FY2012 Annual Report Project Descriptions

FY2012 Annual Report Project Descriptions


UVM research scientists and outreach specialists ...

  • enhance opportunities for access to healthy, affordable, regionally produced food in underserved rural and urban communities in the Northeast.
    Enhancing Food Security in Underserved Populations in the Northeast Through Sustainable Regional Food Systems
    BERLIN 2

  • develop a new technology of making safe nano material for food packing from natural raw materials
    Beneficial and Adverse Effects of Natural, Bioactive Dietary Chemicals on Human Health and Food Safety (from W1122)
    GUO 2

  • study obesity in the context of lifestyle can lead to policy recommendations that address lifestyle patterns.
    Time Use and Obesity: Adding a forgotten component to the energy balance equation

  • Food Safety

  • evaluate the efficacy of a propritary media format which will increase speed and accuracy of Listeria detection.
    Evaluation of 3M Listeria Recovery Broth for Detection of Listeria Populations Injured by Acid, Heat and Nitrite

  • Nutrition

  • evaluate the acceptance of lower calorie flavored milk in schools.
    Acceptance of Reformulated Flavored Milk in Schools
    JOHNSON 2b

  • develop a feasible, reliable and valid methodology to measure children's fruit and vegetable consumption in the school setting.
    Assessing school children's fruit and vegetable intake; a feasiblity study
    JOHNSON 2b

  • evaluate the acceptance of lower-calorie flavored milk in schools as childhood obesity is a major public health problem in the U.S.
    Evaluating the acceptance of reformulated flavored milk in schools
    JOHNSON 2b

  • Health

  • evaluate a preschool physical activity program designed to increase active play and decrease sedentary time for children enrolled in childcare centers.
    MAPLES: More Active Play in Early Childhood Settings

  • determine the effectiveness of using financial incentives to encourage exercise in first year college students.
    Burn and earn: Incentivizing physical activity in college freshman

  • develop a framework for evaluating Vermont's community-based obesity prevention programs.
    Vermont Department of Health Evaluation Framework for Community Based Obesity Prevention Programs

  • develop a better understanding of the mechanisms by which traits influence healthy diet behavior through a comparison between the US and Chinese samples
    Personality traits predictors of healthy diet and obesity
    SUN 2d

  • determine the effect of a natural (milk fat) vs. industrial (partially hydrogenated oil) source of TFA on the fetal programming of atherosclerosis in the apoE*3 Leiden mouse.
    The Impact of Milk Fat-Derived Bioactive Fatty Acids on the Fetal Programming of Atherosclerosis
    WRIGHT 2d