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Mar. 17   Reports from the field, farm energy info, crop insurance survey, upcoming events

Feb. 19
  Reports from the field, greenhouse furnace maintenance, upcoming events   

Jan. 30   Reports from the field, nutrient content and availability of organic fertilizers, leafy greens wash water video

Jan. 14   Reports from the field,  stay tuned for food safety workshops, petition to keep the soil in organic


Dec. 23   Evaluate the newsletter, VVBGA annual meeting, join the VVBGA

Dec. 10   Reports from the field

Nov. 14   Reports from the field

Nov. 3   FSMA webinar, NEVFC, mulching strawberries, wait to prune blues, sanitizing stakes, floricane removal

Oct. 15   Reports from the field, webinar on FSMA, floodplain survey

Oct. 1   Reports from the field, update from the plant diagnostic clinic

Sept. 16   Reports from the field, update from the plant diagnostic clinic, upcoming events

Aug. 13   FSMA session Aug 20th, reports from the field, updates from the Plant Diagnostic Clinic

July 23   Reports from the field, Updates from the Plant Diagnostic Clinic

July 11   Pest and flood update, reports from the field

June 18   Reports from the field

June 3   Reports from the field

May 21   Reports from the field, plant diagnostic clinic update, plan ahead to use Trichogramma on ECB

May 6  Reports from the field

April 15   Reports from the field, mummyberry update, plant diagnostic clinic update

April 3   Reports from the field, strawberry mulch removal, blueberry pruning links

Mar. 18   Reports from the field

Feb. 27   Reports from the field, NRCS high tunnel funding

Feb. 12   New food safety rule for produce growers, renew your VVBGA membership

Jan. 15   VVBGA annual meeting, reports from the field


Dec. 18   Reports from the field, NOFA journeyfarmer program, high tunnel conf. presentations, upcoming meetings

Nov. 13  Reports from the field, growers sought for farm transfer video, high tunnel conference

Oct. 23   Reports from the field, plant diagnostic clinic update

Oct. 9   Reports from the field, upcoming events

Sept. 25   Reports from the field, upcoming events

Sept. 11   Reports from the field, update from the plant diagnostic clinic

Aug. 28   Reports from the field, upcoming meetings

Aug. 14   Reports from the field, update from UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic

July 23   Reports from the field, test your garlic seed, crowdfunding, plant diagnostic clinic update, events

July 10   Reports from the field, updates from UVM plant diagnostic clinic, upcoming events

June 19   Reports from the field, late blight update, diagnostic clinic report

June 5   Reports from the field, late blight, Phytophthora prevention, striped cucumber beetle, clyclamen mite in strawberry

May 22   Reports from the field, produce prices posted, get ready for corn borer

May 8   Produce price reporting, SWD monitoring, seed corn maggot, NRCS programs, upcoming meetings

Apr. 25  
Reports from the field

Apr. 10   Reports from the field, upcoming events

Mar. 27   Reports from the field, monitor degree days, modify backpack sprayers, upcoming events

Mar. 13   Reports from the field, pests of overwintered greens, spotted wing drosophila advice

Feb. 14   Reports from the field, high tunnel tomato trial, crop insurance survey, marketing webinar

Jan. 24   Nutrients in organic fertilizers, NRCS energy audits, test your GH soil, get GH furnaces ready

Jan. 9   
2012-13 Vegetable Guides, Success on Farms program, Spotted Wing Drosophila, 2012 VVBGA annual meeting


Dec. 12   Reports from the field, tax implications of disaster relief grants, upcoming events

Nov. 21   Reports from the field, workshop on flooding, practical food safety workshops       

Nov. 7   Questions from the field, remembering Nancy Christopher

Oct. 11   Reports from the field, upcoming meetings

Sept. 20   Reports from the field, resources that can help flooded farms

Sept. 6   Flooding issues, soil tests for flooded fields, NRCS deadlines, business advice, reports from the field, donations for flooded farms

Aug. 23   Reports from the field, plant diagnostic clinic updates, downy mildew on basil

Aug. 9   Direct market price reporting system, reports from the field

July 19   Reports from the field. plant diagnostic clinic update

July 5   Late blight alert, identifying tomato diseases, corn borers and ear worms, buckwheat vs. sudangrass cover crop

