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Services We Provide

Counseling and Psychiatry Services (CAPS) provides free, confidential services for UVM students, including individual and group counseling; walk-in consultations; emergency psychological services; and psycho-educational outreach programming.

Why Do Students Contact CAPS?

Students seek counseling for a variety of reasons, including relationship concerns, difficulties with roommates, loneliness, isolation, emotional difficulties including depression and anxiety, eating problems, and identity issues. Normally these problems are relatively temporary and students recover fairly quickly; however, if the intensity or persistence of any of the problems makes it hard for your student to function effectively, or if your student is experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings, it is advisable to encourage your student to come to the Counseling Center right away. It usually works best to allow your student to take the initiative in accessing our services—if you are the one who calls and makes an appointment, your student may be less likely to follow through.

Resources for Families

Counseling and Psychiatry Services provides consultations to families concerned about their students. Such consultations can focus on a range of issues, including how to assist a student experiencing a difficult situation, how to refer a student to us, or how to locate appropriate mental health treatment for a student. To secure a consultation, call Counseling & Psychiatry Services at 802-656-3340 and ask to speak with a counselor.

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