Class of '80

Everyone get psyched for reunion 2000. Come celebrate with 1980 classmates as well as our friends from the classes of ’79 and ’81. It’s going to be an exciting and fun weekend. Any questions, contact me. The university is unveiling a brand new program for our kids called Camp Catamount. Watch for more information in upcoming reunion publications. Bring the whole family. It’s going to be a great weekend. Margot Hintlian Block and I recently got together in the Boston area. Margot and her husband, Ralph, recently purchased a cottage in Rockport, Mass. Debra Randle Guindi wrote from Hillsborough, Calif., "It’s a small world. My Bay-area neighborhood is also home to fellow UVM and Pi Phi classmates, Nancy Norton Batchelor and Liz Anderson DeSantos. Most of our interaction has been via a friendly wave as our carpooling paths cross. Brian Ward has "finally" found the girl of his dreams. He married Julie Wisniewski on April 16, 1999. Eric Stinebring is now a presidential translator with the Washington-Moscow direct communications link (The Hotline). Trixie Stinebring is managing the Travel-On office at the Institute for Defense Analysis. Kristen Wenger Kelly lives in Rochester, N.Y., where she is a part-time RN. She keeps in touch with Barb Haynes Gray, also an RN. Lawson Hill has lived in Jackson, N.H., with three great kids for the past ten years. He is researching air pollution in wilderness areas and national parks. Lawson enjoys lots of skiing, climbing, and running marathons. Michael LaMothe has been president of West Virginia P.T. Association for the past four years. Andrew Deery and wife Julie welcomed their second child, Abigail Gossett Deery, into their family on November 20, 1996. Edward McGarry and his wife, Diane, own and operate a dairy farm in West Berkshire, Vt. They have 80 cows and 160 head total. Their two daughters and two sons are "the apple of their Dad’s eye." In the past three years, Karen Rodd Yocom switched from being a full-time RN in an ICU to being a full-time mother working part-time. She was awaiting the birth of her third child in May 1999 when she wrote earlier this year. George Delano is construction manager of a bridge project in Folsom, Calif. He attended Greg Brown’s 40th birthday party in Irvine, Calif., in June 1998. Linda Herbst Backofen of Pound Ridge, N.Y., started a home business teaching others to how to preserve their memories in photo albums. Roy Bishop moved his family back to the Burlington, Vt., area in 1998, after having lived in California for 17 years. Chris Brown and Ed Bulock climbed Mount Ranier in Washington State in 1998. Chris wrote from Summit, N.J., "40 is not so old." He enjoys golf and skiing at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. Jody Brown and her triplets have been living in Connecticut near the beach. She commutes to New York City for work and enjoys having that time to catch up on her reading. Jody keeps in touch with Beth Pendleton and family, who live in Juneau, Alaska, and David Buzzell and wife Karen in Vermont. Hiram Brown and his wife, Danielle ’92, wrote, "We’d like our classmates to know how proud and happy we are about our marriage on May 15, 1993, our careers, and our very special son, Trevor James, born September 17, 1996. Diana Gould Burritt and husband Michael were looking forward to the hot air ballooning season, when they can be seen floating above the Champlain Valley. Diana, a private pilot for the past five years, looks forward to obtaining her commercial license. Michael Charney, M.D., was recently elected vice president and president-elect of the medical staff of Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colo. Dana Delgizzi stays in touch with many of his fraternity brothers. Eve Gard DelGreco continues to teach art in Revere, Mass. She and her former roommate, Helen Lowe Metzman are looking forward to reunion. Robert Driscoll lives in San Francisco and is the founder of his own tour company, specializing in cultural and adventure tours for gay and lesbian travelers. Margaret Gannett Faluszczak is happy that the family of Sue Scotti ’82 moved back East so they can get together. Margaret is the mother of two in Troy, N.Y. Scott Farnsworth noted that "two years in France has become 4.5. We still love it here but will be glad to be back home." Lynn Mumford Felkl lives in Vernon, Vt., and has two children, Carrie and Christian, who keep her very busy. Frances Fairchild Fellows has owned her own business, The Pampered Chef, for the past five years. She teaches cooking on live cooking shows, and teaches business skills to other entrepreneurs. Frances also helped found a parent group for parents of children with dyslexia and other learning challenges, and she is the facilitator. Keith Fleischman, M.D., wrote from Summit, N.J., "I’ve been blessed with the birth of my first child, Sabrina, on December 8, 1998. "Les Foshay and wife Jenny and their children, Grace and Olivia, recently returned to Vermont with their herd of Alpacas. Daniel Francis attended the UVM-Princeton hockey game last January. Lesley Gilmore enjoyed a visit from Claire McRea last fall. Lesley and husband Bob are busy designing an addition to a local plant conservatory and welcome the public input process. Willard Greenwald started a company in 1985 and recently bought out all remaining investors and purchased the building so that he is sole owner of Delftree Corporation. Kandi Heller and Susan Davis are partners in Mavis Bo Davis Enterprises. Scott Henderson recently moved to western Connecticut after 18 years of living on the West Coast. His wife, Robin, and children Samantha and Lucas enjoyed their first winter in snow country. Rabbi Fishel Jacobs lives in Kfar Chabad, Israel. He had a major scholarly work in Jewish law, The Wisdom in Purity, published in 1998. Poised for publication is another of his works in