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Term: Summer 2015

Subject: Music

MU 005 - D1: Intro to Jazz History

Survey of jazz from its roots in ragtime and blues of the late nineteenth century to contemporary styles. May not be counted toward the major.

MU 009 - Music Theory Fundamentals

Fundamentals of music notation, rhythm, melody, scales, and harmony. A course for non-majors or for students preparing to enter MU 109. May not be counted toward the major.

MU 010 - Blues and Related Traditions

Traces the development of blues from African origins to modern blues, its rural and urban social contexts, and relation to African-American history and culture.

MU 015 - History of Rock and Roll

Examines rock music as a succession of related musical styles and as a social movement reflecting and influencing the changing American political and social landscape.

MU 095 - Introductory Special Topics

Courses on topics beyond the scope of existing departmental offerings. See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. No prerequisite. May be counted toward the major/minor with Instructor permission.