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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2007

A meeting of the Accreditation Steering Committee was held on December 13, 2007 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

Present: Mara Saule, Jill Tarule, Rocki Dewitt, Ellie Miller, Jane Knodell, Chris Landry, Bev Colston, Nancy Bercaw, Meagan Burton

Absent: Dale Jaffe, Ruth Farrell, Cindy Forehand, Ted Winfeld, Fran Carr, Thomas Gustafson, Robyn Warhol-Down, Domenico Grasso, Kathy Marmor, Annie Stevens

  1. Deadlines for Outlines

    Outlines and declarative statements are due by Jan. 30 even if all data has yet to be collected. Jill Tarule recommend that chairs "go out on a limb, but be cautious" as way to keep moving from data to writing. She recommended using the template tool as way to back up assertions and show how they were generated. Also, using the template, gaps in research and data gathering will be clear.

    Tarule and Mara Saule also said that they are pushing to get narrative statements as a resource for the leadership retreat, Jan. 10-11. Some time at the retreat will be spent on what new strategic initiatives the institution should be adopting. Essentially, those initiatives are projections. The self study is helping push the institution to think about strategic planning.

  2. Timelines and Data Requests

    The next two steering committee meetings are set for Thursday, Jan. 17 and Thursday, Jan. 31 from 1-2:30 p.m. A semester-long timeline will be issued in late January . Data requests to deans and department heads are a top priority for early January. Co-chairs are urged to get their specific requests to Meagan Burton as soon as possible. See current list below.

    Running List of Data Request for Deans and Academic Units

    Standard 1
    • Individual college's mission statements and strategic plans
    Standard 2
    • Specialized accreditation studies and reports
    • Placement studies of graduates- recent graduate surveys
    Standard 6
    • How do individual colleges or units assign and assess advising?
    • What are each college's policies on "good standing" for students?
    Standard 7
    • 7.8: "the institution demonstrates that students use information resources and technology as an integral part of their education, attaining levels of proficiency appropriate to their degree and subject or professional field of study...." (essentially the same as 4.6). If each dean could provide some very brief text, or even bullet points, we could integrate that into our section.
    • Does your college provide any information technology education? If so, what do you provide and how is it being assessed?
    Standard 10 & 11
    • Are there professional codes of conduct or integrity that apply specifically to your College or School's discipline(s)? If yes, how are they communicated and applied within your unit? How do they affect your programs and curriculum?

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