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My professors from UVM have been extraordinarily helpful and supportive…I absolutely could not have done it without them.”
­—Samantha Berthelette ’15 has been accepted into Florida State University’s doctorate program in philosophy.

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33-64 Green & Gold Reunion September 23–25, 2016 
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43 I received a surprise note from our classmate, Dorothy “Dot” Franklin Cole, who lives in Shelburne, Vermont. I have not seen her in many years, but I remember her well. Her note brought back a rush of memories of UVM. I must comment on Dot’s beautiful penmanship. You do not see that anymore. I am ashamed to admit that mine has deteriorated. Thank you, Dot, for your kind comments. I also heard recently from my faithful contributor, Daan Zwick. His communication was captioned “The Disappearance of the Class of 1943”. He always had a way with words. He wondered if any of us were left. You better all email or write soon, so he gets a different impression. Daan’s wife, Janis, is severely ill. I am sure he would love to hear from some of you as well. I had a phone call from Mary Beth Bloomer who lives in Rutland and was calling to remind me of a memoirs class we attended together along with Art Wolk ’41. Also heard from Patty Pike Hallock who sent me some chocolates after one of my recent mishaps. UVM friends are loyal! I just know some of you will surprise me for the fall issue and put Daan’s worries to rest.Submit your news to—
June Hoffman Dorion

44 Helen “Ells” Higgins, 93, died peacefully on January 25, 2016. Originally from Essex Junction, Vermont, she graduated with a degree in mathematics. After graduation, she moved to Hartford, Connecticut, and worked for Hamilton Standard. She met and married Brendan Higgins. They had four sons and two daughters and eventually settled in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. She taught mathematics until she was 73 years old. As we mentioned in the last issue, Kathleen J. Keenan ’71 has published a book of her mother’s writings, What God Has Done with Me: The Faith of Ione Lacy Keenan. This book, along with On Tuesdays We Iron: Memoirs of Ione Lacy Keenan, is available on Coming this fall, 25,000 Miles in Vermont: The Walking Diary of Dr. Edward A. Keenan, Jr. ‘42 MD ‘44.
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50 Willard Robertson, 88, passed away on February 18, 2016, at his home at Fillmore Pond, Bennington, Vermont. A native of Greenwich, Connecticut, “Will” was a longtime resident of Peru, Vermont. He was a graduate of Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine. Will was a Phi Delta Theta and was a Kake Walk director in 1950. It was at UVM where Will met his future wife, Mary Jean Henderson Robertson ’49. After their marriage in 1950, they moved to Michigan, lived in the Detroit area and Grand Rapids, where they brought up their three sons. They returned to Vermont in 1977 and settled in Peru, where they renovated and expanded Will’s father’s summer home. There they hosted family members and friends from around the country and pursued their interests in travel and antiques and collectables, until Mary’s passing in 2007. In 2011, Willard became a resident in the assisted living community at Fillmore Pond in Bennington. Mary Curtis Lucas ’52 shared that Jay A. Curtis died on November 29, 2012 in San Diego, California. He was 87 years old and spent his career as a mechanical engineer for GE in California and South America. He served in World War II as a paratrooper. Usually, as your class secretary, I don’t write about myself. But I have to tell you this: those of you who remember me from our time together at UVM may know that I was born in Vienna and that my father, Richard Stoehr, was Jewish. He was a composer, who lived from 1874-1967. He also taught at the Academy of Music in