Jewish law, A Marital Guide—Things Your Rabbi was Just About to Tell You. Suzanne Kardus was promoted to president at Calvin Klein jeans in 1998, after five years with the company. She and her husband were married in December 1998. They have two old English sheepdogs, Charlie and Patchie, "minor celebrities in Central Park." Jeffrey Keeney of Portland, Oreg., took a sabbatical from his job in the summer of 1998 to spend six weeks on the East Coast. He also had the opportunity to climb Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, and Mount Baker, three of the highest peaks in the Northwest. Daniel Kirsch finds it harder to keep up with his UVM friends since the birth of his third child. Theresa Barewicz Klopsenstein and husband Dean have been married since 1986. They are raising their children, Kara and Sean, in a rural area near Portland, Oreg. Theresa is an RN part-time in Portland Hospital. She keeps in touch with Laurie McPherson Gardner, who lives in Connecticut and has three children. Thomas Krieger is "being ‘plain’ in the Midwest." Susan Wagner Lyon wrote from Fairport, N.Y., that she is "teaching the next generation of future skiers, Andrew and Dana." Shawn MacDuff and Joanne McKeon have been active alumnae for their sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, and they hope to see others get involved, too. Doug Maynes opened Best Tile of Vermont in 1998. Their showroom is located in Williston. Claire McCrea stays in close touch with her childhood friend, Hilly Welch, who lives in Sorrento, Maine, with her two children. Jerry Fagliano earned his PhD in epidemiology. Jerry lives in Philadelphia with his wife and three sons. Verlinda Peabody Moore exchanged her Boston law office for a home office, and now spends more time with her two daughters. Verlinda enjoyed visiting with Lisa Palache on Nantucket in 1998. Lisa has two children and lives in San Francisco. Robert O’Donnell wrote from Leucadia, Calif., "Herniated discs in neck from hockey and surfing. Bummer." Shelley Orenstein is helping to start a software company while raising her three children, Lauren, Thomas, and Luke, which has kept her very busy. After nine years in Vermont during which he earned a PhD in environmental engineering, Patrick O’Shaughnessy moved his family to the Midwest. Susan Parish moved her home/office to the farmlands of North Baltimore County, Md. Susan has been with Microsoft Corporation for ten years. Beth Giron Pendleton is director of public service programs for the Alaska region of the U.S. Forest Service. She lives in Juneau with her husband, Grey, a biometrician for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and son Andrew. Alexander Petersen wrote, "New (and first and only) wife, new baby (21-months-old), new career (woodworking business), new location (back in Connecticut after living in Hawaii for five years). Roger Priem has moved to Colorado and loves it. Susan Mele Priem and her husband have moved from San Diego to Golden, Colo., in 1998. Carol Roeder of Hartsdale, N.Y., spent her summer vacation
in Keeseville, N.Y., on Lake Champlain. Her children, Travis and Van, enjoyed checking out the sights in Burlington. Evelyn Dewey Saenz lives in Somerville, Mass., where she teaches her children at home and teaches Spanish to young children. The family also has had young people stay in their home to learn English and American culture. The family enjoys traveling to Costa Rica every two years. Scott Sanders married Darci Richardson, and they have a new daughter, Severn Anne. The family lives in Bay Village, Ohio. Janine Sanford of Carrollton, Tex., announced the birth of her son, Nathan Thomas, on September 11, 1998. His sisters, Nika and Bryn, love having him around. Janine stays home during the week, and works in a microbiology lab at Children’s Medical Center weekends. Mitch Selbiger of Upper Marlboro, Md., was named vice president of marketing at OTG Software, where he will be head of all corporate marketing activities. Karen Greene Shackford lives on top of a mountain in northern New Hampshire, where she and her two children enjoy the spectacular view. Karen is happily married, and she teaches third grade at a tiny rural school. Nancy Brill married Brandon Sklar in August 1998. Gordon Smith and his wife planned to attend the hockey telecast in San Francisco last February with Charlie Liamos ’81 and his wife. Mary Wilcox Smith and her husband are busy raising their two daughters in Stratford, N.H. Mary manages the special education program at a private secondary school, where her husband is a counselor. They are very active in their small community. Nils Sundquist wrote happily from Poulsbo, Wash., that his wife, Kristen, gave birth to their first child, a daughter, Shelby, on January 8, 1998. Mark Surawski welcomed a new son, Luke Robert, on June 8, 1998, in Weathersfield, Conn. Mark changed careers recently, moving from Travelers reinsurance to property underwriting. Peggy Keyser Thompson and husband Nat welcomed Cameron Henry into the family on March 29, 1998. Cameron and his sisters, Addie and Mica, enjoy the great outdoors in Maine. Peggy was recently hired to host "True North" on Maine public television. She and Nat renovated their camp on the Kennebago River. Since moving to Georgia, Brenda McMullan Tymecki has worked in accounting and also been active in theatre. She has been in two films and a theatre production. Louis Webster wrote from Spokane, Wash., "Parenthood is a great adventure. Kids represent the true meaning of life." Deborah Agrillo Whitehead was promoted to assistant vice president of Allied Health Services at Tufts Health Plan in January 1999. Johanna Eaves Whyte sent us an update: "I have never written before, but I ended up in Boston 14 years ago and was married on the waterfront on June 21, 1997, in the Navy Yard, where my husband, Jack, and I live.