June 21   Reports from the field, plant diagnistic clinic report, price reporting update, upcoming workshops

June 7   Reports from the field, on-farm workshops, strawberry pest update

May 24 
Reports from the field,  transplanting tips, avoid GH disease, flash freeze unit, organic pasticide list

May 10
  rollbar rebates, keep an eye out for late blight

April 19   Reports from the field, tomato transplantss for sale list, greenhouse tomato disorders, new pests to look out for

April 5   Reports from the field, use the right greenhouse soil test, when to uncover strawberries, tunnel berry workshop

Mar. 22   Reports from the field, inital applicator training and exam, farm and food business interns

Mar. 8   Reports from the field

Feb. 15 Reports from the field, join the VVBGA, marketing conference, upcoming webinars

Jan. 25   Questions from the field, choosing strawberry varieties

Jan. 4   VVBGA annual meeting Jan 31, business planing grants, NOFA journey farmer program, cost of production study


Nov. 23  Reports from the field, upcoming events

Nov. 9   Reports from the field, NRCS high tunnel standard gets more flexible, garlic nematode update

Oct. 19   Reports from the field, marketing course, NAP insurance, coming events

Oct. 6   Reports from the field, harvesting flooded produce, upcoming events

Sept. 22   Questions from the field, sweet potato storage, garlic neamtodes, farm energy audits, ROPS cost share, events

Sept. 7   Reports fromt he field, potato harvest tips, avoid onion storage diseases, retail price reporting, upcoming events

Aug. 24   Reports from the field, diagnistic clinic report, pumpkin harvest & storage, fall raspberry checklist, sow winter covers soon

Aug. 10   Reports from the field, late blight confirmed in VT, retail produce reporting, upcoming events

July 20   Reports from the field, late blight in MA and ME, don't delay strawberry renovation

July 6   Reports from the field, retail produce reports, upcoming meetings

June 22   Reports from the field, get ready for late blight, slugs and snails, retail produce price reporting, upcoming meetings

June 10   Reports from the field, twilight meetings, your chance to comment to FDA on food safety rulemaking

May 25   Reports from the field, late blight news, on farm workshops

May 11   Reports from the field, seedcorn maggot and wireworm, UMass veg notes, Avipel for crows pulling corn

April 20   April berry checklist, pesticide rules for all growers, raspberry patch cookbook

April 6   Reports from the field, meeting announcements

Mar. 23   Reports from the field, when to remove strawberry mulch, test your greenhouse soils, spring planted mustard cover crop

Mar. 9   Reports from the field, sign up to sell local transplants, grow a row, crop mobs, farm energy conference, weed study, corn transplanting tips

Feb. 16   Join the VVBGA, on-line late blight survey, on-farm energy conference March 15-16, safety interviews, unusual berries for fall production

Jan. 19   Reports from the field, growers sought for day-neutral strawberry order, local distributor seeks local produce

Jan. 7   Record attendance at NE Veg and Fruit Conference, variety review of June bearing strawberries, newsletter survey results


Dec. 14  Reports from the field, remembering Greg Beliveau, Feb. 1 VT Vegetable and Berry Growers Assn. annual meeting

Nov. 24  Winter grower reports from the field, new book on vegetable farm business management, organic tomato grower survey on late blight

Nov. 10   Pre-register for New England Vegetable and Fruit Conference, mulching strawberries for winter, don't mulch strawberries too early

Oct. 20   Reports from the field, Food Bank Farm lease available in Warren VT, small fruit webinars this fall and winter

Oct. 6   Steps to avoid late blight next year, sanitizing tomato stakes, pruning raspberries and blackberries, planting garlic, farm correspondents sought

Sept. 22   Reports from the field, potato disease update, sign up for EQUIP by Oct. 1, Johhny's field day

Sept. 7   Reports from the field, pumpkin harvest tips, High Mowing seeds field day Sept. 13, cover crop workshop Sept. 21

Aug. 25   August berry checklist, soil health meeting Sept. 2, matchmaker meeting Oct. 25, New England Vegetable and Fruit conference Dec. 15-17, late blight FAQ site

