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Ray Vega


The Creative Mind

While teaching a fundamental lesson of jazz, trumpet player and senior lecturer in music Ray Vega will say, "Let's have a conversation." Then, the instant his student talks, Vega interrupts, jabbering incoherently. Looking confused, maybe insulted, the student asks the professor what he's doing. "I'm not listening," Vega replies. ...

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Lapierre Equipment, UVM Announce Partnership to Research More Efficient Maple Processing

Maple company Lapierre Equipment and the University of Vermont Proctor Maple Research Center have announced a research collaboration to investigate new methods of maple sap processing that could dramatically increase productivity.

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Professor Wins NSF Grant to Explore Groups on the Margins

Jonah Steinberg, associate professor of anthropology and director of Global Studies at the University of Vermont, has received a three-year, $299,710 grant from the Cultural Anthropology Program at the National Science Foundation (NSF) to research how groups at the margins of society interact in the tremendously diverse city of ...

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UVM green in winter


UVM Announces Liberal Arts in Prison Program

The University of Vermont is launching a new program aimed at helping incarcerated men and women take coursework towards a college degree while serving their sentences.

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