Class of '81

Wendy Pierce was one of 200 teachers selected to receive the 1999 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, the nation’s highest honor for science teachers in grades K through 12 last May. She teaches at Chief Joseph Middle School in Bozeman, Mont.

Class of '82

Diane Caporale, an assistant professor of biology and wildlife at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, has teamed up with her husband, Chris Hartleb, an assistant professor of biology and water resources, to investigate rainbow smelt populations along Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan shoreline. Diane will take the lead on genetic research, while her husband will organize the gathering of fish from western waters on Lake Michigan.

Class of '83

Laura Cicia DiBacco and her husband, Michael, are pleased to announce the arrival of their second child, Emma Laura, who was born on May 10, 2000. She joins her brother, Joseph, in the family’s home in Reading, Mass. Last summer, Laura arranged a weekend reunion in Rhode Island with friends Karen Rosenwater Schloss, Martha Auble Alderman, Pam Christlieb Plesons, Lisa Campisi Casey, Kathy Young Hurley, and Jacqueline “Kiki” Sirop Nissen. Laura also spends every February with Karen in Florida, and their children have become great friends.

Class of '84

Alan Overton wrote to say that he’s still flying F-16s for the Vermont Air National Guard and B737s for Continental Airlines. He, his wife, Daniele, and their children, Katrina and Mike, missed going to UVM hockey games last season, but they are looking forward to attending games this year. Terry Lambert was recently promoted to lieutenant colonel in the Vermont Army National Guard. He is the recruiting and retention manager for the state. Terry and his wife, Kelly Thompson Lambert, have two beautiful daughters, Michaela and Deanna, and they live in Milton, Vt. MJ Paisley Pender and her family had the pleasure of moving last August, but they are now enjoying their new home in Needham, Mass. Greg Santoro and his family have also moved to Virginia. Welcome to the area! Give me a call when you get settled. Helen Laupheimer Schlosser is happily married to an architect, and they have five great kids. Helen runs the Meals on Wheels program in Chestnut Hill, Pa., but she looks forward to getting back to Vermont soon. Ben Indek let us know that he was made a partner at the New York office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, where he has been an association since graduating from new York Law School in 1992. Ben and his wife, Robyn Newshaw, live in Manhattan with their daughter, Elizabeth. Andy Cook wrote that he has opened up a second law office in Ontario, Calif. The main office is in San Diego. He primarily handles family law and personal injury matters, as well as some criminal defense cases. I hope everyone had a very happy holiday season, and I want to extend best wishes for health and happiness to everyone in the New Year. Keep the news coming!

Class of '85

Thanks to all who have written. Please keep the news coming, especially in light of our upcoming reunion. I urge everyone to make plans to come to our 15th Reunion, May 31-June 3, 2001. It will be a great time and a great way to catch up on the changes at UVM and our fellow classmates. I have heard from Jill Holtzman Eisenberg, who wrote to have us congratulate Karen William Ruping and her husband, Gary, on the birth of their twins, Cierra and Garrett. Congratulations also go to Annette Roy D’Amico and her husband, Matt, on the birth of their fourth son, David. Robert Sloan told me that he sees Tom (’84) and Vicki Reynolds often in New Canaan, Conn., and he crosses paths with Bruce (’84) and Lucy Wryke (’84) Hurd when they are in the country. Russ Straub, founder and CEO of LoanBright, wrote that he “emerged victorious from a battle against six other business presentations at the Northeastern University business plan competition.”, a leading provider of e-business tools for the mortgage brokerage industry, won the $40,000 prize. Gary Hammer, who recently left San Francisco to head to the University of Michigan, wrote about a special gathering in Vermont with some UVM gymnastics team alumni. He met with Matt Hamilton and family in Rutland before heading to Burlington where they met with gymnastics alumni as well as alumni who attended Dunkley’s camp. Those in attendance at the mini-reunion included Greg ’84 and Kathy Loumeau (’90) Simmons, Chris Nys, Henry ’84 and Lisa Reitzas (’84) Pildner, newly-married Beth Fastiggi ’87, G97 and Pat Standen ’88, Jen Jewiss ’89, G’99 and Jared Katz ’89, G’00, Troy Carlson ’94, Barb Conger-Beatty ’86, Heather Danis ’92, Brooke Taft ’90, Laury Sperry ’91, Sara Simmons ’87, David Burchuk ’90 and their families as well as Kevin Ransom, who was assistant gymnastics coach in 1991. Barb Conger-Beatty ’86 has been women’s gymnastics coach most recently.