Aug. 11   Update on harvesting potato fields with late blight, reports from the field

July 21   Reports from the field, harvesting potatoes with late blight, vegetable disease updates, donating produce to the Food Bank, Johnny's research farm meeting

July 8   Vegetable diseases update, black aphids on greens, upcoming workshops

June 23   Late Blight alert, reports from the field

June 9   Reports from the field, quick freeze unit available, on-farm meetings in June

May 18   Strawberry frost protection, blueberry frost susceptibility, greenhouse humidity control, seedcorn maggot & wireworm, UMass veg notes

May 5   Reports from the field

April 21   Reports from the field, High Ledge Farm fire, GAPS training, rice growing workshops

April 7   Reports from the field, plant diagnostic lab update - high tunnel spinach diseases, do you need worker protection standards training?

March 24   High tunnerl raspberries and blackberries, prevent shore flies and fungus gnats, ag plastic recylcing workshop, northern rice growing, 2009 herbicide updates

March 11   Grower Q&A special

Feb. 17   Winter grower reports from the field, thanks to Extensions supporters, strawberry variety update, greenhouse media testing, census shows hort boom

Jan. 26   Winter grower reports from the field

Jan. 20   NOFA-VT Technical workshops for Growers Feb 15, ON Farm Renewable Energy conference Feb. 17-78, Proptek tray bulk order, farmers wanted

Jan. 7    Join the VT Vegetable and Berry Growers Association, message from the VVBGA President, 2009 VVBGA Annual Meeting program


Dec. 9   Winter Grower reports, Tri-state greenhouse workshops, beginning farmer business course, third grade survey, upcoming events

Nov. 25    Managing large crabgrass, winter mulching for strawberries, Quickbooks schools

Oct. 28   Meetings galore, NOFA seeks farmers to write letters to school

Oct. 8   Reports from the field, Plant Diagnistic Clinic update

Sept. 23   Fall weed management tips, good time to lime, planting garlic, optimizing raspberry yields

Sept. 10   Cucurbit disease update, reports from the field, highbush blueberry web site, pumpkin storage tips, farm design course

Aug. 19   Reports from the field

Aug. 5   Late blight alert, plant diagnostoc clinic report, reports from the field

July 22   Small fruit leaf analysis, potato leafhopper, thrips in onions and brassicas, white rot in garlic

July 8   Reports from the field, plant disease of the week, organic spreader stickers

June 25   Diagnostic Clinic news, scouting sweet corn, Phytophthora lookout, slugs in strawberries, Asiatic beetles and rse chafers, cucumber beetles

June 8   Reports from the field, spinach leaf miner

May 21   Reports from the field, Vermont growers welcome Dr. Yolanda Chen

May 7   Upcoming meetings, on-farm nematode study needs cooperators, supplies for sweet corn monitoring, biological control of spider mites in the greenhouse

April 22   Reports from the field, twilight meeting May 20, GDD and precip totals on-line, sweet potato variety trials

April 9   Upcoming meetings, frost protection in strawberries, gleanings program needs produce, still time to return census form, tribute to Dick Ashley

Mar. 26   Organic Greenhouse Tomato meeting, greenhouse aphid identification and biocontrol

Feb 12   VV&BGA recruitment effort, annual meeting reminder, greenhouse energy conservation checklist, value-added grants available

Jan. 11   Message from the President,  VV&BGA annual meeting Feb. 25, Carrot Project survey, AMA funding to be available, NAP crop insurance


Nov. 21   Avoid ethylene damage in the greenhouse, how plants adapt to cold, why colorful plants are good to eat, winter to-do items, web site additions, upcoming events

Nov. 7   Don't mulch strawberries prematurely, what's new in fall raspberries, coming events

Oct. 24   Reports from the field

Oct. 10   Register for NEVFC, changes to UVM soil testing services, plantings for beneficials and native pollinators, shell corn furnace meeting, preparing land for planting berries

Sept. 26   Reports from the field, out and about, upcoming meetings

Sept. 12   Reports from the field, sign up for NRCS funds by Oct 1., Verticiullium wilt, downy mildey, raspberry fall checklist

