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He's Got the Beat

Drummers, especially the best ones, have a secret. In performance they're the coolest musicians on stage, T-shirt clad free spirits who drive the music forward with passion and pyrotechnics. In the privacy of the practice room, though, they come dangerously close to nerd territory, laboring to perfect wonky drum “rudiments” with names like the “ratamacue,” the “single dragadiddle” and the “inverted flam tap.”

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Burlington, VT


Forbes: Burlington a Top 10 Tech Hub

The University of Vermont’s hometown is a one of the top 10 tech hubs in the U.S., according to a list published by Burlington ranks ninth, behind Austin and ahead of Boston, in the rankings, compiled by the website Nerdwallet.

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Emily Bernard, University of Vermont, 2015 PEN Literary Award Judge


Talking Race in the Classroom

Emily Bernard says her best writing starts in the classroom. Take the UVM professor and celebrated author’s powerful essay on race, “Teaching the N-Word.”

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Previs & Warshaw's Study Shows Heart’s Contractions Rely on Critical Protein for Efficient Function

The human heart is a fine-tuned engine – more advanced than the finest Ferrari despite being simply designed by Mother Nature. It’s so carefully constructed that if it gets off kilter in the slightest way, it can throw the engine out of whack. The heart simply won’t perform as well – or at all.

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