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Why ask for a Writing Partner?

Ask for a writing partner if you plan on using the Writing Center frequently over the course of the semester. This program allows you to meet weekly with the same tutor, rather than starting over with a different person each time you come to the Writing Center. It also allows you to be matched with a tutor who fits your specific situation. At your first meeting, you and your tutor will set some goals for the semester.

How can I sign up for the program and get a writing partner?

Before you can be matched with a partner, you need to register in our online scheduling system. To register, click here and complete the form and click on "register" at the bottom of the form.

Once registered, complete the application form below. Drop the completed form off a 302 Bailey/Howe Library or email the form to Sue Dinitz. Alternatively, you can send email to Sue Dinitz, the Writing Center Director with the information requested below. (Note: We will not be able to match students with partners when there are only a few weeks left in the semester.)

  • "Writing Partner Request" in the subject line
  • Name and year in school
  • Email address and phone number
  • Brief description of the papers you are working on this semester and for what classes
  • Description of what you want to work on in your sessions and of the types of support you're looking for
  • All the times you're available to meet—we're open Mon-Thurs 10am–9pm, Fri 10am–5pm, Sun 6–9pm
  • Any additional information, including if you'd like to be matched with a particular tutor

What should I bring to sessions with my partner?

Bring to your sessions all the documents related to your paper: the assignment and any rubrics or evaluation criteria; materials from which you're working, such as class notes, articles, and/or books; and anything you've written so far, including plans for the paper and drafts of sections or the entire piece.

Where should I meet my tutor?

For your first meeting, you'll meet at the Writing Center on the first floor of Bailey/ Howe Library (105), past the main stair case and across from the Reference Desk. At that meeting, you and your tutor will decide whether to continue meeting in 105 Bailey Howe or at another location.

Can I meet with my partner (or another tutor) more than once a week?

To ensure that other students have access to the Writing Center, we don't schedule in advance more than one appointment per student per week. However, during the week, you can schedule additional appointments with another tutor through our on-line scheduling system (

Do I need to come every week? What if I don't have a paper due some weeks?

In many cases, you can still accomplish a lot even if you don't have a paper due that week. You and your tutor can work ahead–getting started, doing research, planning for upcoming papers. You can also work on more general writing skills. If you end up wanting to work with a tutor only occasionally, then the Writing Partners Program isn't a good fit for you. Instead, schedule your own appointments as you need them through our on-line scheduling system:

What if I want to cancel an appointment?

Each week when you meet with your tutor, you'll look ahead and discuss whether it makes sense to have a meeting the following week. If not, the tutor will cancel the appointment right then. If during the week you find that you need to cancel your appointment, you can do that online ( up to 20 hours in advance. This allows your slot to be opened for another student and ensures your tutor's time won't be wasted. If you don't cancel your appointment, your student account may be charged $10. If you cancel several appointments, we will take you out of the writing partners program, allowing you to schedule your own appointments as you need them.

What if my writing partner isn't working out or I no longer need to meet with my partner?

To change your partner, stop participating in the program, or for any other concerns, contact Sue Dinitz,, 656–7963.

Application Form

Writing Partner Application Form (.doc)

If you benefit from having the application in an alternate format, please email us.

Writing Partner Information Handout

Writing Partner Information

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