Vienna for nearly 40 years until he was immediately dismissed when Hitler came to power. He was able to get a teaching position at Curtis Institute in Philadelphia for two years and later at St. Michael’s College in Vermont. Professor Dennis Mahoney, acting chair of the German and Russian Department, arranged for the Harry Kahn Memorial lecture to feature not only a lecture, but also a concert of music for cello and piano composed by my father. You probably remember Professor Kahn, who taught in the German and Russian Department from 1948 until his retirement in 1977. The event, “The Life and Music of Richard Stoehr” was held at the beautiful UVM Recital Hall. Here is a website you may want to look at:
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Hedi Ballantyne

51Jean Farr Semonite and Bill Semonite ‘50 now live in Mebane, North Carolina. Bill is in an assisted living facility near their home and their daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live nearby. Jean and Bill also see their son, Todd Semonite ’88, and his wife who live at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Todd returned recently from a year tour in Afghanistan. Jean traveled extensively in 2015 to visit family in Virginia, Maine, Long Island, New York, and several other places in North Carolina. Jean Shufeldt Creighton has lived in the same home in New York, near Schenectady for fifty years. She has adult daughters living near her and six grandchildren. Jean loves to travel and most recently went to the British Isles. Dick Fink wrote in his creative Florida-scene Christmas card that he fell on the tennis court last summer and had to have rotator cuff surgery. After physical therapy three times a week we hope he is doing well now and is back playing tennis. Donald Guidoboni’s wife wrote from Plymouth, Massachusetts, that Don passed away at the age of 89 on Veteran’s Day 2015. She also said, “He loved his association with UVM all these years.” Bernard Harold Shapiro shared the death of his brother, Robert L. Shapiro MD’44, in April, 2016 at the age of 92. He was a resident of Whitefish, Montana after a long career in the San Francisco area. He was also a retired colonel in the U.S. Army. Ada Hyzer Ruesch moved from New Jersey to Rivers Edge, a CCRC, in Exeter, New Hampshire in 2013. It is the place where Beth Lohr McCarthy, Harry McCarthy, Dick Alpin, and his wife also live. “We could almost have a class reunion there,” Ada writes. Ada has a daughter and two siblings living in that area as well. Ada’s other daughter, Jessica, graduated from the UVM Medical School in May of 2015. Wonder where she is doing her residency? Patricia Haslam shared the sad news that her husband, Peter Haslam, passed away on April 24, 2016 from esophageal cancer. I am also sorry to report that Kathryn Tampas, wife of John Tampas for 54 years, died on March 11, 2016. The Burlington Free Press wrote, “Kathy Tampas’s star graced many stages but shone brightest as a devoted wife to Dr. John P Tampas and mother of their four children.” Remember the wonderful Reunion reception Kathy and John had for us at their lovely home where the Winooski River opens into Lake Champlain? We appreciate John having served as our class president all these many years, too.
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Valerie Meyer Chamberlain

52 Jane Wilson Durie sailed on a duplicate bridge cruise at the end of May. It was round trip from San Francisco to all the Hawaiian Islands. She is enjoying living in a retirement community near one of her daughters and three grandchildren: Spencer (10), and twins, Ella and Shane, (13). She can take BART into San Francisco to UVM alumni parties. She sees Bunny Fiztsimmons Smith ‘54 and Nancy Hoyt Burnett ’53, every year for lunch in Palo Alto. Unfortunately, their other lunch companion for 50 years, Jean Hawley Navarro ‘54 died last year. Martha Riddell Murphey ‘54, visited Jane from Virginia last year.
