Information for Students Requesting ADHD Medication

Students seeking CWHB services for medication management of ADHD are required to provide documentation of a comprehensive evaluation that supports the diagnosis of ADHD prior to receiving prescriptions for medications.

A comprehensive evaluation includes:

  • Health care provider assessment of history of problem that meets DSM criteria for diagnosis, as well as evaluation for other etiologies that may account for the symptoms experienced.
  • Inclusion of collateral information in support of diagnostic criteria (i.e. parent, partner or other family member; school teacher)
  • Neuro-psychiatric, &/or psycho-educational assessment including psychometric testing (measures of ADHD symptoms, psychiatric co-morbidities, intelligence and executive functioning) that diagnoses ADHD. These, in addition to other tests of intellectual ability and academic achievement may be helpful to guide non-pharmacologic support the student with ADHD.

Students who already are receiving medications as part of their ADHD care must also supply records from their current prescriber with progress notes dating back at least one year of care.

NOTE: All students seeking CHWB support for ADHD management (pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic) will be encouraged to contact the ACCESS (Accommodation, Consultation, Counseling & Educational Support Services) Office to see if they qualify for accommodations or special services.

To obtain approval please contact Karol Josselyn RN MA at 802-656-0604 and submit all documentation to her attention at Student Health Services. All documentation must be received and reviewed before an initial appointment for a prescription can be made.

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