Class of '90

Ruth Henry sent greetings from Middlebury and a note about our classmates who were inducted into the UVM Athletic Hall of Fame this year. Congratulations to the four members of our class are among the newest members of the Hall of Fame: Katree Hodgdon Fenster, Joseph Galanes, Sturla Hagen, and Jim St. Andre. Christina Mainelli and husband John Crossen welcomed their new daughter, Grace, into the world in August 1999. Christina recently left Andersen Consulting to join Channel Point, a B2B technology company that specializes in financial service and insurance distribution over the internet. She enjoyed seeing Christine Tynan, Christine Van Roemer, Craig Welch and other classmates at the 10th reunion. Jeannie Leonard is the assistant dean of the school of interdisciplinary studies at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She enjoys having other UVMers on campus. Kathleen Knight (’89) Abowitz is a faculty member in educational leadership, and Jennifer Helvick ’99 is an academic advisor. Jeannie and her husband, Chuck, have two children, Evan and Kathleen.

Class of '91

Can it be ten years already? Our 10th reunion is right around the corner, and our reunion committee has been hard at work planning a spectacular weekend for us. If you haven’t yet marked your calendar to save the date, please do it now. You won’t want to miss a single event during our fun-filled 10th Reunion Weekend, May 31-June 3, 2001. Hope to see you there.

Class of '92

Last September 23rd, I took the big leap to become a wife and married my long-time partner Jeff Klem in Minneapolis. It was a weekend of parties and a wonderfully brisk wedding day, where we reconnected with friends and family. UVM friends in attendance were Glenn Cademartori ’91 and his wife, Kirsten, Piper Forler (’92) Sheer and her husband, Peter, and Amanda Lylis and Afi Ahmadi ’93. Sarah McDowell ‘99 and Bethany Gorman ’99 were the younger UVM alumni who danced until dawn. Jeff and I still live in London, England, but we hope to return to the U.S. after a 2001 honeymoon to Chile. Any alumni out there considering marriage, I would highly recommend it! Amy Macauley wrote that a big group from the class of ’92 went up to Homecoming Weekend this fall to enjoy the beautiful foliage and the tremendous festivities at UVM. Attendees from our class included Jonique Elligan, Alex Rivas, Courtney Ridenour, Karen Dixon Berlin, Alyson Herman, Polly Ringenbach McDowell, and, from the class of ’93, Sandy and Sarah Murray Bernhardt, finally, from ’88, John Arena.

Class of '93

Denise Cote has returned from the Pacific and moved to a temporary new home in Gallup, N.Mex. She will teach Navajo children in a self-contained grade four classroom in the David Skeet Elementary School. She sent greetings to classmates.

