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If you would benefit from meeting with a tutor with experience in the subject area you are writing about, you can also look up tutors by subject below. Just note the tutor's name and look for that tutor in the schedule when making an appointment.

Tutors By Areas of Concentration
Subject Tutors
African Studies Laura Felone
ALANA/Ethnic Studies LilliAnn Plourde
anthropology Dana Bronstein, Luke Dorfman, Max Kleiner, Alison Peek, Melita Schmeckpeper, Adam Sullivan
art-history Mary Aveno, Lydia Horne, Sydney Lister
art-studio Mary Aveno
Asian studies Jonathan Heinrichs
biology Marjean Conlon, Sydney Durand, Sydney Lister, Jessica Mailhot, Melita Schmeckpeper
business administration Armin Milak
Community Development and Applied Economics Allie Brimlow, Sydney Durand, Abby Hurd, Caroline Keller, Scott Pavek
chemistry Amy Sercel, Steven Ushakov
computer science Ian Corredera
economics Marjean Conlon, Caroline Keller, Ian Mack
education Wes Dunn, Emily Howe, Audrey Kreiser
English: creative writing Brendan Anderson, Lucy Basa, Wes Dunn, Alexandria Hall, Anna Mariani, Rebecca Potter, Melita Schmeckpeper, Adam Sullivan, Kathryn Warrender
English: writing about literature Brendan Anderson, Mary Aveno, Lucy Basa, Allie Brimlow, Dana Bronstein, Lauren Coon, Luke Dorfman, Wes Dunn, Laura Felone, Alexandria Hall, Jonathan Heinrichs, Lydia Horne, Rebeca Humphrey, Audrey Kreiser, Sydney Lister, Anna Mariani, Amanda Meltsner, Mareesa Miles, Armin Milak, Derek Neal, Alison Peek, LilliAnn Plourde, Rebecca Potter, Michael Reinertz, Melita Schmeckpeper, Amy Sercel, Alana Smith, Irene Sue, Adam Sullivan, Michelle Thompson, Kathryn Warrender
environmental science Allison Carrier, Sydney Lister, Jessica Mailhot, Olivia Taylor
environmental studies Sydney Lister, Jessica Mailhot
film and television Anna Mariani
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Lucy Basa, Sydney Camisa, Rebeca Humphrey, Caroline Keller, Amanda Meltsner
geography Sydney Lister
history Natalie Coffman, David Solomon, Emily Howe, Max Kleiner, Cristina MacKinnon, Ryan McHale, Brendan Anderson, Allie Brimlow, Anna Mariani
Honors College 1st-year seminar Allie Brimlow, Sydney Camisa, Luke Dorfman, Wes Dunn, Emily Howe, Sydney Lister, Ian Mack, Jessica Mailhot, Amanda Meltsner, LilliAnn Plourde, Rebecca Potter, Melita Schmeckpeper, Olivia Taylor, Michelle Thompson, Adam Sullivan
Human Development and Family Studies Lauren Coon, Wes Dunn, Camara Hudson
lab reports Sydney Lister, Jessica Mailhot, Melita Schmeckpeper, Amy Sercel
math Luke Dorfman, Shakir Stephen, Steven Ushakov
music Ian Mack, Jessica Mailhot
natural resources Jessica Mailhot, Olivia Taylor
neuroscience Irene Sue
nutrition and food science Amy Sercel
plant biology Melita Schmeckpeper
philosophy Ian Corredera, Ian Mack, Alana Smith, Shakir Stephen, Adam Sullivan
political science Ian Corredera, Laura Felone, Ian Mack, Ryan McHale, Scott Pavek, Olivia Taylor
psychology Abby Hurd, Adam Sullivan, Michelle Thompson, Kathryn Warrender
public communication Allie Brimlow
religion Brendan Anderson, Shakir Stephen
resumes Brendan Anderson, Mary Aveno, Lucy Basa, Sydney Camisa, Allison Carrier, Lauren Coon, Sydney Durand, Alexandria Hall, Jonathan Heinrichs, Emily Howe, Anna Mariani, Mareesa Miles, Amy Sercel, Olivia Taylor, Kathryn Warrender
social science Kathryn Warrender
sociology Brendan Anderson, Shakir Stephen Camara Hudson, Rebecca Potter, Kathryn Warrender
statistics Amy Sercel
wildlife biology Jessica Mailhot

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