2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report Project Descriptions


UVM research scientists and outreach specialists ...

  • improve our understanding of the role of milk fat on metabolic health markers
    Examining the Effects of Consuming a Diet Comprising of Full-Fat Milk on Metabolic Health Markers
    KRAFT 2

  • develop a better understanding of the mechanisms by which traits influence healthy eating and obesity through a comparison between the US and Chinese samples.
    Personality traits predictors of healthy diet and obesity
    SUN 2

    Food Safety

  • assist cheese makers producing high-risk washed rind cheeses in managing microbiological risks through research to define best microbiological risk management practices
    Strategies to detect and mitigate Listeria in artisan cheese facilities


  • assess whether greater reliance on regionally-produced foods could improve food access and affordability for disadvantaged communities
    Enhancing Food Security in Underserved Populations in the Northeast Through Sustainable Regional Food Systems
    BERLIN 2b

  • identify novel ways that diverse food system sectors in Vermont can help increase access to healthy foods for all Vermonters
    Exploring a Food Systems Approach to Improve Vermont Food Insecurity
    BERLIN 2b

  • explore the impact of the food industry on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its members.
    Organizational Partnerships: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Food Industry
    HEISS 2b

  • evaluate the acceptance of lower calorie flavored milk by school children and if there are changes in milk intake, determine the impact children's nutrient intakes.
    Acceptance of Reformulated Flavored Milk in Schools
    JOHNSON 2b

  • evaluate the impact of AHA's Teaching Gardens on children's preferences, self-efficacy, gardening skills, and social norms with regards to consumption of fruit and vegetables.
    Evaluation Project of the American Heart Association Teaching Gardens Pilot Program
    JOHNSON 2b

  • develop a feasible, reliable and valid method to assess school children's consumption of fruits and vegetables.
    Assessing school children's fruit and vegetable intake; a feasiblity study
    JOHNSON 2b

  • develop an understanding of crystals and their causes in long aged cheeses as a means to differentiate and add value to artisan cheeses
    Understanding cheese crystals as a means to differentiate and add value to artisan cheeses

  • measure the impact on school children's milk consumption when packaging changes from plastic bottles to paper cartons
    Evaluating the Impact of Milk Packaging Changes in School
    YON 2b

    Food Science

  • conduct a transdisciplinary mixed- methods investigation of sensory perception and evaluation of Vermont artisan cheese focusing on extrinsic properties such as artisanal, sustainable, produced locally or by hand.
    Consumer sensory perception of Vermont artisan cheese: a mixed-methods approach
    TRUBEK 2c


  • determine the efficacy of using financial incentives to encourage physical activity behavior in college students
    Burn and earn: Incentivizing physical activity in college freshman

  • assess strategies at both the public policy and individual level needed to address obesity which continues to be a major public health issue in the U.S.
    Time Use and Obesity: Adding a forgotten component to the energy balance equation