Class of '94

I regretfully inform you all of the death of our classmate, Sara Mae Bush, who died in a car accident over the summer. While at UVM, Sara was very active in Redstone residence hall government and the Green Mountain Coop, and she was a member of both ADEPT and GLBA. She majored in biology, and she worked for three years in Dr. Lannagin’s molecular biology lab studying the human estrogen receptor protein. At the time of her death, she was a graduate student in biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her mother, Lorraine Taft, wrote that Sara felt exiled from Vermont while attending MIT and looked forward to her return. Mitchell and Julie Brecher Gould live in New York City. They welcomed a baby boy, Jake Evan, last March. They expect Jake to be a quadruple legacy and graduate from UVM in the class of 2022. Alex Wilcox stays in touch with Lisa Goodrich ’95, who moved back from San Francisco to attend law school and lives a few blocks away, as well as Matt Kendall ’97, who is working for Nations Bank. Karen Dennison ’93 and Jon Bicknell were married last summer in Chatham, Mass. Other UVMers celebrating with them included Missy Plansky ’93, Rob Kilgore ’93, Wendy Posillico ’93, Amie Mock ’93, Lainey Bevill ’93, Beth McDermott, Luke Nagle, Jim Kirk ’96, Sam Weber, Jerome Gerard, Jeremy Watson, Phil Grant, Pete Georgantas ’93, Kim Olsen ’93, Nick Ponce, Tiffany Shannis ’93, Drew Goldsmith, Andy Stratton, Tom McClutchey, and Emily Farber ’93. Phil Grant wrote from Vermont about a recent Strangefolk concert he attended over the summer. “On a glorious Labor Day weekend last summer, our favorite storytellers rose above the crowd, enlightening the Champlain Valley with electrifyingly-powerful music. Luke Smith, John Trafton, and Reid Genauer (who is currently attending Cornell Law School) played two emotional nights of genuinely fantastic Strangefolk tunes… Many UVMers were in attendance to support the band, including John May, Tom McClutchey, David Granger ’95, Maura Mahoney, Chris Ward, Tennyson Harwood ’95, Andre Gardner ’95, Andy Levesque ’95, Sean McVey, Jason Libby ’95, and many more.” Phil wrote that Strangefolk’s new CD “A Long While” should be in stores soon. Greg Bonawitz ( is halfway through completing a dual master’s degree in business and MIS at Boston University. His wife, Rebecca Finnigan, works in physical therapy at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. She, too, is working on a master’s degree at BU; however, hers is in anatomy and physiology. I was glad to hear from Muffy Lake who sent news from Telluride, CO., for the fall issue. Muffly was incorrectly listed as Muffy Lane. We hope to hear from you again in the future, Muffy.

Class of '95

John Russell of Kent, Conn., is teaching geography, world history, environmental science as well as coaching skiing and rock climbing. He also volunteers as an EMT with the town ambulance and fire department. Jennifer Hughes moved from San Francisco to New York City in June. She has a new job as an associate in one of the documentary departments at HBO. She is also producing a documentary of her own.

Class of '96

Hi, everyone. Not too much news this time. Please remember to send your news to me, either by mail or email, or call the Alumni Office at (802) 656-2010 to update your record. And, remember, too, to check out our class web site,, for information about our 5th reunion next June. Now, on to the news. Gina Ballantine married Rob Pattison ’95 on July 22, 2000, at Ira Allen Chapel. The reception was held at The Inn at Essex. UVMers in attendance were Emily Powers, maid of honor, Wendy Sheridan, bridesmaid, Anthe Karademos, Shannon Mahoney Klingebiel, Christine Cronin, Matt Johnson, Eric Lavoie, Courtney Culligan, Sarah Delucia Bierman, Brad Bierman ’95, John Hallisey ’97, Tammy Smith ‘97, Chad Greenwood ‘98, Scott MacDonald ’95, Tom Quinn ’95, Dominique Ducharme ’95, Jason Krogmann ‘94 and Nicolas Perrault ‘94. John Broughton wrote that he is living in the D.C. metro area and working for an environmental consulting firm in Silver Spring, Md. His current project is in the Department of Energy’s Rebuild America program, helping communities across the U.S. become more energy-efficient. He is also planning to be married in April 2001. Christine Greenlaw Fear lives in Glastonbury, Conn., with her husband, Brian, and their nearly two-year-old son, Alex. She is an underwriter for Chubb Executive Risk in Simsbury, Conn. Amy Sharpe, a CESS graduate, married Brian Hume in Breckenridge, Colo., on September 8. Stephanie Pettis, another CESS graduate, will marry Sandi Summer on May 5, 2001. Bonny Johnston Whalen, M.D., is a faculty pediatrician at the University of Wisconsin as well as a general pediatrician, teaching residents and medical students in her practice and newborn nursery. Bonny, husband Paul G’90, and daughter Emily love living in Madison, where they bought their first house. John Schmidt of Rumford, Maine, received his M.D. degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. He began a residency in family medicine at Bryn Mawr Hospital. Josh Wilson became a general assignment reporter for WFTV-Channel 9 in Orlando, Fla.

