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By making an appointment,you reserve time with a peer tutor. If you have a scheduled appointment, please meet your tutor at 105 Bailey/Howe Library, past the main stair case and on the right. You can also drop in at room 105 to see if a tutor is free.

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TutorAvailabiltyMajor and ConcentrationsInterests
Archibald, Emma
Class MentorHDFS & PSYChiking, skiing, petting dogs, swimming, community service, researching
Arriviello, Emily Grace
Class MentorENGS (Min: PSYC CRES)cooking with friends, watercolors, laying in the grass
Ashley, Peyton
Wed 3-5;
Thur 11-12
Anthropology, (Min: Writing)reading, traveling, cats, event planning
Bambury, Elizabeth
Mon 5-6;
Thur 2-4
STATS; (Min: ANTH)yoga, traveling, cooking, skiing, watching documentaries
Bauer, Kris
Wed 3-4;
Fri 3-5
GRS + POLS (Min: JAP)art and writing
Bauserman, Cameron
Wed 12-1;
Fri 10-11,
Fri 3-4
ENGS & ECONembroidery, tea, plants, and bullet journals
Beach, Addie
Class MentorLinguisticsreading, skiing, drawing, trying to do origami
Bresnahan, Christopher
Thur 2-5ENSCrock climbing, backpacking, good tunes, moutain biking, skateboarding, science fiction, and trees
Buglion Gluck, Sonya
Wed 10-12Integrated Natural Resourcesenvironmental education, writing, dance, environmental justice
Chodosh, Hannah
Tues 4-6;
Mon 4-5
ENGS (Min: ENVS)environment, art, reading, running
Corredera, Ian
Mon 6-7;
Tues 5-7
PHIL & Spanishtraveling, hiking, music
Cruz, Alex
Tues 7-9;
Wed 1-2
ENGSpoetry, music, fitness, The Office marathons
Daroga, Emily
Wed. 2-3PHIL & HSTreading, hiking, cats, coffee, environmental activism
Drew, Leslie
HCOL Writing
CESS: Englishswimming, yoga, dancing
Foster, Rachel
Sun 7-9;
Wed 1-2
GLO ST & ENGSpoetry, sunrises, coffee, rivers
Furtado, Kimberly
Wed 5-6;
Thur 4-6
GEOG & POLSyoga and dogs
Gibson, Anna
Fri 1-4ENGS (Min: Dance, Art)hiking, poetry, dance, art, reading
Gray, Kelly
Mon 6-9ENGS & Art Historyreading, writing, art, and seeing live music
Handanos, Isabel
Mon 1-4POLS & RELrunning, reading, hiking, travel
Hassan, Edil
Wed 6-7;
Thur 12-2
ENGS (Min: POLS?) reading poetry, writing poetry, three dimensional representations of black women in pop culture
Higdon, Bridget
Tues 1-2;
Thurs 12-2
ENGS (Min: HST)skiing, hiking, reading, writing, practicing yoga
Hudson, Owen
Tues 3-4;
Thur 3-4;
Fri 4-5
Plant Bioreading, frisbee, kayaking, hiking, bird watching, gaming
Jerome, Louisa
Fri 11-2GEOG & HSTknitting, cooking, mountain biking, running, skiing, speaking Spanish
Jodoin, Allison
Mon 5-8Latin (Min: Class. Civ.)theater, reading, writing
Keim, Christopher
Class MentorNeuroscience, pre-medrock climbing, playing music, hiking
Kimmel, Ian
Tues 1-2;
Thur 1-2;
Fri 12-1
Maththeater, music, comedy, absurdism, and emotionally charged psychological thrillers
Koutsouris, Maria
Thurs, 10-12, Fri 4-5Hist & German, art historytravel, history, fitness, and art
Leary, Catherine
Class MentorENGS & FTS)baking, watching lots of TV and movies, cats
Leff, Sophie
Mon 10-12;
Wed 12-1