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53 This class note from Marion Heins Crane arrived in my mailbox the day before our news deadline! Marion spends time in Vermont and in Clearwater, Florida, and is still active in judging flower shows in both states. She reports that the Rutland Garden Club staged a beautiful flower show in Proctor, Vermont. She sees her brother John Heins ’52 quite often, as he lives near her. Joseph R. Noonan loved his life as an entrepreneur building a media consulting business with his soul-mate/life-partner of 60 years, Jeanne Aronson, and being the proud, loving dad to their daughter, Karen J. Noonan ’79. Joe studied electrical engineering at UVM and DeVry University. He became an accomplished professional photographer, inventor, writer and documentarist; he was the sole-creator of the award winning A Blueprint for the Past: The Razing and Replication of the Historic Pavilion Hotel in Montpelier, VT. A multitude of Joe’s articles, photographs, and magazine covers have been published nationally and internationally in Vermont Life Magazine, Encyclopedia Britannica, Popular Science Magazine, Popular Mechanics Magazine, Popular Photography Magazine and more. Joe and his family savored many adventures while sailing their yacht, META, and when they traveled extensively by land throughout Europe. Sadly, in mid-November 2015 our Joe transitioned to another world of exploration. His inimitable spirit and wit will be forever and profoundly ingrained in the psyches of each of us who knew him and loved him. If you wish to write, we would enjoy hearing from you: Jeanne Aronson Noonan at and Karen J. Noonan at Charles Zabriskie, Jr. sends amazing ROTC news from his home in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. He and his wife, Star, were honored to receive, in May, 2015, the prestigious award from the United States Army Cadet Command for outstanding support of UVM’s ROTC program for 2014-15. In February of this year the ROTC program was ranked #1 among all colleges in the Northeast and was ranked #8 nationally. He says, “Simply put, some of the successes that I enjoyed throughout these many years can be traced to the leadership training I gained at UVM through my experiences in ROTC and later on active duty in the army.” Over the years, Charles has spent time in commercial and investment banking, was president of a Boston banking organization, and later managed a national recruiting firm. He and Star have two grown sons. He is looking forward to UVM Alumni Weekend in October and visiting with classmates. Jean Hakanson Hawes reports, “John and I are moving to independent living at a retirement community in Morganton, North Carolina. We will be much closer to our children and grandchildren and look forward to a new adventure.” Sonia Fuller shared the sad news that Bulen passed away on March 23, 2013 in California. Mary Eleanor “Ellie” Clark Laing writes, “UVM prepared both Bob Laing ’52 and me for a very complete life. We both obtained advanced degrees at UMass—Bob, a master’s in school administration and I obtained an MBA. Both retired from the State of Massachusetts, have enjoyed travel in Europe, the Bahamian Islands, U.S. and winters after retirement in Naples, Florida. Our family has kept us busy, as well.” Soon I, your secretary, will have a new iMac computer and an updated e-mail address. Meanwhile, please send your notes for ’53 class news to me via snail mail. Submit your news to-
Nancy Hoyt Burnett

54 Tom Gage writes, “It is with sadness that I report the passing of my wife of nearly 62 years, Betsy, on January 22, 2016. Although she was not a graduate of UVM she attended four Kake Walks with me during my years there. We have spent most of the past 20 years on the New Jersey shore in Bay Head although we still have a home in Ridgewood. We have two grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. I am also saddened to read of the passing of Ozzie Osmun and Jane Martin Thomson, two wonderful classmates. I would love to hear from my classmates by phone at 908-330-5368.” Blanche “Bunny” Fitzsimons Smith had a visit from Jane Wilson Durie ‘52 who was attending a Theta gathering at nearby Stanford. Jane had hosted a dinner in her home across the bay when Martha Riddell Murphy came to San Francisco with her daughter and family. Bunny comments that all three UVM Thetas are active and find themselves amazed to be in the octogenarian demographic but buy into the popular phrase that 80 is the new 60.
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55 Raymond Walter McNamara shared, “My wife, Mary, and I have enjoyed living for the last 45 years in our beautiful home in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where I retired in 1999 after 28 years in the nuclear power industry. Prior to that we lived in Sacramento, California, where I worked as a structural design engineer for ten years in the hydroelectric power industry. We are celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary this year. My daughter, Jane, lives nearby, and my son, John, lives in Florida. I enjoy playing golf, gardening, socializing, and reading with my book club. It’s been a wonderful life.” Marlene Goodenough Carr writes, “I am enjoying living in a warm climate with lots to do and many friends. My interests are lots of music, church choir, president of Lovers of Music club which buses people to symphony concerts, community concert board, water aerobics, strength training and golf. Come for a visit!” Hal Greenfader writes, “Dick Actisgrande ‘53 came to California and spent the weekend with me in La La Land (Los Angeles). Gerard “Jerry” Allen Mullen got four articles published in Muzzle Blasts, the magazine of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association last summer. His total published works would fill about a 1/4 inch of shelf space. He recently volunteered to serve on the town Conservation Commission just in time to get involved with a controversy over trapping in the town forest.” Jane Battles sends this news, “Val Kuebler Bardis now of Colorado Springs, Colorado, writes she lost her dear husband and best friend this past January after a lengthy fight for survival. She continues to live in Colorado Springs at 2235 Palm Drive, 80918. How about those Villanova Wildcats winning the NBA Championship—talk about excitement! That unbelievable final game. And who, of course, is right there during it all but our very own Rollie Massimino. To be there was indeed a thrill beyond words. Rollie had his whole national championship team from 1985 when he was coach of Villanova there for the game as well. What a treat! I’ll wait to hear from you. More anon.”
