Charlotte, the Vermont Whale

About the Charlotte, The Vermont Whale project: A fossilized web site

The initial seeds for this project grew out an idea to leverage Jeff Howe's time, energy, and knowledge. Jeff had been spending quite a bit of time travelling from school to school in Vermont, presenting slide shows and lectures to Vermont school children about the Charlotte Whale. When the kids got a chance, they would often come up to Burlington to see the whale in person.

Jeff thought it would be wonderful to create a sort of virtual museum that the students could visit any time. Such a museum would also save him quite a bit of leg work, assuming that the virtual museum could travel to the schools rather than he.

We managed to get a little bit of money and started assembling Jeff's slides, pictures, and stories into a Hypercard stack that might someday make it onto a CD-ROM.

Then I discovered the World Wide Web.

We also had a vision that, as the project grew and more and more Vermont school children got a look at it, they themselves would add to the project, contributing their own documents as they went digging around their homes and playgrounds looking for rocks and bones.

Since then, however, our funds have run dry. Jeff now runs Howe Original Productions in Lancaster, PA.

So here it sits, incomplete and wanting attention. Charlotte, The Vermont Whale Website has itself become fossilized. Maybe someday a pile of money will drop from the sky, and we'll fill in the blanks. Maybe someday, it will fade away altogether. Either way, it's been fun.

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