Class of '97

Hi, everyone! Thank you for writing in. We have had a great response from classmates over the last couple of months, so there’s lots of news. Unfortunately, my column didn’t make it into the fall issue, so I know you’ll be glad to get these updates now. I thought I would mention what I am up to as well. I am the co-founder of a company called We help liberal arts graduates of all ages and MBA graduates find jobs at internet companies. So, if anyone is looking for a new job (we have technical positions, too), feel free to email me at I would love to help a UVM alum. Allyson Schlenger has been working as a civilian in the Army since graduation writing software, mostly web applications. She received her master’s degree in software engineering last summer. Allyson is a ski instructor with Tim Kaul in the winter, and she also keeps in touch with Antwaine Jenkins via email. Julie Summers is working for a non-profit literacy group and is living in Portland, Oreg. Jaime Dorr graduated last spring from UVM’s graduate progrm, and she is ready to start her career as a speech language pathologist. Nancy Joost is a teacher, and she is living in Burlington, Vt. Stephanie Corley is living in Wyoming. Scott Loeppert lives in Denver, Colo., and he works for Salomon. Melissa Jaten is now living in Bozeman, Mont., and is both a graduate student and a teacher’s assistant at the University of Montana. Bradd Forstein lives in Alexandria, Va., and works in sales for a high tech company. He recently became engaged and is set to be married in May 2001. Esther Sandoval now makes her home in San Diego, where she is working as a physical therapist at Kaiser Permanente. Rachel Quinn lives in Washington, D.C. She will be attending the University of Washington to study speech/language pathology. Jessica Snyder is living in Boston and working at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., as a scientist. Kim French and Torq Perry were married last June. They are living in Hoboken, N.H., and working in New York City. Kim works for BBDO and Torq works for McCann Erikson. The following UVMers were members of the wedding party: Andy Nelson, Sean Casey, Christie Millard, and Cara Selchan. Sean is living in Boston; Christie is living in Connecticut and working at Vestek in New York; and Cara works for W.A. Wilde and lives in Natick, Mass. After graduation, Brian Lee spent two years at St. Michael’s College, where he was a resident director while taking graduate courses. He received his MEd degree in 1999 and continued to maintain his connection to UVM by working in the Orientation office both summers. Brian is now assistant director of residential life at Champlain College, where he lives on campus. Tazeena Amaral has been living in Miami, Fla., for nearly two years. She is pursuing a career in the motion picture industry on the production side. Currently, she works for an organization called the Alliance/Independent Feature Project South, a non-profit, community-based organization that works to promote independent films and other projects in the Miami area. She recently produced public service announcements that local high school kids wrote themselves, and they are now organizing “The Anti-Film Festival,” which will be held next June. Tazeena would love to get in touch with other alumni in the south Florida area, so please email her at Katherine Wyle is finishing up her year as coordinator of an after-school program for elementary aged students. She thanks the UVM department of education for her preparation. Katherine will teach high school English on a Fulbright in Hamburg, Germany, then she will return to the San Francisco area to teach or run the after- school program at the same school again. She can be reached at Paul Schmidt was working hard and having fun in Hong Kong until he moved to Singapore recently. Chris Sullivan is the manager of Window Expert Atlanta in Marietta, Ga. He wrote that UVM employees are great. Congratulations to Israel Maynard, who recently became engaged to Toni Ann Sacco ’96. Hope to hear from more of you next time.