Aug. 8   Reports from the field, tomato foliage diseases, lookout for corn earworm, link to crop storage information

July 25   Report from the plant diagnostic lab, using Pyganic to control leafhopper, scout for corn borer, tomato hornworm, twilight meeting July 31

July 11   Reports from the field, plant diagnostic lab report, High Mowings Seeds field day

June 13   Reports from the field, advice on controlling nutsedge, report from the plant diagnostic lab

May 23    Cabbage maggot flies, plastic mulch and fertilization, blueberry frost susceptibility, June 12 organic pest control meeting, July 11 on-farm composting workshop

May 9   Reports from the field, prepare for cutworms, get new ideas from videos

April 25   Early season small fruit reminders, cutting potato seed, Sudangrass and sorghum-Sudangrass as cover crops, twilight meeting at Cate farm May 9.

April 11   Reports from the field, reducing humidity in the greenhouse

Mar. 14   Reports from the field, time strawberry mulch removal with soil temperature, use teh saturated medai test for greenhouse soil, pesticide applicator training

Feb. 7    Blueberry pruning brush-up, mechanical cultivation tools in strawberries, supplemental label for Indar on mummyberry, meeting reminders

Jan. 9   Vermont vegetable and berry growers assn. annual meeting, New England greenhouse tomato school, other upcoming meetings


Nov. 22   Winter mulch for strawberries, money for new ideas, legal guide to farming in Vermont, in depth vegetable workshop

Nov. 8   Notes on raspberry and strawberry varieties, preparing to plant blueberries, tri-state greenhouse IPM workshops, tomato grafting workshop

Oct. 11   Reports from the field

Sept. 20   Reports from the field, keep spinach safe, minimizing microbial contamination of fresh produce, prison GH project needs advisors, tribute to Ray Pestle

Aug 22   Late summer insect and diseases to look for, don't forget the strawberries, health benefits of blueberries, bramble field day

Aug. 9   Reports from the field, new guide to natural field enemies, watch for onion thrips in Brassicas, seed saving field day

July 24   Reports from the field, Cornell berry and UMass vegetable newsletters on-line

June 21   Reports from the field, Strawberry PYO pre-harvest checklist

June 7   Reports from the field, common tomato diseases, managing cucumber beetles

May 24   Seedcorn maggot, blueberry fertilization, trichogramma for corn borer, applying copper and oxidate, plastic mulch and fertilization

May 8    Reports from the field

May 1   Indar approved for mummyberry control in blueberry, pythium root rot in greenhouses, powedery mildew resistant squashes, managing raspberry cane diseases

April 15   Reports from the field, comments on consumer tomato preferences, video on greenhouse tomato grafting, managing bacterial canker etc. in the greenhouse

Mar. 15   Pruning red raspberries, farmers market grants, biodegradable mulch study, management guides, high tunnel tomato trial, tribute to Bill Cleland

Feb. 15   Notes on newer berry cultivars, as study of mustard-gree seed production in the northeast, winter injury to strawberry crowns, AGR-Lite sign up deadline

Jan. 15   Vermont vegetable and berry growers annual meeting, heating system tips to save fuel, grower grants, direct marketing conference


Dec. 1   Energy saving tips for greenhouses, pruning blueberries, upcoming meetings

Nov. 1   Potato storage conditions, web sites for grape growers, SARE farmer educator wanted, grafting techniques for greenhouse tomatoes

Oct. 15   Prevent Phytophthora next year, soil surveys on-line, organic insect and disease guide, watch TV and learn from farmers, problem weeds in strawberries

Oct. 1   Mark your caendars for the New England Vegetable and Fruit Conference Dec. .13-15, 2005

Sept. 15   Tribute to Bob Wood, reports and questions from the field

Aug. 25   Reports from the field, GH tomato update, white drupelets in raspberry, plant cover crops sooner than later

Aug. 15   Summer vegetable pests to watch for, small fruit leaf samples, parasites on tomato hornworm

Aug. 1   Reports from the field, conventional strawberry renovation

July 15   Blueberry cane death, rotate late brassica plantings, pepper pollination and fruiting, weeds under colored plastic mulch, potatoes not flowers, leafhopper alert