POLS (Min: Religion), HCOLsinging acapella, traveling, politics, reading
Lewis, Sarah
Class MentorENGS (Min: CS)singing in the shower and petting dogs
Lillpopp, Rose
Tues 6-9ANTH (Min: HST ENGS)reading, tea, gardening
Ma, Sophia
Mon, 3-4;
Sun 6-8
SPAN, GRSreading, writing, traveling, arts & crafts, skiing, skating
Mahoney, Maggie
Thur 6-9HIST (Min: ENGS & Coach) running, reading, dogs, food and cooking
Manderlink, Nick
Mon 5-6;
Thur 7-9
ECON; Min: Historyplaying drums, music, cooking, hiking, reading
Marchese, Lydia
Mon 10-11,
Fri 1-2
Religionmusical theatre, plays, dogs
May, Margaret
Tues 2-5ENGS (Min: NFS, ARTH)cooking, eating, writing, reading, listening to music, essential oils, doodling and laughing
McCann, Cai
Wed 8-9;
Thur 8-9;
Sun 5-6
BIO (Min: MMG) music, listening to TED Talks, biking, tennis, NPR, cooking improvised culinary concoctions
McLenithan, Connor
Class MentorECON & HSTreading, blacksmithing, cooking, swimming, creating
Miller, Allison
Tues 3-6Accounting & ECONreading, baking, origami, theater, and languages
Mooney, Jake
Tues 11-12;
Thur 10-12
HST & POLSreading, snowboarding, baking, cooking, comic books
Oliver, Audrey
Tues 10-11;
Thur 5-7
POLS (Min: Behav biking, jigsaw puzzles, the Decloration of Independence, the Constitution, eating
Petrovich, Madeleine
Mon 7-9; Wed 8-9EDSS: HST (Min: ElEd)hiking, drawing, cooking
Pizzo, Drew
Tues 1-2,
Sun 8-9;
Class Mentor
ENGS & GSWSreading, journaling, walking, yoga, drawing
Reynolds, Delaney
Sun 5-7; Thur 2-3ANTH (Min: Music) music, hiking, equestrian team
Rice, Emma
Mon 3-4;
Tues 10-11;
Thur 12-1
Neuroscience (Min: Spanish)soccer, playing jazz saxophone, reading any book I can get my hands on
Rideout, Kayla
Wed 2-5POLS & ENGS kayaking, camping, eating, dogs, baking
Schoorlemmer, Thomas
Tues 11-1;
Thur 10-11
POLSXC skiing, running, biking, geocashing, finding music
Shavitz, Aaron
Tues 10-11;
Wed 6-8
ENSCkayaking, novels, fruit, bikes
Shea, Caroline
Tues 6-9ENGS (Min: Film)poetry, publishing, politics, reading
Smith, David
Wed 5-6;
Thur 6-8
Snider, Rachel
Class MentorEXMS (Min: NFS)hiking, roasting vegetables, snowboarding, rock climbing, cycling, running
Spinella, Anthony
Sun 5-9Neuroscience; Min: Econ hiking, reading, writing, basketball, music
St.George, Benjamin
Mon 12-2;
Tues 2-3
ENGS & POLSreading, writing politics and satire, Pink Floyd, R.E.M., Alt-J, baseball and running
Thibodeau, Emily
Class MentorENGS (Min: HIST)reading, writing, making wrong amount of pasta for a single serving, collecting copies of Hamlet
Troped, Ty
Mon 2-3,
Tues 11-1;
Wed 1-2
ENGS (Min: Bio)surfing, guitar, cooking and eating
Villa, Noelle
Mon 4-5;
Wed 4-6
ENGSreading, baking, hiking, watching documentaries
Walton, Kelly
Wed 10-1CSDrunning, skiing, reading, cooking
Williams, John Eliot
Thur 4-6;
Fri 11-12
POLS skiing, hiking, lifting, American History, politics, Game of Thrones, piano, chilling
Williams, Megan
Wed 6-9ENGS (Min: Spanish, GSWS)reading, learning about cultures, listening to podcasts, cats, running, and swimming
Click here to see a list of tutors by area of concentration.

