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Kathy Fox UVM prison program


UVM Students Learn About the Criminal Justice System from the Inside Out

When sociology major Emily Fixx ‘17 arrives for her 6 p.m. class on Monday, she leaves her keys, cellphone, and water bottle at the door and walks through a metal detector under the watchful eye of a correctional officer. This is not part of an extreme new measure to remove distractions from the classroom. It’s part of the ...

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Geologist Lee Corbett works in a lab


Study: Much Of East Antarctica Remained Frozen During Past 8 Million Years

A team of researchers from the University of Vermont, Boston College, and other institutions report in the journal Nature that the East Antarctic Ice Sheet did not retreat significantly over land during the warm Pliocene epoch, approximately 5.3 to 2.6 million years ago, when atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations were similar to today’s levels. The findings suggest that some ice on the southern continent could be stable in a warming climate, but do not signal that Antarctica can somehow backstop the impact of today's rapid climate change.

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Sanghita Sengupta


Making Quantum Puddles

A team of physicists at the University of Vermont have discovered a fundamentally new way surfaces can get wet. Their study may allow scientists to create the thinnest films of liquid ever made—and engineer a new class of surface coatings and lubricants just a few atoms thick.

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Mo Beck climbs a rock wall


Upward Bound

Gritty and irreverent, exceptional and self-effacing, Mo Beck ’09 is a movie hero that audiences can get behind. She’s a key reason Banff Mountain Film Festival crowds at screenings throughout the world have consistently voted “Stumped” as a fan favorite. Juries at festivals in England, Spain, and Canada have agreed, ...

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