2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report Project Descriptions


UVM research scientists and outreach specialists ...

  • identified best practices and begun pilot and outreach programs for farms to add institutional sales to their portfolios
    Farm-to-Institution: Guiding Marketing and Pricing Decision for Small and Medium Sized Farms
    CONNER 4

  • identify best practices for livestock supply chain partnerships
    Renewing an Agriculture of the Middle: Value Chain Design, Policy Approaches, Environmental and Social Impacts
    CONNER 4

  • research and promote the recovery of unearned income from common assets such as the monetary system, speculation, land, minerals, spectrum and other resources
    Green Tax and Common Assets Project
    FARLEY 4

  • understand how social factors influence farm growth and reproduction by examining the relationship between farm family goals, values, succession, off farm work and context at the rural urban interface
    Small and Medium Scale Farm Growth, Reproduction and Persistence at the Rural-Urban Interface: Balancing Family, Goals, Opportunities and Risks
    INWOOD 4

  • complete a census survey to understand why farmers choose to participate in multifunctional agriculture, types of farmers choose to participate, and outcome after participating.
    Impacts of Multifunctional Operations on Long Term Sustainability and Prosperity for Small and Medium-Sized Farms and Rural Communities
    LIANG 4

  • work with Northeast winery producers to explore and examine impacts of social networks on promotional strategies and profitability.
    Do Networks Improve the Effectiveness of Promotion for Vermont Wine Producers?
    LIANG 4

  • provide technical and business management information and training as well as recommendations for assisting small and medium dairy farms to produce and market farmstead and artisan cheese.
    Enhancing the Profitability and Sustainability of Small and Medium Sized Dairy Farms through Artisan Cheese and Other Valued-Added Products
    WANG 4

  • collect data and analyze the economics of converting cow manure into electricity and other energy products on dairy farms
    Converting cow manure into electricity and other energy products on dairy farms: Financial and economic analysis and policy implications
    WANG 4

    Farm Profitability and Agricultural Economics

  • provide information to policymakers, lenders, and farmers on the profitability of organic dairy farms in Vermont.
    The Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Small and Medium Size Dairy Farms in New England: An Integrated Research-Extension Program
    PARSONS 4a

  • empower farm families through education to have the courage and confidence to move forward on farmland and farm business transfer and transition to the next generation.
    Farm Business Succession Education for Sustainable New England Vegetable and Fruit Farmers
    PARSONS 4a

  • train selected international leaders on the application of agricultural credit and finance in their home countries.
    Agricultural Credit
    PARSONS 4a

  • provide education that provides farm families the knowledge and courage to move forward on farm transfer/transition plans.
    Farm Transfer Education for New England Farmers
    PARSONS 4a

  • provide education to Vermont producers on crop insurance and other risk management tools.
    Risk Management Education Training in Existing and Emerging Crop Insurance Products in Vermont for 2012-2013: Beginning, Socially Disadvantaged, Transition Farmers and Those Farmers Converting Production and Marketing Systems
    PARSONS 4a

  • train international ag leaders on the importance of viable credit and finance training for lenders, farmers, and ag development.
    Agricultural Credit 2013
    PARSONS 4a

    Consumer Economics

  • measure the effect of food system engagement on and identify barriers to consumption of healthy diets.
    Food system engagement and dietary decisions: quantitative inquiry
    CONNER 4b

  • maintain database of consumer complaints against businesses, provide letter mediation service to assist in complaint resolution, and monitor database for AGO follow-up
    Consumer Assistance Program

    Economic and Community Development

  • investigate vulnerabilities and identify strategies for improving resilience to disaster in Vermont mobile home park communities
    Building Resilience Through Community-Based Action Research: Identifying Vulnerabilities and Facilitating Change in Rural Mobile Home Parks
    BAKER 4c

  • discover key knowledge and networks needs for entrepreneurial success
    Enhancing the Sustainability of Food Systems through Service Learning-based Entrepreneurship Education and Outreach
    CONNER 4c

  • gather data and report on Vermonter's access to broadband internet infrastructure over time
    Vermont Broadband Mapping Initiative

  • collect the amount and type of direct spending made by VT and NY licensed anglers while fishing Lake Champlain and its tributaries
    Economic Analysis of Lake Champlain Fisheries

  • build capacity and understanding among Vermont communities, especially in the areas of information access and use, local food systems, planning and economic development, and academic research.
    Food System Research and Community Development Outreach in Vermont

  • assist the ECOS Consortium in the development and collection of specific indicators to guide the region and its municipalities as they make development decisions to implement sustainable community development plans.
    Sustainability Indicators

  • provide an informed and experienced outlet to assist students interested in pursuing Peace Corps service
    Peace Corps Strategy Contract 2013

  • identify and measure both population level indicators and the collective impact of the strategies and policy recommendations that emerge from integration of these indicators
    Performance Measurement Program for East Central Vermont Sustainability Consortium

  • will evaluate implementation, outcomes and impact on delivering agricultural and culinary curriculum via TACT 25 grant to a Maine community college.
    Kennebec Valley Community College TACT 25 Evaluation Plan