University of Vermont

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UVM Web site accessible to users with disabilities?

We strive to make the UVM Web site accessible to all users and we make an effort to include a wide variety of accessibility features.

Because the UVM Web site is a large entity maintained by hundreds of disparate Web developers using a variety of web publishing platforms, individual areas of the Web site may possess different degrees of accessibility. If you have an accessibility problem with any portion of the UVM Web site, please contact us at:

I am trying to get in touch with a particular individual at UVM. How can I get his or her contact information?

Contact information for current UVM students and employees is available via our online directory. If you are interested in contacting a UVM alumnus, you can consult the online directory of alumni on the alumni portion of the UVM Web site. Members of the media or researchers also may contact the University Communications Office at (802) 656-2005 or

I am interested in applying to UVM. How can I get more information and an application?

If you are interested in applying to UVM, please consult the Admissions portion of the Web site or contact the appropriate admissions staff:

My information in the UVM directory is wrong. How do I get it fixed?

You can change much of your directory listing information yourself. Consult the Update Your Directory Information section on the UVM Directory page. Other information can be changed in PeopleSoft (employees) or Banner (students). Information that you cannot update yourself can only be changed by contacting the Registrar's Office (for students) and Human Resources (for faculty and staff).

How do I create my own Web site at UVM?

UVM students, staff, faculty and affiliates are provided with network accounts (most commonly used for e-mail) that allow them to host Web sites. In addition, independent entities affiliated with UVM may request departmental accounts for the purposes of posting Web sites. General information about publishing Web sites and using the UVM Web Template Publishing System is available in the UVM Web Guide. Another dated, but nonetheless helpful, UVM Web tutorial also is available online.

Where can I obtain images of the UVM campus or a UVM logo?

For information about the commercial use of the University's name and identifying marks, consult the licensing program.

UVM or non-UVM affiliates may access a library of free, Web-ready UVM images and a Web-ready UVM logos from the university's online Web Guide. Numerous other Web- and print-ready UVM images are available for nominal fees from University Photography. In addition, you may contact the University Communications Office at (802) 656-3131 or to obtain UVM logos and images for promotional purposes.

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