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How do I access my COM website?

Connecting to the UVM server

COM IT will set you up with the path to connect to the UVM server.

  • On a Windows machine type the following:
  • On a Mac machine type the following:

If it is not automatically displaying, here are some manual steps you can follow to establish the server on your desktop:

  • Click on Windows globe in bottom left corner (at the start menu)
  • Go to Computer (right panel)
  • Click on comwebsite or color bar (maybe seen with a red X)
  • Next window will ask your (username) password

Need help? If you are having any issues please contact Patrick Niggel, Information Systems Specialist\Media Technician (802) 656-3257.

Already established connection in Contribute

If you have already set up your account in Contribute on your computer you should be able to open your Contribute account by clicking on your account in the left window under "Begin Editing."

  • connecting to website
First time connection or connecting to a lab computer with Contribute

The first time you start Contribute it will display the Contribute Start Page which consists of two sections: " Begin Editing" and "Create New." Under "Create New" select the option "Website Connection." Click" Continue" on the first panel to get started. The following images show the series of panels to fill out, and what you should enter in the fields provided.

  • connecting to website
  • connecting to website

    pc connection>>

  • connecting to website

    mac connection>>

  • connecting to website
  • connecting to website

If you are setting up Contribute for the first time, your admin from the College of Medicine should set your preferences. If you are setting them yourself, you can follow the same general directions.

Getting to work and editing work-arounds in Contribute

Only the sign-in and server access is unique to the College of Medicine. Please follow our general documentation on working in Contribute to learn how to get started and how to attempt several work-arounds to preserve your formatting when uploading photos, aligning photos, etc.

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