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Ray Vega


The Creative Mind

While teaching a fundamental lesson of jazz, trumpet player and senior lecturer in music Ray Vega will say, "Let's have a conversation." Then, the instant his student talks, Vega interrupts, jabbering incoherently. Looking confused, maybe insulted, the student asks the professor what he's doing. "I'm not listening," Vega replies. ...

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bottles of oxycontin


Study Links Opioid Abuse to Childhood Emotional Trauma

A study by researchers at the University of Vermont has revealed a link between adult opioid misuse and childhood emotional abuse, a new finding that suggests a rethinking of treatment approaches for opioid abusers.

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Del Maestro


From Black Holes to Helium

A team of scientists has discovered that a law controlling the bizarre behavior of black holes out in space—is also true for cold helium atoms that can be studied in laboratories.

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Ellen Hamilton and Lida Mason


UVM Women You Should Know

In honor of Women’s History Month, we celebrate some of the remarkable women who have made an impact on our campus, and on the world.

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