July 1   Reports from the field, greenhouse tomato report, sweet corn insect update, new farmer soil and pest workshop Aug 9th

June 15   General report, small fruit peat updates, vegetable pest update

June 1   Reports from the field, Quebec GH tomato advice, prevent disease on transplants, plan now for birds in fruit, convert G tractor to solar

May 15   Watch your soil P:K ratio, use the soil test in high tunnels and greenhouses, manage phytophthora blight now, early season berry insect pests

May 1   Reports from the field, early season pests, powdery mildew on greenhouse tomato, downy mildew is coming, sweet corn growers needed

April 1   Strawberry row cover and mulch removal, success with greenhouse bio-controls, avoiding greenhouse air pollution

Mar. 15   Pruning highbush blueberries, prining red raspberries, join the VV&BGA, alternative farm energy forum May 4th

Feb. 15   Greenhouse Tomato School, April 6, 2005, Burlington VT

Jan. 15    Vermont Vegetable and Berry Grower Assn. meetings: Farm Show, Barre. Annual Meeting, Rutland. Upcoming meetings


Dec. 15        Grower research grants, organic corn pest bulletin, IPM workshop, garlic tidbits, cost of growing media, test your potting mix

Nov. 15        2004 New England Fruit and Vegetable Conference, Rsisk Management Training for Organic Producers, Upcoming meetings

Oct. 15         Reports from the field, organic materials for tomato disease control, farm sustainability checklist, upcoming meetings

Oct. 1            Spur blight on raspberry, things not to do with perennial weeds, ways to reduce nitrate leaching, cover crop trail update

Sept.15     Reports from the field, improved UVM soil tests, bulk buying organic seed, raspberry fall checklist, Cambodian advisor

Sept. 1            Rainy season leads to diseases, pumpkin and sqaush harvest and storage, NRCS signup, twilight meeting

August 15        Reports from the field, using 'workamper' labor, late season vegetable diseases

August 1        Corn insect pest update, small fruit leaf analysis, check garlic bulbs, late blight update, small fruit web resource, cover crops

July 15            Reports from the field, vegetable pest updates, strawberry pest updates, meeting information

July 1            Slug control options, fungicides and rain, spider mites, squash vine borer, blueberry maggot fly, Phomopsis disease

June 15          Reports from the field, potato leafhopper, Colorado potato beetle, tomato and pepper diseases, upcomng meetings

June 1            Early season insect alerts and information

May 15     Reports from the field, public TV to feature berry products and growers, biofumigation trials, new production guides

April 15    Organic greenhouse tomato meeting, sweet corn germination in cold soil, Ukraine vegetable project, cover crop video

March 15         Pruning Blueberries, comments on greenhouse orientation, heirloom tomato flavor, historical pumpkin comments

Feburary 15      Conference report, greenhouse heat pre-season check list, compost in potting mixes, where to put up a greenhouse

January 15        VT Vegetable and Berry Grower winter meetings, biodiesel for greenhouses, sweet corn varieties for tranplanting


November 15    Upcoming events, cleaning and storing crop sprayers, winter is critical time for greenhouse pest management

October 15        Details on the 2003 New England Vegetable and Berry (and Tree Fruit) Conference, Manchester NH

September 15   Reports from the field,  greenhouses in a hurricane, vegetable diseases, Phytophthora in strawberry & raspberry

August 15        Reports from the field, plant diagnostic clinic report, message from president, poor raspberry fruit set, twilight meeting

July 15             Reports from the field, plant daignostic clinic report, vegetable pest updates

June 15           Reports from the field, vegetable pest update, raspberry cookbook, TPB brochure, corn insecticide correction

May 15            Reports from the field, message from the president, plant diagnostic lab report, small fruit pest management guide

April 15            Message from the association's president, reports from the field, summary of maine melon variety trial, soil microbes

March 15         NE veg, and berry conference moves, summary of cucumber beetle and flea beetle control studies, blueberry fertilization

February 15     Join the VV&BGA, soluble salts in compost, compost testing, supplemental light direct market conference, fungus gnats

