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UVM Writing Center: Disability and the UVM Writing Center

Disability and the UVM Writing Center

We are committed to designing our spaces and services so that they naturally accommodate a wide range of writers without any individuals having to disclose information about their identity. We view all writers as bringing a variety of differences to a session that shape how the tutor and student can best work together. We hope this approach creates a climate that is more welcoming and services that are more effective for all students. To enact this vision, we make the following commitments:

  1. We affirm that disability is not a defining characteristic of an individual. However, in our society it is often misperceived as such, which may make students with disabilities concerned about how they will be received at the Writing Center and may influence who is recommended to be a tutor. In order to counteract and help change this misperception, we believe it is important to have our tutoring staff include students with disabilities.
  2. We will make every effort to engage in communication that takes into account various ways of processing language and various learning styles.
  3. Our physical and virtual layouts, as well as materials such as handouts, should be welcoming and accessible—not merely legally acceptable according to the ADA, but thoughtfully, accommodatingly, and graciously accessible. All handouts and materials will be made available in other formats upon request.
  4. In designing the Writing Center website, we will pay close attention to accessibility, providing features such as readable font type and size, textual equivalents for images, and underlined links.
  5. Our tutors will receive additional training in the ways disability intersects with writing center work and will be encouraged to pursue further research and scholarship in this area.
  6. We will include writers with disabilities among constituents when planning or assessing Writing Center services so that discriminatory and inaccessible policies and procedures can be identified and eliminated.

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