Class of '81

Our class president Tom Pynchon has agreed to be our overall reunion chair. Plans are underway for a very exciting weekend for us as we join the classes of ’79 and ’80 for a big 20th reunion celebration. We will not be having a separate reunion in 2001, so you won’t want to miss the fun in June 2000. Philip Gianelli, MD, is director of addiction services at a community hospital He teaches at three medical schools, does clinical research, and supervises psychiatric residents. Philip makes his home in Flushing, N.Y. Steven Weinstein lives in Marblehead, Mass., with his wife, Linda, and children Katie and twins Samantha and Tim. The Weinsteins own Chocolate by Design and Mrs. London’s Confections, both gourmet chocolate companies. Steve coaches his children’s hockey, soccer, baseball, and softball teams and is vice chair of Marblehead’s finance committee. Kathy Shepard Reed runs seminars along with private consulting. Russell Goodwin became an MCSE in 1998, and he enjoys meeting other UVMers as he services customer computer networks throughout the state. Dr. Jody Enck continues to enjoy studying human dimensions of natural resource issues for the department of natural resources at Cornell University. Holly Dickson Ferguson recently quit her job to be a full-time mom. She and her husband, Jim, have four children, Laura, Sam, and twins Matt and Tim, who were born on December 31, 1998. The family plans to move back to Vermont from Michigan later this year. Mary Langevin left Credit Suisse 1st Boston to join Barclays. She finished course work for her MBA at NYU and passed level 2 of the CFA program. Mary enjoyed a visit to Prague and the Czech Republic when she was on a business trip to Zurich. Karl Turner of Camano Island, Wash., announced the birth of his first daughter, Isabelle, born March 22, 1998. Karl is joint owner of a physical therapy practice which opened in November 1998. Susan Lawrence Wallace was pleased to announce the birth of her twins, John Jefferson and Jessica Anne Wallace, on July 28, 1998. Susan and her husband, Kim, make a home for their family in Hallowell, Maine. Laura Callan Fortmeyer and husband Doug are "raising sheep and two daughters in northeast Kansas." They are involved in sustainable agriculture efforts in their region. Jim Kelly and his wife, Sharlene, are enjoying their twin sons, Jake and Charlie, who were born on Jim’s birthday, October 8, 1997. Robert Schnelle wrote from Ellenburg, Wash., that his book, Valley Walking: Notes on the Land, was published last year by Washington State University Press. Nancy O’Connor Powers wrote that she had a great time at a "mini-reunion" with Betsy Eccles and Ann Lowenfels in Northampton, Mass., last fall. Betsy is a public health nurse in the HIV/AIDS Clinic at Mary Hitchcock Hospital in New Hampshire. She is the mother of two, and her daughter attends UVM. Marguerite Cartwright Jarrett Marks wrote, "Life is great in Chicago." She is married to Martin Marks. Marguerite is director of marketing for the Chicago Park District. Kat deCaracena Bliss and husband Bill are enjoying life in their new home, which is down the street from Sam (’84) and Peter Usen ’83. Kat wrote, "Look for our son, Willy, as a potential future Catamount hockey player." Henry Gillert has been living in Yarmouth, Maine, for the past ten years with his wife and two sons. He is principal engineer for the City of Portland, Maine. Russell Jones let us know that he continues to help his autistic son speak his mind. He also is finalizing plans to travel to Australia for a month and has completed another job change within Sun Microsystems. He wrote that he changes jobs every year or two. Donald Robinson wrote that after serving autistic children for 20 years and working with chronically-ill children as a child-life specialist for four years, he is skiing more than a hundred days a season in Alta, Utah. Last year, he won the gold medal in the Alta Town series race B division. David Phillips and