Area of ConcentrationTutors
AnthropologyLiz Bambury, Delaney Reynolds, Rose Lillpopp, Peyton Ashley
Applicationssee Resumes and Personal Statements
Art Margaret May, Anna Gibson
Art HistoryMaria Koutsouris, Kelly Gray
BiologyAnthony Spinella, Ty Troped, Chris Keim, Owen Hudson, Cai McCann, Emma Rice, Audrey Oliver, Liz Bambury
BusinessAllison Miller
ChemistryAnthony Spinella, Cai McCann
Classics Peton Ashley, Allison Jodoin
Commun. SciencesKelly Walton
Computer ScienceIan Corredera, Sarah Lewis
Creative WritingKris Bauer, Caroline Shea, Sarah Lewis, Emily Grace Arriviello, Bridget Higden, Kayla Rideout, Kelly Gray, Edil Hassan, David Smith, Allison Jodoin,Rachel Foster, Alex Cruz, Magaret May,
CRESEmily Grace Arriviello, Megan Williams, Edil Hassan
DanceAnna Gibson, Sonys Buglion Gluck
EconomicsConnor McLenithan, Nick Manderlink, Anthony Spinella, Cameron Bauserman
EducationLeslie Drew, Madeleine Petrovich
English, Creative WritingSee Creative Writing
English: LiteratureLeslie Drew, Caroline Shea, David Brandt., Hannah Chodosh, Emily Grace Arriviello, Maria Koutsouris, Catherine Leary, Sarah Lewis, Drew Pizzo, Emily Thibodeau, Noelle Villa, Cameron Bauserman, Alex Cruz, Rachel Foster, Anna Gibson, Kelly Gray, Edil Hassan, Bridget Higden, Margaret May, Kayla Rideout, Megan Williams, Maggie Mahoney, Ty Troped, Lydia Marchese, Jake Mooney, Ben St. George, Audrey Oliver, Emily Daroga
Environ. ScienceAaron Shavitz, Chris Bresnahan, Kalia Bornstein, Nick Manderlink
Exerc. & Move. SciRachel Snider
ENVSAaron Shavitz, Sonya Buglion Gluck, Hannah Chodosh
Film and TV StudiesCatherine Leary, Kalia Bornstein, Caroline Shea
GSWSDrew Pizzo, Emily Grace Arriviello, Kris Bauer, Megan Williams, Sophie Leff
GeographyKalia Bornstein, Kim Furtado, Louisa Jerome, Rose Lillpopp, David Brandt
GermanMaria Koutsouris
Global StudiesRachel Foster, Sophia Ma, Kris Bauer
HistoryMaggie Mahoney, Connor McLenithan, Jake Mooney, , Louisa Jerome, Emily Daroga, Maria Koutsouris, David Smith, Madeleine Petrovich, David Brandt, Nick Manderlink, Emily Thibodeau, Lydia Marchese, Bridget Higden
HCOL 085Liz Bambury, Kristin Bauer, Addie Beach, Sonya Buglion-Gluck, Hannah Chodosh, Rachel Foster, Isabel Handanos, Catherine Leary, Sophie Leff, Sarah Lewis, Maggie Mahoney, Cai McCann, Connor McLenithan, Audrey Oliver, Drew Pizzo, Delaney Reynolds, Aaron Shavitz, Rachel Snider, and Anthony Spinella
HDFSEmma Archibald
Lab ReportsAnthony Spinella, Chris Keim, Aaron Shavitz, Owen Hudson, Ty Troped, Nick Manderlink, Kalia Bornstein, Cai McCann, Emma Rice, Audrey Oliver, Ian Kimmel, Liz Bambury
LinguisticsAddie Beach, Benjamin St. George
MusicDelaney Reynolds, Nick Manderlink, Lydia Marchese
Natural ResourcesSonya Buglion Gluck
NeuroscienceAnthony Spinella, Chris Keim, Emma Rice
Nutrition/Food SciRachel Snider, Margaret May
Personal StatementsEmma Archibald, Emily Grace Arriviello, David Brandt, Sony Buglion Gluck, Ian Corredera, Leslie Drew, Isabel Handanos, Owen Hudson, Chris Keim, Sophie Leff, Catherine Leary, Sarah Lewis, Nick Manderlink, Lydia Marchese, Connor McLenithan, Drew Pizzo, Aaron Shavitz, Caroline Shea, Rachel Snider, Anthony Spinella, Emily Thibodeau, Noelle Villa, Emily Daroga, Louisa Jerome, Audrey Oliver, Benjamin St. George
PhilosophyIan Corredera, Emily Daroga, Drew Pizzo, John Williams, Lydia Marchese
Plant BiologyOwen Hudson
Political ScienceSpohie Leff, Tom Schoorlemmer, Kierstin Brewton, Izzy Handanos, Jake Mooney, David Brandt, Kris Bauer, Kim Furtado, Audrey Oliver, Kayla Rideout, John Williams, Kelly Gray, Rose Lillpopp, Benjamin St. George, David Smith
PsychologyEmma Archibald, Chris Keim, Emily Grace Arriviello
ReligionLydia Marchese, Isabel Handanos, Sophie Leff
Resource EcologySony Buglion Gluck
ResumesEmma Archibald, Emily Grace Arriviello, David Brandt, Sony Buglion Gluck, Ian Corredera, Leslie Drew, Isabel Handanos, Owen Hudson, Chris Keim, Sophie Leff, Catherine Leary, Sarah Lewis, Nick Manderlink, Lydia Marchese, Connor McLenithan, Drew Pizzo, Aaron Shavitz, Rachel Snider, Anthony Spinella, Emily Thibodeau, Noelle Villa, Emily Daroga, Louisa Jerome, Cam Bauserman, Benjamin St. George
StatisticsLiz Bambury, Iam Kimmel
TheaterEmily Thibodeau, Ian Kimmel, Sophie Leff