January 15        Crop Insurance for diversified agriculture, VV&BGA Farm Show and Annual Meetings


December 15   Marketing 101, build loyal customers, Serenade and Cabrio fungicides for small fruit, perimeter trap crops for cole crops

November 15  Mulching strawberries, lime sulfer on blueberries, garlic seed foundation on web, educational courses, events

October 15     Field reports, don't prune blueberries too early, unexpected fall flowering, Maine zea-lator results, why farmers succeed

October 1       Field reports, blueberry pruning, squash bug overwintering, labor management workshop, direct market conference

September 15   Field reports,  grass cover crops, tomato bacterial canker, strawberry leaf spot, organic compost, vineyard tour

August 15       Field reports, various pest updates, field day announcements, ATTRA publications

August 1     Field reports, twilight meeting reminder, time to sample berry foliage, black vine weevil management in strawberry

July 15       Time to sidedress N, when to spray aphids, late and early blight, angular leaf spot in strawberry, strawberry renovation

July 1         Field reports, grow you rown organic strawberry plugs, scout for armyworm, TSWV outdoors, upcoming meetings

June 15      Field reports, blueberry maggot alert, get ready for corn borer, use row covers properly for flea beetle

June 1        Field reports, effects of cold temperature on vegetables, twilight meeting August 20, cucumber beetle management

May 15     Twilight meeting reminder, field reports, seed corn maggot, strawberry leaf spot

May 1         Field reports, 2002 Vermont on-farm twilight meetings, blueberry bulletin on-line, the best vegetable pest book?

April 15      Field reports, compost contamination, red steele resistance, raspberry pruning and diseases, strobilurins resistance

April 1        Heirloom tomato trial, GMO legume inoculants, transplanting pumpkins, corn borer biocontrol, Japanese millet and Rhizoc.

March 1      VT/NH potato pchool, NEVBC proceedings, international interns, Phytopthora resistant peppers, blueberry pruning

January 15   VT Vegetable and Berry Grower Assn Farm Show Meeting and Annual Meeting


December 15    Calendar of events, eco-labels, VT Veg and Berry Growers revise mission

November 15    Strawberry variety trial, raspberry variety update, upcoming potato meeting

October 15    Field reports, summary of a cover crop trial, upcoming events

September 15  Field reports, irrigating fall crops for frost protections, end-of-season weed scouting, upcoming meetings

September 1    Field reports, UVM Hort Farm meeting, pumpkin and winter squash harvest and storage

August 15       Field reports, Small fruit tissue testing, vegetable pests to look for now, cover crop workshop

August 1          Field reports, field tomato diseases, new sweet corn video

July 15            Armyworm alert, strawberry renovation, herbicides for renovation, undertanding strawberry renovation

July 1               Field reports, tomato ringspot virus in blueberry, scouting sweet corn for ECB, cucumber beetle

June 15            Field reports, cutworms, Zea-Later applicator for corn earworm control

June 1              Field reports, managing bacterial wilt and cucumber beetles on cucurbits

May 15            Field reports, scouting for cabbage worms, popular small fruit varieties

May 1              Indar 75WSP for mummyberry, phytophthora management, farmers market book, williams cultivator

April 15            New web page, 2001 twilight meetings, transplanting corn, paper mulch, Flint on cucurbits

April 1              Bird management on tender fruit

March 15          Pepper IPM manual, managing gray mold in greenhouse

March 1           Sweet corn herbicide update, marigolds as greenhouse pest indicators

February 15      Strawberry variety trials, fungus gnats in greenhouse

February 1        Greenhouse bio-controls and greenhouse IPM

January 15        Sweet corn and pumpkin variety trials

January 1          Winter meetings


December 15     Winter meetings

November 15     Newsletter evaluation, calendar of events

October 15         Field reports, raspberry cane borer, weed scouting

October 1           Field reports, beet rot, soil compaction, garlic planting and storage

September 15     Field reports, potato harvest, squash bugs, fall raspberry management

September 1       Field reports, tomato ripening, mummy berry management

August 1            Field reports, sweet corn pest report, cole crop diseases, small fruit leaf analysis

July 15               Field reports, small fruit meeting notes, summer cover crops, blueberry cookbook

