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About the Writing Center

Our Mission

The Writing Center’s mission is to support members of the UVM community with writing projects. We try to engage students in a dialogue about their work that not only meets their immediate needs in relation to a specific writing project but also helps them develop as writers.

We believe all students bring a variety of differences to a session that shape how the tutor and writer can best work together. By embracing diversity in all of its forms, the Writing Center strives to provide an inclusive, respectful, and socially just environment for all members of the UVM community, leading to better sessions and better papers.

To accomplish our mission, we are committed to
  • promoting academic excellence through the collaborative analysis and questioning of student, faculty, and institutional expectations for writing;
  • maintaining a dynamic staff well-versed in the tenets of academic writing who are open to and curious about the creative interpretation of those tenets, and informed and competent in the tools and technologies available to bring writing assistance to the UVM community;
  • recognizing that difference provides a powerful tool for learning (including differences in literacy and cultural backgrounds, learning and composing styles, ability/disability, race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and personality type);
  • creating a place that is welcoming, accessible, and comfortable to all members of the community;
  • recruiting and preparing tutors who are committed to diversity and social justice; and
  • designing our spaces and services so that they naturally accommodate a wide range of writers (for our approach to disability, see Disability and the UVM Writing Center)

— This statement was created by the Writing Center tutors in 2013.


The UVM Writing Center was created in 1982 by English Department faculty member Kathy Skubikowski as a Living/Learning Program, and served fewer than twenty students that first year. It now serves more than 1,400 students a year through its one-on-one tutoring sessions and workshops in classes. Since 1983 the Writing Center has been directed or co-directed by English Department faculty members Sue Dinitz and/or Jean Kiedaisch (now retired). In 1984, the Writing Center joined with the TRIO/Student Services Program to become part of the Learning Cooperative, an academic support center for all UVM students. A second Writing Center location opened in Bailey/Howe Library in 2000, and in 2009 the Writing Center moved entirely to the library to be located with the new Writing in the Disciplines Program.

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