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Jane Morrison Battles
Hal Lee Greenfader

56 Robert “Bob” Joseph Gauthier, his wife, Rita; son, Eric, and wife, Sandy; and daughter, Lisa, and husband, Tom, have recently purchased the T-Bird Motor Inn conveniently located on Route 7 in Shelburne, Vermont. The motel has 24 exceptionally clean and spacious ground-level rooms that feature parking at your front door. It has a seasonal pool and picnic area. All rooms have Wi-Fi and 40-inch LED TVs. They invite all UVMers to inquire about special rates for upcoming reunions and special events at 1-800-335-5029 or 802-985-3663. Nancy McGoughran Blanchet writes, “I get a lot of happiness watching my children grow and take their place in the world but I must say that I get a like amount of pleasure having my annual visit with my Tri-Delt buddies each year! I look forward to seeing them all at our 60th Reunion in October!”
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Jane Stickney

57 Helene Sarr Kamer shares, “My husband, Harvey Kamer, passed away in August. We were married 60 years. I will be a great-grandmother in July from my granddaughter in California.” Don Kidder writes, “I’ve been living at Whitehorse Village, a full service retirement community, for 11 years. My wife, Barbara, passed away in 2008. My apartment is just over a mile from our farm, now home to two daughters in their respective houses with eldest daughter and spouse living in the original 1700’s farmhouse on the property. I keep active with several corporate board memberships and farm related projects. I recently visited Peg ’56 and Charlie Maxson ’56 and Libby Michael ‘58.”
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58 Charles Pitman ‘58, MD’61, sadly reports that Myrna, his wife of 53 years, has recently passed away. Don Karp is a brother in one of two sets of brothers who are cousins and UVM graduates. You can see them in a photo taken at a family function on the Alumni Association’s Flickr gallery. Don writes, “Samuel J. ‘Skip’ Laufer ’65 is my first cousin, and he graduated in 1965. He is a surgeon and went to medical school in Tennessee. At UVM he was a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. I graduated from UVM and then from Cornell Law School in 1961. I practiced law in New Jersey and later became the chairman and CEO of Broad National Bank, in Newark, New Jersey. At UVM I was a member of the Phi Sigma Delta Fraternity. Adrian I. Karp ’54, my brother, graduated from UVM in 1954. He graduated from Georgetown Law School in 1959 and practiced law until retirement in New Jersey. He was an honored trial lawyer. At UVM he was also a member of the Phi Sigma Delta Fraternity. William M. Laufer ’70, my first cousin and Skip’s younger brother, graduated from UVM before graduating from law school. He is also a member of the New Jersey Bar and is still a practicing senior member of a law firm in Morristown, New Jersey, where he has also been in public service.” Robert H. Tafrate, M.D., age 79, of Cape Coral, Florida, formerly of Schenectady, New York, passed away on October 9, 2015 after a courageous battle with cancer. Dr. Tafrate was a graduate of Harrison High School, class of 1954; The University of Vermont; and Bologna University in Italy, class of 1965. He did his internship at Grasslands Hospital (Westchester Medical Center) in Valhalla, New York, his residency at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, and a pulmonary fellowship at Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. He also served in the United States Army. Bob worked as a pulmonologist in Schenectady, New York, for his entire career. He was the chief of respiratory diseases at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, New York, from 1972-2001. Marcella Webbe Elliot writes, “My final move is to Myrtle Beach, and we love it here. I’d welcome any fellow UVMers in the area.” Carol Conner Frei shares, “Rudy and I had a very nice visit from Joan Cook who was doing alumni work in South Florida. It was great to hear about all the additions to the campus. We have a grandson at UVM in his second year and hope to visit before too long. We went to Holland to see the tulips, followed by a river cruise to Basel, Switzerland where we lived for two years.”