If you experience difficulties when making an appointment, contact April Christenson at or 656-1958.

Additional Drop-in Sessions Available Now through Finals Week

Additional, short (15-20 min) tutoring sessions are available on a drop-in basis at the Advising Center at the following times:

  • Thurs 11/30, 3-5 pm
  • Fri 12/1, 12-2 pm
  • Mon 12/4, 12-2 pm
  • Mon 12/4, 3-5 pm
  • Tues 12/5, 11-1 pm
  • Wed 12/6, 11-4 pm
  • Thurs 12/7, 3-5 pm
  • Fri 12/8, 12-5 pm
  • Mon 12/11, 12-4 pm
  • Tues 12/12, 12-5 pm
  • Wed 12/13, 12-5 pm
  • Thurs 12/14, 1-5 pm
  • Fri 12/15, 12-3 pm

Request a Writing Partner

Ask for a writing partner if you plan on using the Writing Center frequently over the course of the semester. This program allows you to meet weekly with the same tutor, rather than starting over with a different person each time you come to the Writing Center. It also allows you to be matched with a tutor who fits your specific situation. At your first meeting, you and your tutor will set some goals for the semester.

Location & Hours

We are located in Bailey Howe Library on the first floor past the main stair case and across from the Reference Desk (room 105).

Mon.–Thurs., 10 am–9 pm
Fri., 10 am–5 pm
Sun., 5 pm–9 pm

Getting the Most out of Your Tutoring Sessions

Bring a copy of the assignment and of any materials you will be using in writing your paper.

Tell the tutor what you hope to accomplish in the session.

Tell the tutor about strategies that have worked for you in the past.

Online Tutoring

In most cases, sessions are more effective when tutors can meet with students in person. However, if coming to Bailey/Howe Library would present challenges for you (for example, if you live outside of Chittenden country, or if you have a disability that would make online tutoring more effective), you can request an online appointment. Send an email to Sue Dinitz.

Click here for a template of the information you should include in your email:



Year in School:

Current address:

Phone number:

Class or classes for which you are writing a paper(s):

Your goals for the tutoring sessions:

Why you would find it challenging to meet a tutor in person at Bailey/Howe Library:

Any additional information that would be helpful to the tutor:

When you are available to meet with a tutor. We are open Monday-Thursday 10am-9pm, Friday 10am-5pm, and Sundays 6-9pm. Sessions begin and end “on the hour.” Please list all the times that would be convenient.

We will try to review your request within 24 hours. If it is approved, you will be sent the day and time of your appointment(s), plus directions for how to meet your tutor online.

In order for us to schedule an appointment for you, you need to be registered in our scheduling system, WCOnline. If you aren't already registered, click here to register. Then complete the online registration form. Remember to use your UVM Net ID email (e.g.

Note: In order for the online tutoring platform to work, you need to have a computer with a camera and microphone attached. These are built into most Mac computers but may have to be added on to other computers.

If you are have question or concerns, please contact Sue Dinitz, Director of the Writing Center at

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