wife Laura welcomed Rebecca Louise into their family on August 26, 1998. They wrote happily, "Our first child in our new home in Norfolk, Mass." Beth Deweese and Eric Sorensen recently moved to Seattle, Wash., where Eric is a staff reporter for The Seattle Times. For the past four years, Matthew Dustin has participated in the Pan Mass Challenge, a 194-mile bike ride fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Thomas Dimke traded his partnership last fall and moved to Dublin, Ohio, to become a vice president with Cardinal Health. Thomas and his wife, Kelley Carty RN’79, BA ’82, have two children, Erika and Taylor. Deborah Brannen Nervik completed her master’s degree at the University of Indianapolis. She is home schooling her four children and is active in her church. She is currently a pediatric specialist in physical therapy. Joan Cheesman enjoys teaching seventh and eighth grade students but finds it a challenge. She plays golf daily in the summer and, again, finds it a challenge. Linda Ciufo Mullin is a classroom teacher. She lives in Rutland, Vt., with her husband and three sons. Susan Wipfler Pictor teaches pediatrics in D’Youville College’s physical therapy program in Buffalo, N.Y., and loves it. She and her husband and two sons enjoy taking family canoe trips, camping, sailing, and skiing. In November 1998, Chris Johnson became certified in employment law through National Association of Staffing Services. He makes his home in Shelburne, Vt. Christopher Tuomey is living in Springfield, Mass., with his "lovely wife, Mary, and three wonderful children, Katie, Courtney, and Conor." He has worked in Connecticut as a project manager for a large construction firm for the past 10 years. Amy Kalinsoki Murphy and husband Matt still live in southern Maryland with their three sons. She is a Scout leader and a soccer mom, while continuing to work at National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C. Lt. Col. Amy Bouchard lived in northern Japan at Misawa Air Base, where she commanded 35 maintenance squadrons until May 1999, when she moved to Washington, D.C., to become a legislative liaison at the Pentagon. Alan Bates and his wife, Elizabeth, enjoy life in Connecticut with their three children. They recently got together in Florida with Bruce Kelly, his wife, Claudia Helguero, and their three sons. They also enjoyed the company of his wife’s sister, Susan Vigsnes, her husband, Briar Alpert ’82, and their daughter, Sage. Carolyn Shartenberg Lavin has been busy running her marketing communications business. Also a mom, she noted, "The ‘mom’ job is the hardest of all, but also the most rewarding." Patricia Moulton Powden is an economic development consultant, working for the Springfield, Vt., Regional Development Corp. She and her husband, Tim, a Manchester, Vt., jeweler, bought a house in S. Londonderry, Vt. Lillian Baker Carlisle, after working as a paralegal, was a "non-traditional" student, receiving her BA at age 69 and her MA at age 74. She also spent 11 years working at the Shelburne Museum. Richard Warner was a visiting professor at the University of Utah this year. Next year, he will be at Wabash College in Indiana. Jodee Belle-Isle Anderson worked with Friends of the UVM Horticulture Farm to promote and enhance the farm. She helps develop educational outreach programs and works to provide public access to and awareness of the farm. Rebecca Day-Saward and husband David recently bought a restored farm house in Middlebury, Vt., on five acres of "pristine countryside," where they live with their children, Andrew and Elizabeth. Becky is a part-time physical education teacher in an elementary school, while David is the men’s soccer coach and women’s squash coach at Middlebury College. Rosemary Meissner of Wrentham, Mass., recently started her own consulting firm, Meissner Economics, Inc. Stephen Olson wrote about another "steep and deep" skiing adventure in Lake Tahoe with Eric Riddleberger ’82 and Jim Hansen ’82.