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Henry Shaw, Jr.

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60 Howard Busloff writes that he is living well, splitting time between New York City and Florida. Grant L. Corson ’61 writes, “I am happy to announce the near completion of the restoration of my 1910 power dory. The boat was originally powered by a hit-and-miss gas engine but the restored boat will be driven by an electric motor. Much quieter. My wife, Mutsumi Corson (director of the Japanese Language Program at UVM), and I are looking forward to exploring the many small lakes and rivers that abound in our fair state in the new boat.”
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61Louise Weiner reports she shared a delicious dinner with Susan and Shelly Lipsett who spent the month of March in Naples. It seems that retirees are as busy as when we were working, albeit now enjoying the grandchildren, traveling, playing bridge and volunteering! Life is good! Louise, our class president, also says, “Listen up, Class of ‘61. Another milestone is upon us, our 55th Reunion! Please think about returning to campus September 23-25 to celebrate a casual and purely social weekend together. Get some friends to meet you there and we’ll all have a wonderful time reminiscing about the good ole days and the remarkable changes on campus. It will be a trip down memory lane.” Kudos to Steve Grossman for the accolades given to UVM’s Grossman School of Business! Caroline Braun Leone says: “Nothing new, children and grandchildren are healthy. Oldest one graduates from high school this year (not sure how she became old enough!) Andy and I are enjoying family and retirement; economy must be a little better because book business was better than the year before and this year looks like it is going to surpass last year; mild winter, yea! Unusually warm spring, not good for my flowers, otherwise, life is good.” Jan Mashman emailed: “I will be retiring from the practice of neurology this year and Susan and I will be moving to Charleston, South Carolina. We have had a beach house on Dewees Island, South Carolina, near Charleston, for the last 12 years and have come to the conclusion that this is a wonderful city to live in. After living in Ridgefield, Connecticut, for 46 years we are leaving with some sadness and trepidation at the loss of many ties.” Jim Rogers writes, “In January we took a great trip to Sedona, Arizona, with four UVM graduates: myself, my wife, Connie Anderson Rogers ’63, and our friends John F. Dick MD ’67, and his wife, Katherine Brush Dick ’67. We hiked for a week in the spectacular red rocks and visited five national monuments: Montezuma’s Castle, Montezuma’s Well, Tuzigoot, Walnut Canyon, and Sunset Crater; plus, we visited the V Bar V Ranch and the Meteor Crater. It was cool and the snow in the Flagstaff area at 6000’ looked like frosting on the layers of Walnut Canyon. Jerome, a mining ghost town, was also a highlight. We sound like travel guides!” Karen Kellers Marino Donovan says: “While in Naples, Florida, this winter I reconnected with Jane Umpa Kerr and we really enjoyed catching up and plan to get together again. We both wondered if each other had heard from Penny Fienemann Cox, Sally Hale Ashworth, Judy Enright Daly or Ginny Worstell Duffy. We would love updates from all of them. 55 years! Where did they go? Seemed like yesterday when Jane and I reconnected after 40 years.” John Cruickshank writes, “We came back to Vermont after living in California for over 40 years, bought the local weekly newspaper in my hometown (Northfield, Vermont) and am still hard at work. I guess I’ll never retire as last October, I published my first novel, Jason’s Ladder about the life and loves of a young San Francisco lawyer beginning his career in the late 1950’s in that spectacular city. Presently, I’m working on another novel set in 1950’s Vermont to be entitled For Sale, A Piece of God’s Country which should be out later this year.” And from Roger Zimmerman, “This past winter was my 30th year of back-country ski guiding in Yellowstone National Park. This summer my wife, Lynne, and I will be leading a trip to Glacier National Park. Lynne leads it and takes me along to provide the Grizzlies with a meal. Daughter Heather is studying in London at the School for Asian and African Studies. She has been living and working in different countries – India and Uganda. I’m still working, but have cut way, way back, especially in the winter. If I make it to the 55th in September, I’ll ride over on my bike, which will be way faster than running.” Joe Furgal reported, “I became bored with my retirement from Berkshire Life (since 2002) and decided to take a real estate course to see if I’d like it. It’s sales and I’ve been in sales one way or another all my life. The end result is I have my license and at age 77, I’m enjoying it, but am busier than I anticipated. Four granddaughters, ages 4-13, also keep me busy traveling to soccer and basketball games. They’re great students and super athletes, taking after their mother. I did lose my wife, Audie Scofield Furgal ’65, to lung cancer in January of 2012, but life goes on.”
