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How to Build a Quantum Computer

Adrian Del Maestro wants to kill fluffy bunnies. Now that I have your attention, be forewarned that the following short story is about quantum physics, the end of Moore’s Law as we know it, and what Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” might have to do with some futuristic cousin of your iPhone. However, no actual ...

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Triplets John, Griffen and Ryan Fox


Seth Rogen's Supporting Cast

Two visits from actor Seth Rogen in two years sounds like a fraternity brother’s dream. But earning that reward has been serious business for Pi Kappa Alpha brothers as they’ve topped the national competition two years running in a fundraising event sponsored by Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity foundation, which raises money to ...

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Real World: Service-Learning & Community Engagement at the University of Vermont

The work of the University of Vermont does not end at the borders of the hilltop campus in Burlington. In myriad ways, that is just where the work begins. From the King Street Center to the fields of Franklin County to the forests of Mt. Mansfield, and beyond to the urban parks of New York City or a small village hospital in ...

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Alumni Advice: Josh Brown on “Dr. Demento” and Tuning in to Your Talents

If you’ve ever seen the funky flowers for Om Records, the flying Burton penguin, or the groovy graphics for Nordica Skis and Anon goggles, then you’ve seen the work of Capacitor Design Network, whose president and cofounder is Josh Brown. His Vermont-based business cranks up edgy illustrations, graphics, and designs for the ...

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