FY2011 Annual Report Project Descriptions

FY2011 Annual Report Project Descriptions


UVM research scientists and outreach specialists ...

  • determine optimum hard red spring wheat planting and harvest dates to assist farmers with meeting the high quality demands of value-added bread flour markets.
    Enhancing farmers capacity to produce high quality organic bread wheat in Vermont.
    DARBY 1

  • develop upper-level leaders in higher education, government, and industry to prepare them to meet the leadership challenges and opportunities of the future
    Food Systems Leadership Institute Subcontract

  • develop a Masters Program in Food Systems
    Applied Master's Degree in Food Systems

  • improve agronomic management of smallholder coffee plantations in Costa Rica, so that it has increased livelihood benefits to farmers and decreased impacts on the environment.
    Sustainable Coffee Growing Communities in Costa Rica
    MENDEZ 1

  • analyze the relationship between agrobiodiversity and livelihood diversification on the level of food security of smallholder coffee households in Nicaragua.
    Graduate Fellowships for Sustainable Livelihoods in Coffee Producing Regions
    MENDEZ 1

  • assess best practices to combat food insecurity in coffee farming regions of Mesoamerica
    Confronting the Thin Months: Participatory Learning on Best Practices and Impacts of the GMCR Food Security Program
    MENDEZ 1


  • assessment of integration of Hispanic workers on Vermont dairy farms
    The Vermont Agricultural Labor Force: Characteristics, Challenges, and Policy Implications
    BAKER 1a

  • evaluate Holstein cattle MHC class I immune function genes and determine the relationship between genetic type and response to vaccination for foot and mouth disease virus.
    Holstein Cattle Major Histocompatibilty (MHC) Gene Diversity and Tracking the Immune Response to an Adenoviral Vectored Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Using MHC Tetramer Technology
    BARLOW 1a

  • develop immunologic methods and tools that will be used to evaluate the T cell mediated immune responses of Holstein cattle.
    BREAD: A Modern Approach for the Development of Cattle Vaccines for Critical Bovine Diseases Impacting Smallholder Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa
    BARLOW 1a

  • investigate the effect of two compaction mitigation techniques on pasture soil properties such as soil organic carbon, soil strength and fertility.
    Soil Organic Matter: Formation, Function and Management (new project)
    GORRES 1a

  • identify genetic differences between dairy animals that impact their ability to resist mastitis
    Effects of Variation in Pathogen Detection and Signaling Pathways on Resistance to Bovine Mastitis
    KERR 1a

  • identify genetic differences between dairy cows that impact their ability to resist mastitis
    Mastitis Resistance to Enhance Dairy Food Safety
    KERR 1a

  • develop models of dairy cattle mastitis that simultaneously account for variation in host susceptibility and pathogen virulence.
    Effects of genetic variation in host and pathogen on severity of bovine mastitis
    KERR 1a

  • examine and identify business strategies, diversification, and alternative management options that improves the sustainability of New England dairy farms
    The Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Small and Medium Size Dairy Farms in New England: An Integrated Research-Extension Program
    PARSONS 1a

  • determine biosecurity needs on dairy farms and demonstrate effective practices to prevent disease outbreaks
    Costs and Challenges Associated with Developing and Implementing a Community-Wide Biosecurity Plan
    SMITH 1a

  • develop simulation models of highly contagious disease transmission to inform the development of plans to protect the economic viability of livestock and tourism
    Evaluating resilience of Vermont's dairy industry through simulation modeling
    SMITH 1a

  • develop interdisciplinary methodology to examine the sensory characteristics of Vermont artisan cheese.
    Linking Environmental, Sensory and Cultural Qualities of Artisan Cheese in Vermont
    TRUBEK 1a

  • our findings contribute to the knowledge base on glucose utilization in bovine mammary gland and ultimately to the improvement of dairy productivity and efficiency.
    Properties and Regulation of Glucose Transporters in Bovine Mammary Gland
    ZHAO 1a

  • achievement of our aims will not only advance our current techniques of producing life-saving medicine with great impact on human wellbeing, but also help to create new ways for sustainable agriculture.
    Dairy Pharming: Production of Pharmaceutically Active Human Proteins in Bovine Milk
    ZHAO 1a


  • study invasive earthworm behavior and chemical and biological changes that occur as a result of earthworm action in order to find strategies to control them.
    Earthworm Mediated Losses of N from Dairy and Maple Production Systems in Vermont
    GORRES 1b

  • investigate the effects of producing maple syrup with sap concentrated by reverse osmosis on syrup quality and flavor to determine if it is an acceptable practice producers can use to increase the profitability of maple production
    Effects of Sap Preconcentration by Reverse Osmosis on Maple Syrup Chemical Composition and Flavor
    PERKINS 1b

  • develop ways to improve vacuum transfer to tapholes in maple tubing systems
    Maximizing Vacuum Transfer and Sap Yields in Tubing Operations: Evaluation of a New Method to Increase Production
    PERKINS 1b

  • determine the characteristics of high maple sap yield tubing systems
    Predicting Maple Sap Yields in Vacuum Tubing Operations
    PERKINS 1b

  • investigate the effects of temperature on autumn color development in maple to provide a scientific basis for projecting the potential impact of global warming on autumn leaf coloration.
    Potential impacts of global warming on autumn coloration in maple
    PERKINS 1b

  • determine the age-related losses in sap yield from maple vacuum tubing systems and strategies to mitigate reductions in yield
    New approaches towards maximizing maple sap yields
    PERKINS 1b

  • develop protocal to manage pests in sugar maple stands using cultural integrated pest management techniques
    Ecological Management for Sustained Maple Forest Health and Productivity
    TOBI 1b

    Livestock (other than dairy cows) and Poultry

  • evaluate community quality of life impacts by VT grass-based livestock farmers to develop indicators for policy decision making
    Evaluating VT Grass-Based Livestock Farms and Agricultural Policy Implications
    PARSONS 1c

    Fruits and Vegetables

  • examine the opportunities and challenges of organic apple production within the two major orchard systems growers are using to change to new apple varieties
    Using "New" Alternatives to Enhance Adoption of Organic Apple Production Through Integrated Research and Extension
    BERKETT 1d

  • The Specialty Crop Block Grant Program from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture helps to support the outreach activities of the UVM Apple and Grape IPM Programs
    Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Funds for Apple and Grape Program
    BERKETT 1d

  • evaluate the viticultural and wine quality potential of emerging wine grape cultivars in Vermont
    Multi-State Evaluation of Winegrape Cultivars and Clones
    BERKETT 1d

    Ornamental Horticulture

  • determine hardiness of popular new coralbells cultivars
    Further Studies on Heuchera (Coralbells) Hardiness.
    PERRY 1e

  • determine the effect of three overwintering variables on subsequent hardiness of herbaceous perennials exposed to subzero soil temperatures
    Herbaceous Perennials Hardiness
    PERRY 1e

  • create a dynamic website which showcases The Gardens at The University of Vermont and encourages greater use by faculty, staff, students and visitors to campus as an educational resource
    Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust Grant Proposal