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A conservative voice

Please find enclosed some clippings from the Boston Herald this week regarding UVM grad Tim Thomas and his recent comments. Finally, a grad who speaks up for the rest of us conservatives! We are quite tired of the insults hurled by the other side. Tim is rightly concerned about the mess we are in and the absolute disaster that is Barack Hussein Obama.

I was offended when I saw in my VQ issue following Obama’s election a full-page photo of students marching around campus in wild celebration. I think it was on the inside back cover, January 2009.

I look forward to my 30th reunion this fall but I do get tired of defending dear old UVM to friends and acquaintances who point out how liberal the school has gotten. The rest of the country thinks Obama has taken us in the wrong direction (75%) and I pray that students (and educators) at the college are waking up to this reality before November.

Peter Robb '82


Make some noise!

We don't receive many college hockey broadcasts in Arkansas, so I was excited to find the BU/UVM game on Friday night, February 24. As the game started, I asked my wife if there was something wrong with our television. The noise level at Gutterson was more akin to a state spelling bee. My friends and I attended every home game at Gutterson from the fall of '69 to the spring of '73. Every crowd was raucous. And when a national power like Harvard, BU, or BC came in, you could not even talk to the person next to you. Students stood the entire game and sat only between periods. It was wild and wonderful and the Ice Cats fed off the crowd. I was disgusted during the BU game to see hundreds of fans leaving early in the third period. When the final horn sounded, I doubt if there were a thousand fans left. Shame on current students, faculty, and area "fans." Our Cats deserve rabid support regardless of their record. My only hope is that the great stars of yesteryear—Pat Wright, Fred Hunt, Rico Minarsky, Ted Yates, David Reece, et al—did not also watch the sick spectacle. Current NHLers Tim Thomas and Martin St. Louis would be appalled. Here's hoping that next year's team will get some real fans. Go Cats!

Scott T. Vaughn '73

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