Class of '82

Raymond DuPont retired from IBM after 34 years. He now works for INT Labs, Inc. Raymond makes his home in Austin, Tex.

Class of '83

My husband and I spent the first three weeks of July in Japan. This was a big splurge for our 10th anniversary. We stayed with my friend, a university professor, and his family in a suburb of Tokyo for two weeks. Then, he accompanied us on a week-long train trip to Kyoto, Nara, Kanazawa, and Akita. I spent a month in Japan in 1988, but it was my husband’s first visit. Ellen Birge ran in her first Marathon, the Myrtle Beach marathon, in February 1998. She is a member of the Charleston Running Club and the APTA. Her other hobbies include mountain biking, biathlons, and kayaking. Judy Bisson Morton lives in Bennington, Vt., where she is a nursing home administrator. She has two children, Suzanne and Sydney. Darryl Black of Merrimack, N.H., wrote a book on local area networks. Seth and Letitia Biddle Blitzer make their home in Berwyn, Pa. Seth has a dental practice in Broomall, and Letitia is president of Philadelphia Youth Tennis. They are the proud parents of Adam, David, and Samuel.

Class of '84

Robert Roberts, an associate professor of food science at Pennsylvania State University, recently returned from an assignment in the Ukraine, helping a privately-owned dairy produce high-quality yogurt. Jillian Douglass wrote from Brewster, Mass., "Hey, all you groovy UVs, how come no one came to last year’s reunion? Well, I was there. I picked up some t-shirts an

Class of '85

David White, PhD, has relocated from North Dakota to Washington, D.C. where he is a senior research microbiologist with the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the U.S. FDA. Kevin Burke, who has been living in Vermont with his wife and two sons for the past ten years, owns and operates a family treatment facility for survivors of traumatic brain injury. He also continues his foray into film producing with his brother. Their film won a special jury award in the short-film competition at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.

Class of '86

Hugh Barron wrote to say that he and his wife, Sarah, celebrated the arrival of Sophia Rolph Barron on January 10, 1999. The Barrons live in Petaluma, Calif. My wife, Janet, and I also welcomed a new daughter, Sierra Natasha Gorkun, into our family on July 9, 1999. Sierra joins her two-year-old brother, Dakota. I have spent the past two summers running corporate barbecues for the Vermont Expos, a farm team for the Montreal Expos located in Burlington, as well as continuing as food service director for the Colchester, Vt., school district. Gregory Picker dropped a line about his wife, Nancy, and their sons, Jake and Max. Gregory is a senior sports producer for USA Network. Kathrin Bower has just finished her fourth year of teaching German studies at the University of Richmond. For the past two summers, she has organized and directed a German summer program in Berlin. Her first book, a study of memory and the Holocaust in German-Jewish poetry will be coming out next year. Kevin Hutt and Monica Caserta-Hutt ’88 are trying to convert their property in Starksboro, Vt., into a small working farm. Monica works full time at Howard Community Services, while Kevin is a "full-time" Dad for Nicolas and Malcolm. Laurie Strang Cunningham wrote that she and her husband, Scott, live on a beautiful 40-acre ranch. Scott is a professional polo player, while Laurie runs a show stable at the ranch, where she boards and gives lessons. They have two children, Scott and Kit.