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Steve Berry

62 This winter, Jules Older was the San Francisco Chronicle’s Slope Dope, which means their ski and snow sports blogger. His posts appear on Michael Lawrence Adess retired in 2010 after 30 years as a public health service scientist officer detailed to the U.S. Coast Guard in New York and Washington, D.C. He writes, “I’ve been married for 38 years to Susan and we have two daughters; Lea is a teacher of deaf and blind children in West Palm Beach, Florida, with two daughters, Emily (2 ½) and Julia (4 ½) and is married to Elon. Our younger daughter, Shana, is a lawyer in Brooklyn, New York. I had a marvelous time, academic and social, at UVM, and would very much like to hear from the wonderful friends I made there.” Forrest “Woody” Manning is still living in Middlebury, Vermont. He is a survivor of kidney cancer and everything is fine now. He is retired, though he is very busy doing substitute teaching in the Middlebury High School, usually for history class, but he also does wood-working, Latin, science, English and math. He is having a blast at his age! After reading about the old freshmen dorms being demolished, he thought about starting college in ‘58 and remembered the beanies we wore for a week! He recalls the class walk and other old traditions that are long gone and what good times we had back then.He would love to get in touch with classmates and members of his fraternity, Phi Mu Delta. His email address is:
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Patricia Hoskiewicz Allen

63Dear classmates, we received several responses to our recent class notes regarding the loss of some of our members. For example, Charity Greenwood Henderson, had a deluge of memories after reading of the loss of Elaine Stauber, who was fun, funny and a great friend. Charity wrote that our time is short and we should not waste a moment as each day is a gift. Although she wasn’t able to make our 50th Reunion, she’s looking forward to our next one. In the meantime, Charity wrote that she and her husband, Doug, spent time on the Cape with Pat Bishop McKean ‘62 and her husband, Gordon. Charity said that time stands still when they are together, it’s like it was only yesterday that they were at UVM. As Charity mentions, we all have friends that engender the same feelings. Ann Maynes Gladding also noted the sad news about our friends and classmates passing. She too stated that we often lose touch and that its time to reconnect. She and Tony Russo and Bob Pasco were good friends that she lost track of after their twenties and would like to reconnect with Bob. Ann moved to Santa Rosa, California, a year ago after living in Tuxedo Park, New York, for 35 years. She’s enjoying the active, outdoor lifestyle, hiking in the mountains and along the coast; skiing four hours away and all the great amenities of San Francisco, as well as the great wine! Ann would like to be in touch with Bob Pasco, and I’m sure many of us would like to have up-to-date contact information for other class mates. The Alumni Association Office is the best place for contacts as I don’t always have the information. Email them at Best wishes, from Colorado ski country where I am spending time with my daughter, Kelly, and her husband, Chris, before heading back to New Jersey to continue my new life as a competitive ballroom dancer!
