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Kathy Fox UVM prison program


UVM Students Learn About the Criminal Justice System from the Inside Out

When sociology major Emily Fixx ‘17 arrives for her 6 p.m. class on Monday, she leaves her keys, cellphone, and water bottle at the door and walks through a metal detector under the watchful eye of a correctional officer. This is not part of an extreme new measure to remove distractions from the classroom. It’s part of the ...

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UVM’s Wellness Environment in National Spotlight

UVM’s Wellness Environment has again attracted national news attention. An Associated Press story on the program was picked up by media around the country this week.

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UVM Study: Warming Seas Could Lead to 70 Percent Increase in Hurricane-related Financial Loss

If oceans warm at a rate predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United Nation-sponsored group that assesses climate change research and issues periodic reports, expected financial losses caused by hurricanes could increase more than 70 percent by 2100, according to a University of Vermont study just ...

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UVM's Hilberg Subject of Major Academic Conference in Berlin on 10th Anniversary of His Death

Raul Hilberg, a towering figure in the field of Holocaust Studies who taught political science at the University of Vermont for 36 years, will be the subject of a three-day academic conference October 18-20 in Berlin on the tenth anniversary of his death.

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