Class of '87

I went to a party this summer at Ted (’88) and Christine Danforth’s house in Connecticut, where they are very busy with their new son, Kevin, who joins sister Carey and brother Scott. While there, I ran into Jane Bernholz Maltby and her husband, Christian. Jane and Christian are still living in New Jersey and recently welcomed their third child, Sam. Congratulations to them. Christian works with Bill Capko, and he said that Bill is "still the same old Bill," doing well in New York City. Margaret Thompson wrote to say that she has been living in Chicago for nearly four years. She is a global training manager for Andersen Consulting.

Class of '88

Charles "Wags" Berl of West Hartford, Conn., sent a special thank you Dr. Solomon of UVM’s English Department

Class of '89

A great turnout and a beautiful weekend were the components of a most successful and enjoyable 10th reunion last June. Much of the weekend’s success is owed to the efforts of the Alumni Office and, more specifically, to Meg Terry McGovern, who handled all the details, both big and small, of planning and organizing the reunion events. Kelly Zayac Draper, who was not able to attend reunion at the last minute, also worked long and hard to bring things together. Mark Kagan was key to making our Friday night at the Chance feel quite genuine—the music, the crowd, the sticky floors, the libations have not changed at all. We all felt right at home again. Many thanks to you all. For everyone’s information, we had a couple of changes with the class leadership: Tony Reilly is now president, and Liz Courtney is vice president. By default (because no one is excited to take over this role). Tony Reilly is living in New York City and working at the helm of a successful start-up magazine called Chance, which follows the ins and outs of the gaming industry. Liz Courtney lives in Rhode Island and works in pharmaceutical sales. She also spent several years in Jackson Hole with Jen Sparks and other classmates who have made Jackson their permanent home. Adam Nagler lives in California, working both personally and professionally as a surfing guru. Keith Cohn lives in L.A. and is involved in the entertainment industry. Joel Iken has his own building and contracting business in Boulder, Colo. He and Jenny Aust were sporting some serious fanny packs as a testament to their status as true Boulderites. Jenny Magaro and Peggy Goodwin both make their home in New York City, and Laura Taylor is living happily in Atlanta. There was a tie for the longest distance traveled: Kate Fallon Croteau came from Sydney, Australia, and Teri Kilduff came from Hong Kong. Incidentally, since reunion, Kate and her husband, Dan Croteau ’87, are moving back to the States and will be living in Minneapolis for the next several years. Tommy O’Hara and Steve Lemay are living in New Jersey with their families. Tommy and his wife had a baby girl last spring. Robbie Diestel lives in Wilmington, Del., with his wife, Sheila, and their son. Mike Reardon, who owns the Northeast Brewing Company in Boston, attended reunion with his wife, Stacy, and their year-old son, Connor. Mike and Karen Gilbert McInnis sneaked away from their two young children for the weekend. They make their home in Beverly, Mass. Bob Handal lives in the self-described "boonies" of New Jersey, and John Orena lives in Boston. Mike Buccellato lives in Essex Junction and works in the sales and customer service department at a local Volvo dealership. Rick and Mary Stumpf Dellarusso live in New York City with their adorable daughter, Julia. Stefanie Friedman-Fiedelson continues doing well at New York magazine. She is expecting her second child this fall. Wendy Cohen is a teacher in Burlington. Duke Stump just moved to Montreal from Portland, Oreg. Rick Bingham and Gina Lalli are both living in New York City as are Dave Haber, Dan Forrester, Leslie Tseng and Tom Eaton and his wife. Candace Spiegel also lives in New York City but will be moving to the Los Angeles area to be with her fiance. Kim Beckenstein Fiedler lives with her husband in New Jersey and was awaiting the birth of her second child at the end of the summer. Ellen Stecklow Markus sent news that she and her husband, Eric, bought a new house in East Rockaway, N.Y. Ellen works part-time as an attorney and spends the rest of her time chasing after her sons, Alex and Jonathan. Jeff Ramsey lives in Fraser, Colo., and works for Grand Environmental Sciences doing wetlands creation, mitigation work, and also stream and trout habitat restoration.