellie Miller, Cindy Forehand, Dom Grasso, Jane Knodell, Nancy Bercaw, Meagan Burton, Ruth Farrell

Absent: Tom Gustafson, Annie Stevens, Bev Colston, Robyn Warhol-Down, Chris Landry, Fran Carr, Kathy Marmor, Dale Jaffe, Ted Winfield

  1. Self-Study Draft

    Committee members were provided with a hard copy of the latest draft of their standard. Revisions to the draft were guided by length, voice, hyperlinks for evidence, and the vetting process. President Fogel's Overview is part of the document now, as well. The Overview serves as a frame for the self-study. The report is currently at 110 pages, and needs to be at 100 per NEASC.

    When reviewing the standards, co-chairs were asked to consider the following:

    • Is anything missing?
    • Did something get cut that really should be there?
    • What can be cut now? A lot of editing that still needs to be done.
    • Pay special attention to the institutional commitments.
    • Has any content changed since May?

  2. Standard 9

    Standard 9 continues to be a work in progress, waiting for audit to be complete. Richard Cate will make recommendations to the co-chairs, Ted Winfield and Rocki DeWitt, as more information becomes available.

  3. What's Next
    • President Fogel and NEASC were provided with the draft today, the time as the Steering Committee. The later version will be available to the greater campus community in November.
    • A meeting will be held the week of Dec. 10-19 to discuss how to prepare for the visiting team.

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