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UVM SELF-STUDY | NEASC Accreditation

Accreditation Steering Committee

February 28, 2008

1:30 to 2:30 p.m., 427A Waterman

Present: Cindy Forehand, Chris Landry, Rocki DeWitt, Ruth Farrell, Dale Jaffe, Meagan Burton, Nancy Bercaw, Mara Saule, Jill Tarule, Fred Curran, Bev Colston, Jane Knodell, Robyn Warhol-Down, Tom Gustafson

Absent: Fran Carr, Ellie Miller, Annie Stevens, Dom Grasso

  1. PowerPoint Presentation about the Most Valuable 2/3

    Mara and Jill shared a NEASC PowerPoint about writing the most valuable 2/3 of the report-appraisals and projections, the areas that really put the "study" in self-study. The co-chairs encouraged candor and frankness when dealing with any and all institutional issues. Be straightforward and bold. One of the goals of the half-day retreat is to talk through various projections that the committee has put forth.

  2. Data Returned from Deans and Available for Review

    Meagan handed out all the responses, which she organized by question and standard. The responses are now available on the SharePoint site. Nancy encouraged the steering committee to check the SharePoint site and Accreditation website frequently for updates. and Dale Jaffe announced that an assessment of the campus services survey was forthcoming as well. He also can provide performance indicators if they are needed for analysis.

  3. Revised Timeline

    A number of steering meetings have been changed. The new schedule is on the website and herewith:

    • March 13: Open Consult Time (No formal meeting)
    • March 27: SECOND DRAFTS DUE (No SC meeting)
    • April 10: Half Day Retreat in Bailey/Howe Dean's Conference Room 1 to 4 p.m. Refreshments Provided
    • April 24: Mara and Jill meet with Provost/President (No SC Meeting)
    • Mid May: Celebration to be Announced

  4. On-going Role of Steering Committee and Standards Committee

    Among other potential roles, the Accreditation Steering Committee will assist in vetting the Self-Study Report with the University Community in the fall, as well as planning for the actual visit, engaging with appropriate groups on campus in preparation for the visit, and participating as appropriate during the actual visit in the spring. The Steering Committee thus continues into next year, although it is expected that the time commitment will be less since the writing will be completed.

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