Class of '30

Elsie Watters has volunteered at Beverly Hospital in Beverly, Mass., since her retirement in 1972. She has given more than 11,500 hours of service as a twice-weekly volunteer. She also plays bridge and is an avid Red Sox fan. Elsie was congratulated for her volunteerism by Mary Ann Holak ‘76, who was glad to cross paths again with her former high school French teacher.

Class of '32

Isaac Fleischmann celebrated his 90th birthday on June 2, 2000, during Reunion Weekend. He lives in Falls Church, Va., and spends some time in the winter in Boca Raton, Fla.

Class of '34

It was so nice to receive some news from Hilda Davis Sturdevant recently. Thank you, Hilda. She wrote that after a few years of widowhood, she sold her home in New Jersey and moved across the Delaware River to a charming life care center, where she is very content. She spent January 2000 in Costa Rica with her daughter and family. Hilda’s grandson, Tyler, is a student at Davidson College in North Carolina. As usual, Hilda spent the summer at her Grand Isle, Vt., cottage. She said that visitors are always welcome. Hauke news includes the birth of Amanda Kate Bloom, our 17th great-grandchild. At Reunion time, I accompanied William ‘35 to his 65th reunion celebration. Thanks to the chairmanship of Rollie Delfausse ‘35, the class not only attended the Green and Gold Luncheon, but they also held a dinner, which was a great success. It was wonderful that 15 classmates were in attendance. We had eight at our dinner last year, and I hope that we will see more classmates at future reunions. William and I were at camp as usual, but we always check our mail in Burlington. Both telephone numbers are in the book, in case classmates want to call. Please send more news for the next issue.

Class of '35

I am happy to give a report of our big 65th Reunion celebration last June. We were all pleased that 15 of our 65 classmates were in attendance at the class dinner. After all members of the class were contacted either by telephone or by mail, nearly 25 percent returned for a very enjoyable reunion. A wonderful time was had by all at the social hour and class dinner at Waterman Manor, and many of those who attended the dinner also attended the Green and Gold Luncheon the next day. I am looking forward to hearing from all of you with news for a future issue of Vermont Quarterly.

Class of '36

George Webster, now living in Lakewood, Colo., wrote that the achievement of which he is most proud is the book, 1786-1995 Bicentennial History of Danville, Vermont, a Hill Town. It took two research editors, money, and 13 years to complete. Norma Piper Ambrose of Montpelier, Vt., said that she does not know any UVM graduates from the 1930s. She added, “See you next June.” Don Davis is chair of the organizing committee, which is applying for a National All American Award for Keene, N.H. He will be attending our 65th Reunion, and he looks forwards to seeing many classmates there. Chet Buchanan recently moved a short distance from Schenectady, N.Y., to a retirement community in Burnt Hills so that his wife, Marie, no longer has to contend with cooking dinners. Bill Peters stated that he is in a rut. He spends six months in Vermont and six months in Florida. Sounds good to me! Sylvia Jarvis Smith remains a busy person. She was appointed to the Vermont State Chiropractic Board by Governor Dean. She also is on the state Retired Teacher’s Board and an AARP representative for telemarketing fraud at the Legislature. Sylvia was one of four recipients of the 3rd annual Successful Aging Award, celebrating Vermonters who have an active, healthy lifestyle, positive attitude, and serve as a role model for others. Roberta Puckridge Gies of Saratoga, Calif., commented that she has had the same address since 1958. She wrote, “It’s a real surprise for people I meet these days. My house and I are aging together.” (Aren’t we all!) Helen Calleja Bird of Milwaukee, Wisc., declared that she doesn’t want to see her name in Vermont Quarterly this way. Your class secretary says, “Be proud of it!” In attendance at the Green and Gold Luncheon last June were Don Davis; Ed Vervoort; Doris Maeck; Ruth Barron; Elizabeth Downer; Rollie Delfausse, who was attending for his wife, Ellen; Larry Spaulding Dwyer; Carolyn Hill Hodgdon, Platt Powell, and your class secretary. Next year we all should make a concerted effort to attend. Incidentally, in talking with Chet Buchanan, he asked me this question: “Skippy, when did you change your name to John?” Hope to hear from more of you for the next issue.

Class of '37

Patricia Stanley wrote that she has attended 36 Elderhostel programs. She recently participated in a two-week program in Austin and San Antonio, Tex. I was not able to attend the Green and Gold luncheon this year, but I hope to be there next year. It would be great to hear news from all. I have a new email address, and I’m trying my best to learn how to use it. Give it a try and let me know what’s happening in your life.

Class of '38

Bea Ball Phillips continues to use her musical talent in a very active way. Using the slogan “Ribbons of Rhythm,” she has composed numerous musical numbers in various styles, many in ragtime. She also plays the piano for groups and is the state pianist for the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Vermont. At their 1998 convention, Bea’s composition was named the organization’s official march. Bea sent a news clipping about Evelyn Heath Chadwick, who received an award for public service from the Albany, Vt., Grange. Evelyn was honored for her lifelong accomplishments as an educator, a pastor’s wife, and a civic leader. Fran Gardner Kropf accompanied her daughter, a member of the New York Public Library staff, to an early-summer library conference in San Diego. Seeing many Navy ships in port reminded her of her more than three years in the WAVES. At the conference, Fran met Birdie McLennon, who has been at the UVM library for ten years. Fran reported that she keeps in touch with Amy Bronkhurst Taylor, who lives in Connecticut, and Shirley Baraw Shiflett ‘37, who lives in Bethesda, Md. Fran has recovered from two hip replacements in 1999, and she enjoys gardening and swimming at her home in Morrisville, Pa. We are sad to learn that Gretta Rowe Catozzi died on May 25, 2000, at her home in Colonie, N.Y. Gretta was born in Peacham, Vt. Following graduation from UVM, she received a master’s degree in education from Harvard University. She taught all age levels until her retirement in 1981. During World War II, she served in Europe with the American Red Cross. Gretta is survived by her husband, Richard, four children, and six grandchildren. Phyll Craig Graves and Dot Akers Cole were in Burlington for the annual alumnae luncheon at the Alpha Chi Omega house in mid-summer. Although they did not find any other classmates, they were happy to talk with several from our era at UVM, including Libby Downer ‘36, and Alice Whitney Beadle, Marjorie Dopp Chase, Muriel Hutchinson Brainerd, Betty Perley Carr, and Polly Rowe, all class of ‘39. This being an election year, we hear a lot about the silent majority. Your secretary urges you to abandon that classification and send your news to me at the above address ASAP and PDQ. Your classmates want to hear from YOU.

Class of '39

I wanted to let classmates know that M. Pauline “Polly” Rowe received the Outstanding Alumni Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences last May.