July 1                 Field reports, late blight, blueberry cane dieback, cabbage worm biocontrol

June 15              Field reports, PSNT on sweet corn and pumpkins, seed corn maggot, Botaniguard caution

June 1                Field reports, cuke beetle control, blueberry maggot monitoring

May 15              Field reports, twilight meetings, sweet corn herbicide update, hort factsheet database

May 1                Field reports, transplant management, clipper scouting, raised beds

April 15              Small fruit guide update, greenhouse tomato fruit set, raspberry crown borer, Surround WP

April 1                Proposed organic rule, phytopthora management, views on farming for a living

March 15            UMass IPM messages, greenhouse alarm, genetically engineered varieties, farming for a living

March 1              Pheromone traps for sweet corn pests, greenhouse strawberries, views on farming for a living

February 15         Annual bed strawberries, hot water seed treatment, SARE publications

February 1           Winter meetings, biocontrol of thrips in the greenhouse

January 15           Winter meetings


December 15     E. coli and food safety, comments on farming for a living

December 1       Winter meetings, soil acidity and liming, shallot production

November 15     Workshops, new book: legal guide to direct farm marketing

November 1        Calendar, phytopthora on pumpkins, potato storage, raspberry pruning, mulching strawberries

October 1            Galinsoga, new book: sustainable vegetable production, calendar

September 15      Field reports, biofungicide update, chipmunks, blueberry pruning, new pumpkin publication

September 1        Field reports, pumpkin viruses, new marketing video

August 15            Field reports, scab on squash, pepper fruit set, tomato cracking and russeting

August 1              Field reports, tarnished plant bug updates, farmer grants available

July 15                 Field reports, small fruit tissue samples, cucurbit yellow lethal disease

July 1                   Field reports, greenhouse tomato meeting notes, Patriot decline, squash bugs

June 15                Field reports, organic strawberry meeting notes, Botaniguard caution, pest scouting alerts

June 1                 Field reports, weather summary, Topshield, gray mold on strawberries

May 15                Field reports, Growing Degree Days, water pan traps, blueberry maggot, are Ribes legal?

May 1                  Twilight meeting schedule, blueberry bulletin, compost sources, medical savings account

April 1                  Fruit nursery list, germinating seeds, collards as a trap for diamondbacks

March 15             Disease tolerant vegetable varieties, gray mold resistance, IPM trap suppliers

March 1               Managing transplant height, Nordell video, organic rule update, biopesticide update, Bladex

February 15          Testing compost and potting mix, new berry varieties, personnel policy, frost damage in raspberry


December 15         Newsletter evaluation, farm show program

November 15         Calendar, farmer grants, sustainability checklist

November 1           Field reports, avoiding diseases next year, avoiding whiteflies in the greenhouse

October 15             Field reports, broccoli head disorders and boron

October 1               American vegetable and fruit grower subscriptions, field reports, workshops

September 15         Field reports, bitterness in cukes, soil pH testing

September 1           Field reports, late blight, black rot on cucurbits, black dot on greenhouse tomato

August 15               Japanese beetles, phytopthora on cucurbits, Ronilan, Armicarb 100, new books

August 1                 Field reports, small fruit tissue testing, squash bugs, Mycotrol

July 15                    Field reports, bacterial wilt, new blueberry virus?, strawberry renovation

July 1                      Field reports, scouting for leafhopper, avoid scab on potato

June 15                   Field reports, PSNT for sweet corn, weather web sites, Quadris

June 1                     Striped cucumber beetle, potassium bicarbonate, reports from field, twilight meetings

May 15                    Diagnostic clinic, gray mold in strawberry, corn flea beetle, field reports,  TPB

May 1                     Greenhouse tomato insect pest biocontrol, tipping raspberries, leggy seedlings, field reports

April 15                   IPM electronic network, plastic mulch tomato trial, boron on small fruit, echinacea, trichoderma

April 1                     Blueberry fertilization, grape pests, small fruit guides

March 15                 Transplant production tips, greenhouse tomato roundtable

March 1                  Vermont vegetable and berry growers on the map, fruit school, longevity of vegetable seeds