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Constitution of the Retired Faculty and Administrative Officers
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1.The UVM Retired Faculty and Administrative Officers (RFAO) are all persons retired from the ranks of academic, clinical, library, extension, and research faculties, and officers of administration at the University of Vermont, organized to keep in touch with each other and improve dialogue with UVM’s active faculty, staff, and administrators for the benefit of the members and the University.  
2. A president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer performing the usual functions of each office, and five (5) other members shall constitute the core Executive Board, who shall be elected in staggered terms at a spring semiannual meeting for a term of two years, with eligibility for re-election.   

        Ex officio members of the Executive Board shall include the past president for two (2) years after leaving office, editor of the HERMES newsletter, information officer, AROHE  representative, and such senate representatives and others as may be appointed by the Executive Board.

        Potential ex-officio members, other than the past president, can be nominated by any member and subsequently approved as ex-officio by a majority vote of the board

        Nominations for Executive Board membership will be solicited from the general membership and a list of nominees will be drawn up by the Executive Board and presented to the general membership at the Spring semiannual meeting for their action.

        The Executive Board will meet monthly except for the months of June and July. Minutes of the Board meetings will be posted in a timely manner on the RFAO web site.

        A quorum for Executive Board action shall consist of 7 members; at least two must be officers.

        Vacancies on the Executive Board may be filled by appointment made by the Executive Board for the duration of the term.

3.There shall be a spring and fall semiannual membership meeting scheduled with elections held at the spring meeting and most business conducted at the fall meeting. The Executive Board shall act for the organization as the need arises and report its actions at the semiannual meetings for its approval. Other meetings may be called by the Executive Board as business requires.

4. Committees and organizational representatives may be appointed by the Executive Board or president for a specific term as opportunities for work appear, such as modification of benefits, participation in discussions of UVM program changes, as well as collection and recording of information about UVM history.

5. Dues may be assessed as needed.

6. Changes in this Constitution shall be adopted by majority vote at the semiannual meeting after such amendments have been warned by written notice at least three weeks before the meeting and put on its     agenda.

7. A quorum for membership meetings shall consist of 30 members, or ten percent of the membership, whichever is smaller.

Adopted:     October 18, 1980   
Amended:   October 12, 1983   
                   October 15, 1996   
                   October   3, 2006   
                   October 20, 2007    
                   October 19, 2012

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