FY2012 Annual Report Project Descriptions

FY2012 Annual Report Project Descriptions


UVM research scientists and outreach specialists ...

  • contribute to capacity building in Vermont communities in diverse areas such as food systems, information access and use, planning and development and entrepreneurship.
    Community Development Resources and Food System Research in Vermont

  • build capacity among Vermont communities, especially in the areas of local food systems, information access and use, planning and development and entrepreneurship and economic development.
    Food System Research and Community Development Outreach in Vermont

  • prepare for the Peace Corps as a life-defining leadership experience for Americans who are prepared for the challenge of public service overseas.
    Peace Corps Strategy Contract - 2011

  • provide an overview about multifunctional operations among small farmers in New England with respect to agritourism, value added, direct sales, and off farm jobs.
    Impacts of Multifunctional Operations on Long Term Sustainability and Prosperity for Small and Medium-Sized Farms and Rural Communities
    LIANG 4

  • work with winery owners, retailers, wholesale, and service providers in Vermont, to determine if creating a stronger social/economic network will improve market opportunities, profitability, and competitiveness for Vermont wine producers in the long term.
    Do Networks Improve the Effectiveness of Promotion for Vermont Wine Producers?
    LIANG 4

  • Farm Profitability and Agricultural Economics

  • train international agricultural specialists on agricultural finance and credit analysis through the USDA Cochran Fellowship program
    Agricultural Credit
    PARSONS 4a

  • provide training to Vermont producers in Crop Insurance and other risk management strategies
    Crop Insurance and Risk Management Education for Beginning, Socially Disadvantaged, Transitioning, and Farmers Converting Production and Marketing Systems in Vermont for 2011-2012
    PARSONS 4a

  • provide technical and business management information and training as well as recommendations for assisting small and medium dairy farms to produce and market farmstead and artisan cheese.
    enhance the Profitability and Sustainability of Small and Medium Sized Dairy Farms through Artisan Cheese and Other Valued-Added Products
    WANG 4a

  • collect primary data and analyze the economic feasibility of locally sourced renewable energy and opportunities for farms.
    Economic feasibility and market potentials for oilseed and farm-scale biodiesel production in Vermont
    WANG 4a

  • Consumer Economics

  • develop indicators of food systems engagement and measure their impact on dietary choices
    Civic Agriculture and the Engaged Consumer: Prospects for Public Health and Community Economic Development
    CONNER 4b

  • Economic and Community Development

  • investigate vulnerabilities and identify strategies for improving resilience to disaster in Vermont mobile home park communities
    Building Resilience Through Community-Based Action Research: Identifying Vulnerabilities and Facilitating Change in Rural Mobile Home Parks
    BAKER 4c

  • inform efforts for greater institutional procurement of locally grown foods
    Farm-to-Institution: Guiding Marketing and Pricing Decision for Small and Medium Sized Farms
    CONNER 4c

  • foster sustainable agri-food entrepreneurship in Vermont
    Enhancing the Sustainability of Food Systems through Service Learning-based Entrepreneurship Education and Outreach
    CONNER 4c

  • verify the accuracy of Internet provider coverage claims through random sampling of VT households and businesses collect internet access data fro VT anchor institutions including libraries, schools, town offices, fire stations and other similar locations
    Vermont Broadband Mapping Initiative

  • assist the ECOS Consortium in the development and collection of specific indicators to guide the region and its municipalities as they make development decisions to implement sustainable community development plans.
    Sustainability Indicators

  • assess the functioning of the Universal periodic Review mechanism of the UN Human Rights Council
    Analysis of United Nations Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review Mechanism
    MCMAHON 4c