Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP or Morning After Pill) can be used if you have had unprotected vaginal sex and don't want to get pregnant.

Situations for use include:

  • you had vaginal sex without birth control
  • the condom broke or slipped off
  • you missed taking two or more birth control pills
  • you were two or more days late starting your pack
  • your diaphragm slipped out of place
  • you missed your birth control shot
  • you had unwanted sex or were forced to have sex (we recommend you contact a provider for additional support)

Effectiveness of ECP after unprotected vaginal intercourse:

  • After 24 hours - 95% effective
  • After 48 hours - 85% effective
  • After 72 hours - 58% effective

Do I need a prescription for Plan B or Next Choice and if so how do I get one?

No. EC is available without a prescription but may be free or less expensive if you have a provider prescribe it. Contact us to obtain a prescription during our business hours. An appointment is not necessary. DO NOT delay in taking EC to get a prescription if we are closed.

Where can I purchase Plan B or Next Choice?

Regardless of whether or not you have a prescription, you can purchase EC at these locations which are within walking distance of UVM. A $10 coupon for Plan B may be available at http://planbonestep.com/coupon.aspx.

Name Location/Phone What They Sell
(as of March 2013)
FAHC—UHC Pharmacy (in same building as UVM Student Health)
1 S. Prospect St., First Floor
Plan B
FAHC—Hospital Pharmacy 111 Colchester Ave.
Plan B
Rite Aid Pharmacy 158 Cherry St.
Plan B
Lakeside Pharmacy 242 Pearl St.
Next Choice
Planned Parenthood 183 St. Paul St.
Plan B

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