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UVM Self-help Web Guide

Select an HTML Template

Below you will find a selection of HTML templates to be used in the UVM publishing system. These templates include all the files you need (with placeholder images) to create a new homepage, e-newsletter or faculty bio that will look great in the UVM look. To find additional images that are sized to fit our templates, view the image library.

How to download

Below you will find thumbnails of and links to .zip files of each of our template folders. Click on the image to see the template in a browser window. Then click on the link and you will be prompted to save or decompress the folder and then save it to your local computer.

Once you have decompressed the folder on your local computer, you can upload the contents of the folder to a test/development area in your public_html. The best method for uploading is to use a simple application such as WinSCP for Windows or Fetch for Mac OSX (learn about file transfer software). For both applications you will be prompted to enter the server name which is and the netid and password for your web account.

In that test area you create, you can begin altering the text and specializing the template for your department.

For all templates but number 4, you can edit the default.html without ever looking at the actual html code. Simply follow the instructions that are built into the placeholder text areas.

Important note: The following templates have been updated to use responsive (mobile-friendly) web design.

HTML templates

Note to College of Medicine webmasters: If your website falls under the College of Medicine, you should contact Nina Shedd in the Office of Medical Communications.

Department webmasters should contact their College Communications Specialist to find out timing for their site into our new Content Management System (Drupal) and the new style guide.

E-newsletter template

The following four templates are used when your department sends news in the form of an e-mail.

Our marketing/consulting firm 160 over 90, suggests using these templates with one of the following mail services:

If not using a mail service please read the documentation on "How do I build an electronic newsletter, letter or invitation"

Consult the Creative Style Guide for templates.

General website templates

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