FY2012 Annual Report Project Descriptions

FY2012 Annual Report Project Descriptions


UVM research scientists and outreach specialists ...

  • make plant data residing in the Pringle Herbarium nationally available as virtual images and digital specimen data for the study of introduced and invasive plants and economically important non-timber forest products, as well as a basis for the study of biodiversity
    Developing the US National Virtual Herbarium (from WDC12)

    Fungal and Plant Molecular Biology

  • develop nucleotide-based genetic markers for assessing distribution of genetic diversity in Vermont's fiddlehead ferns
    Genetic Diversity and Watershed in Vermont's fiddlehead fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris, Onocleaceae)

  • determine the function of the LATD protein in the response to the hormone Abscisic Acid.
    Characterization of a LATD-dependent ABA Signaling Pathway in Medicago truncatula roots.
    HARRIS 5a

  • determine the role of the Medicago truncatula heme oxygenase enzyme in oxidative stress.
    Characterization of the role of the Medicago truncatula GIRAFFE gene in oxidative stress.
    HARRIS 5a

  • develop new inhibitors of C. albicans biofilm formation as potential anti-fungal therapeutics
    Fungal Biofilms and Development of New Anti-Fungal Drugs
    JOHNSON 5a

  • Molecular Genetics

  • determine how mammary epithelial cell proliferation is regulated by the estrogen receptors using an in vivo animal model.
    Roles of ER-alpha and ER-beta in Mammary Gland Cell Proliferation
    PAN 5c