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example of a submenuIf your site begs for more pages/levels within your navigation that you've established, you may consider adding a submenu. A submenu is needed when there's a need to organize all of your site's information into even more categories beyond your main menu. Once you've created a sub-menu, visitors to your site will encounter the drop-down sub-menu when they click on your main menu items.

How to build your submenu

  1. Sub-menus are constructed exactly like defaultmenu.html, except that there is no "0" line. You can either:
    • Copy a defaultmenu.html, rename it as anything you wish, delete the "0" line and edit the other columns (that correspond to 1, 2, 3...) accordingly.
    • Or you can create an entire file from scratch and build your own table using features in any HTML editor.
  2. Name the sub-menu file anything you'd like. For example, let's pretend you're going to name it submenu1.html.
  3. Once you've created submenu1.html (or whatever you want to call it, with an html extension), then you'll have to re-edit your folder's defaultmenu.html file in this way:
    • Open your defaultmenu.html.
    • Decide where you want to use the sub-menu. Perhaps, at line 1, you have a Main Menu Item called "Who We Are." Instead of using only the URL that you used before — for example, who.html — then you'll need add a "secret code." Using the submenu1.html example, the special code is: &SM=submenu1.html For example, your URL might look like this: who.html&SM=submenu1.html
    • Go ahead and create more sub-menu pages, and change the URLs as needed in your folder's defaultmenu.html file.
  4. In your sub-menu file (which we called submenu1.html), you'll also need to use the special code for the file's URLs: &SM=. Once again, using our example, that URL and special code are: who.html&SM=submenu1.html
  5. Remember to transfer over all the files you've just created and set your permissions (if necessary), as you have on your other pages.

Last modified September 13 2011 01:06 PM