University of Vermont Extension

2015 VBGA Post Harvest Handling of Vegetables conference presentations

January 20, 2015 – Fairlee VT

Top Ten Things to Know about Storing Crops – Chris Callahan, UVM Extension
A Small-Scale Washing and Cooling Unit – Ansel Ploog and Justin Cote, Flywheel Farm
Cold Storage Upgrade in an Old Barn – Tim Sanford and Suzanne Long, Luna Bleu Farm
A New Barn for Washing, Packing and Storing – Mark Fasching, Jericho Settlers’ Farm
Curing and Storing Roots Crops – Justin Rich, Burnt Rock Farm

Garlic Harvest, Handling and Storage – Howard Prussack, High Meadows Farm
Vegetable Harvesting Systems at Roxbury Farm – Jody Bolluyt, Kinderhook NY
Wash Water Collection and Recycling – Mike Collins, Old Athens Farm
Leafy Greens On-Farm Wash Water Study 2014 – Vern Grubinger, UVM Extension
Rodent Control at Lewis Creek Farm -  Hank Bissell 
Rodent Control in Storage -  Lisa McDougall, Mighty Food Farm
Common Diseases of Vegetables in Storage – Ann Hazelrigg, UVM Extension
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