University of Vermont

UVM Policies & Vermont Laws

  • Sexual Harassment - Students
  • Sexual Harassment - Employees
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Domestic Abuse and Violence Prevention and Response. 
    • University policy on Domestic Abuse prohibits domestic violence in any residential living space at the University and provides for investigation and discipline for any person found responsible for violation of the policy.  Additionally, off-campus domestic violence that involves members of the University community may be a violation of this policy and may result in discipline up to and including suspension or dismissal from the University or termination of employment. 
    • Vermont law prohibits causing or attempting to cause bodily injury to a family or household member, or wilfully causing a family or household member to fear imminent serious bodily injury.  Vermont law prohibits domestic violence against both household members and individuals in a dating relationship.  "Household members" means persons who, for any period of time, are living or have lived together, are sharing or have shared occupancy of a dwelling, are engaged in or have engaged in a sexual relationship, or minors or adults who are dating or who have dated. "Dating" means a social relationship of a romantic nature.  More information about these definitions can be found in the Vermont statutes or at the Vermont Office of the Attorney General Domestic Violence webpage.
  • Vermont law also prohibits stalkingStalking is defined, generally, as repeated conduct such as following, “lying in wait” or harassing conduct where the conduct does not have any legitimate purpose.  Prohibited stalking conduct would cause a reasonable person to be afraid for their safety or to experience emotional distress or psychological harm.  Stalking violates University policies on sexual harassment when the conduct is sexual in nature or related to unwanted sexual contact.  All stalking conduct should be reported to Police Services immediately.


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