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Developing Science Writing Skills: A Sustainable Program for UVM

During winter 2015-16, Lisa Emerson of Massey University, the Neuroscience, Behavior and Health Initiative, and Writing in the Disciplines collaborated with other departments across campus to present a series of workshops to the process of developing a sustainable writing program in the STEM disciplines at UVM. Dr. Lisa Emerson is an experienced teacher and widely published researcher in the field of science writing whose visit has been sponsored by the Neuroscience, Behaviour and Health Initiative. These workshops were a unique opportunity for scientists to strengthen their role as mentors and advisors to emerging scientists, and to consider how to either integrate writing into their curricula or develop a science writing course for graduates and seniors. Also offered were opportunities for emerging scientists to develop their skills in writing for publication and presenting papers at conferences. Workshop Titles and Descriptions.

Workshop Document Archive by Workshop

1. Mentoring the writing skills of emerging scientists
2. Running a science writing course

Examples of Science Writing Course Aims
Assignment 1: Source Justification
Assignment 2: Are we doing enough to protect our environment?
Seminar in the Challenges of Writing Science, Assignment 1: Seminar
Seminar in the Challenges of Writing Science, Assignment 2: A paper on what constitutes science in your field
Assignment 4: Final Assignment and Reflection
Combined file of flowcharts includes:

  • "How Knowledge is Made in Science" Flowchart and other visuals
  • "How Knowledge is Made in Science" Flowchart
  • "Life cycle of lab knowledge in scientific publication system from Berkenkotter and Huckin" flowchart
  • "Activities and Assignments" from Forums for Communication in Science "Map of the field of chemistry by Amy Haw-meei Yap. Student Sample" flowchart

Downloadable Zip File of Workshop 2

3 Workshop Series: Teaching Emerging Scientists How to Write - a closer look
3A Developing a science writing course: Principles and Curriculum
3B Developing a science writing course: Pedagogy and Assessment
3C Integrating writing into existing courses
4A, B, C. Workshop Series: Writing and Communicating Science for Trainees: (Understanding effective process, disciplinary style and the communication strategy in your discipline, Effective writing, Presentation skills.)
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