Class of '98

Hi, everyone. I hope that you all had a great fall. Many exciting things have been happening in our class. Congratulations to Kate Farnsworth, who is engaged to be married on August 25, 2001. Currently, she is a physical therapist with pediatric services in Horsehead, N.Y. Webster Thompson, who still teaches third grade in Washington, D.C., saw many of his UVM friends at the wedding of his brother Andrew Thompson ’96, to Shelby Smith ’97 on September 30th in Manchester, Vt. Many UVMers were there to celebrate, including Andres Novey, Ben Roberts, Carey Baldwin, Diana Petroff ‘97, Kate Townsend ‘97, Shannon Burke ’97, Lee Carstensen ’97, Jennifer Roberts ’97, Phil Lynch ’96, Justin Fulweiller ’96, Mike Budd ’96, Dan Forman ’96, Paul Lieb ’96, Cooper Malozzi ’96, Chip Burkhalter ’97, Chris Henderson ’96, Annie DeNatale ’95, and me, to name a few. It was nice to be back in Vermont for such an occasion. Ellie Marvin is living in Manhattan with Mary Byrne. She is working at, doing corporate training. Before her transfer to Amsterdam, Jessica Dixon-Streeter was living in Boston and working for a fantastic internet start-up company. She frequently ran into Leyla Touma, Tim Madden, Andres Novey, Todd Kathan, Jim Downes, and Adam Gurey. Todd Gotchman is living with Todd Kathan in Brookline, and he works at Carney Sandoe. Debbie Rosenblum, Kat Delucia, and Vandy Champion all live together also in Boston. Debbie works for Arnold Communications, and Vandy is in her second year of law school at Suffolk. Amy Goldstein was originally transferred out of Boston to Phoenix to work on a project for Tosco Marketing Company, which owns Circle K and 76 Gas; however, she has since been transferred back to the metro New York office. Amy wrote, “Currently, I am flying out West every week and enjoying my weekends in New York City. Life is great right now, busy and hectic, but wonderful. And, I have all of my UVM friends to keep me in line and to keep me grounded.” Carey Baldwin works for an investor relations company and has recently been promoted and transferred from the Boston office to the San Francisco office. She is looking for an apartment with Jenny Tasker. They frequently see Ben Roberts and Tom Krapster in the Bay area. Also in San Francisco is fellow classmate Erin Fisher. After spending a year in New York City, she now works as a graphics coordinator in the visual department at Pottery Barn Kids. Pottery Barn Kids has just opened their first three stores and will open nine more by 2001. Erin is responsible for creating signage for all new merchandise as well as announcements and she helps out with photo shoots. She plans to remain in San Francisco for another year. Since graduation, Melissa Fallon has been living in Los Angeles and working for Davie-Brown Entertainment, a product placement/promotions/public relations company that handles many large accounts. Melissa handles television product placement for major network shows. From Jackson Hole, Wyo., Chris Bezamat wrote, “I’ve been honing my skills living the vida extreme here in Jackson Hole, where apparently everyone else from UVM and the greater Burlington area has chosen to settle. I work for a production company that coordinates events for the International Freeskiing Association.” Ashley Denk was excited about her new job as an archaeologist with the Forest Service of the Stanislaus National Forest in California. It was great to hear from all of you, and I hope to hear from more classmates for the next issue. Have a great winter!

Class of '99

Hello, ‘99ers! It was great to see most of you at Homecoming this year. What an amazing fall weekend we had. Be sure to check out the photo album in the alumni pages on the UVM web site to see some of the exciting photos. Not too much to update you on this time around…Aiden Helme has moved to Chocoura, N.H., and is teaching kindergarten in the very same elementary school she once attended. It’s great to hear you are giving back. Our “once economics major gone rockstar,” Todd Martin has been playing the drums for a great new band, Waver. When they are not touring the greater Boston area, you can find them playing in the Midwest. Waver rocks! Check out their web site to hear some of their music and see what Waver is all about ( Let’s go, Toddie! As always, it’s great to hear from you. I love to hear your stories. Before you know it, we will be starting a new year, so I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and wish you the best in the year ahead. Again, if you are looking for anyone, please let me know. At the end of every column, I will keep you updated on the people you are looking for, so please get in touch if you would like to find that old bio study-buddy. Hope things are going well for you all. Happy New Year!