Class of '86

I didn’t receive any notes for the column. This can only mean one thing: everyone is saving their latest gossip for our 15th Reunion, May 31-June 3, 2001. It looks like we are going to have a blast as we celebrate not only with our classmates, but also with friends from ’85 and ’87 for a cluster reunion! Check out and follow the links to Reunion to find out about all the plans that our reunion committee is planning for us. See you in the spring!

Class of '87

Hi, everyone! Yes, I am alive—a little sleep-deprived—and very happily adjusting to life with three daughters. My short-term memory seems to have left my body, however, so please excuse any mistakes, unfinished sentences, etc., that might occur…I’ll do my best. I hope all of you are planning to attend our reunion on May 31-June 3, 2001. Our last one was such a good time—particularly because so many of us were there. We’ll be joining the classes of ’85 and ’86, so it should be an even bigger party. Congratulations to Dave and Kelly Finn Mazo on the birth of their son, Samuel Finn, born in July. Not surprisingly, I have not spoken to Kelly, but I am sure that she, Dave, and their daughter Caroline are all doing quite well. Peter Stebbins sent an update letting us know that he continues to represent student activist and artist David Bethuel Jamieson, and he is currently lending works to the Art in Embassies program. Two of Jamieson’s Vermont paintings are scheduled for a three-year loan to the ambassador designate to Mauritania. Dr. Nancy Edwards Moran also wrote that she graduated with her DVM from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999, where John Lanese also attended. After a year of practice in Michigan, she moved back to New England, and she now practices in the greater Waterbury, Conn., area. She looks forward to attending our reunion in May 2001. Daniel Stolbof joined Nationwide Financial as a regional sales director. Daniel, his wife, Debra, and son Henry live in Shrewsbury, N.J.

Class of '89

Hello ‘89ers! OK—where is everyone? News is definitely scant this quarter, but I’ll try to recollect whom I have heard from. Congratulations to Diane Peligal O’Halloran, who graduated last summer from Columbia University with a master’s degree in OT. With two children in tow, this is an outstanding accomplishment. Congratulations also to Kate Fallon Croteau, who had a baby girl, Nicole, in August. Nicole joins her older sister, Elizabeth. Good news for Rick and Mary Stumpf Dellarusso, who welcomed their second daughter recently as well. Tony Reilly (our humble and honorable class president) is doing well in New York City, working on his magazine Chance. He has been in touch with Jon Mark Eckman, who is getting married and living in Chicago, and Kevin Hench, who is still in LA writing and hobnobbing with Hollywood stars. Tony also told me that Jeff Schulman and his wife are taking a leave of absence from UVM and going to Israel. Should be a great experience, although I would guess that UVM will miss his presence. Emily Katz Moskowitz ran into Josh Weis ’87 in Brookline, Mass. He and his wife, Lara, are living in Newburyport, Mass., after being on the West Coast for many years. I had a good trip back to the Boston area last August, and I caught up with Maureen Kelly Gonsalves, who is working for an internet concern in Watertown, Mass. I also saw Pecka Susan Mooney Noonan, who is doing well and enjoying her three-year-old son, Ryan, in Marion, Mass. Jill Severance Sykes, Michele Pinto Amoroso, Amy Aydellot Berkner, and Linda Cairns Swartz attended the wedding of Lane Priscoe and Doug Kehler in Stowe, Vt., on June 24, 2000. Robert Saada of Pepperpike, Ohio, became a partner at Pricewaterhouse- Coopers LLP in Cleveland. Guess that about wraps it up. Please make note of my new address if you want to send me news via snail mail. Otherwise, email is a great way to keep me and your classmates apprised of what’s going on. Please keep the news coming—it’s not as much fun for me to be the sole source of news. This column definitely counts on your contributions. Happy Holidays and Happy 2001!