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For Families

Supporting Yourself

Sending a family member off to college can be difficult for the family at home. Here are some ways to support yourself during this time:

  • Recognize that it is normal to have mixed feelings when your student leaves home. Feelings of pain and loss often accompany separation from loved ones. It is also normal to feel a sense of relief when your student leaves for college, and to look forward to some time alone, or with your significant other or younger children.
  • Do your best to develop and maintain your own social support.
  • Do your best to maintain your own sense of well-being. We recommend eating and sleeping well, exercising, and setting new and creative goals for yourself. Maybe this is a good time to do some of the things you put off while your student was growing up; taking on a project or hobby can be an excellent way to channel your energy and feelings.

Last modified December 12 2013 03:51 PM