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UVM's 2019 NECHE Reaccreditation: Purpose, Process and Product

Every ten years UVM’s regional accrediting body, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NECHE), requires us to answer these fundamental questions through an extensive Self-Study Report and external review process.  Accreditation constitutes UVM’s authority to continue granting degrees and to receive federal funding. UVM was last reaccredited Spring 2009 and our next external evaluation team visit will occur on March 24-27, 2019.  

The Self-Study Report, framed around NECHE's Accreditation Standards, is at the core of the re-accreditation process  There are 9 broad standards that must be addressed as well as any previously identified concerns.  The standards are:

  1. Mission and Purposes
  2. Planning and Evaluation
  3. Organization and Governance
  4. The Academic Program (Assuring Academic Quality; Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs; The Major or Concentration; Integrity in the Award of Academic Credit)
  5. Students (Admissions, Student Services and Co-Curricular Experiences)
  6. Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (including Faculty and Academic Staff)
  7. Institutional Resources (Human; Financial; Information, Physical, and Technological Resources)
  8. Educational Effectiveness
  9. Integrity, Transparency, and Public Disclosure

Creating the Self-Study Report will require extensive planning, assessment and data collection, carried out with broad input and engagement from across the campus community.  The final report must be succinct, candid and evidence-based.  It must describe progress to date on goals and establish projections for the future.

In order to generate a thorough and accurate Self-Study Report, UVM has charged 8 standards committees.  The standards committees will gather information and draft expanded bullet points that outline a narrative comprised of description, appraisal and projection for each of the 9 standards.  The standards committees are guided by a small Executive Committee (Jennifer Dickinson, Gary Derr, Alex Yin, co-chairs Brian Reed and Mara Saule, and supported by Jordan Ostrander). The Executive Committee and the co-chairs of each of the standards committees comprise a Steering Committee to coordinate efforts. The work will progress through the academic year with the standards committees submitting their reports in mid-May 2018.  The draft self-study report will be synthesized from the committee reports and then vetted for comment during fall 2018. 

The self-study project is very important for ensuring UVM’s institutional re-accreditation, but also for the insights that we will gain as a university community – insights about what we do well and what we must still seek to improve.  This is an opportunity to take an honest look at ourselves.  The real value will be in what we learn, the future directions that result, and the processes by which we accomplish both. 

Please do not hesitate to contact either Brian Reed ( or Mara Saule ( if you have questions, suggestions, or comments.

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