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Toni Citarella Mullins

64 Darrell Simino shares, “My wife, Betty, and I continue to stay busy in our retirement life, going to the Y regularly, trying to keep the body in motion. Betty is a volunteer case reviewer for the Department of Children and Families and I just finished my stint preparing taxes for seniors and lower-income taxpayers (my seventh year). Both are very rewarding experiences that benefit others. We also volunteer at the Boston Marathon: one day in Boston, handing out bibs to runners; and a second day in Hopkinton, working in the corrals. What an exciting day! This is our 11th year at this job. We also are quite active supporting/attending activities for our four grandchildren (ages 4-11). Robert A. Silverstein tells us, I have not “gotten a promotion, won an award, started a business, gotten married or had a child. However, in lieu of those enriching experiences, in May, July, and December 2015 I took a few planes and went to Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. I know that this will bore most of you, but here are the reasons I went. There are almost no American or other tourists, no golf courses, pools, skyscrapers, New York pols, movie houses, or interstates. There are: potholes with a bit of road mixed in, a rather pathetic monsoon season, some beautiful scenery, an insurgency movement, a parallel independence movement (of which I’ve joined in, until India voids my visa; for a brilliant analysis of the movement, see The Morung Express, 5 April 2016, by a non-Naga with a name identical to mine), a few friends (until they read the article), and a charming Baskin Robbins and KFC in nearby Dimapur, connected to Kohima by one of the worst roads in India. There also is the added delight of the state being Christian (thanks to a few blessed American missionaries back in the 19th c. who decided to save the souls of the Nagas by convincing them to bury their primitive animism for the sophistication of Christianity) and the population speaking English (thanks to the same blessed Americans). There is also the usual corruption that is endemic in India, but a refreshing change from New York because in Nagaland the corrupt pols there get re-elected, not sent to prison. But enough about me, what about you? Do you play golf?” Ruth Anne Barrows Woodruff writes, “Where to begin after all these years? Fifty-two years since graduating from the school of education and nursing. Did nursing for 12 years, then raised a family and did volunteer work for 12 years, then did graduate school in transpersonal psychology, and worked as a marriage and family therapist for 16 years. And, finally I accompanied my husband through his 10 years with Alzheimer’s from which he died two years ago. We shared a wonderful 42 years together. He left behind four daughters, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, two grandsons, two granddaughters, a granddaughter-in-law and this past year two beautiful great-grandsons were born into the family. I’m presently traveling and living in a Mercedes Sprinter van, heading for the East Coast. The only thing planned is spending August on Cape Cod. I would love to hear from anyone remembering me after so long, nursing class friends, roommates, and all others. Phone: 650-722-1221, email:” Duane Barber ’63 and your class secretary attended two hockey games this season. One was UVM vs. Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts, and the other UVM vs. Boston College at Chestnut Hill. Both were losses for UVM but a great attempt for the wins. It is always fun to see the green and gold performing. School pride after fifty years. I guess once a cheerleader always a cheerleader. Wishing you all the best for a great summer. When you get a chance, drop me a note with some news.
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Susan Griesenbeck Barber

65 Mark Ira Berson reports, “Ellen and I are out and about to see our six grandchildren in California, Michigan and Massachusetts. We look forward to their visits at our home on Cape Cod. All the best to my classmates. It was a joy to see you at our 50th. Long life to all.” Gerard John “Jerry” Smith writes, “A small gathering of the 1964/’65 brothers of Sigma Nu was hosted by Jerry and Gene Ellen Smith at their Bentwater home on Lake Conroe in Montgomery County, Texas. Richard Lawson, Mike Crane, Scott and Wendy Severance and Paul and Mary Hurley travelled from their various Florida, Maine, New York and Hilton Head, South Carolina residences to play ‘remember when’ and see if we still had the ‘right stuff’. The six days were filled with typical Texas activities to include golf, tennis, an RTV tour of Buena Vida Ranch, followed by qualifying with an AK-47, AR-15, and other assorted weaponry indigenous to the state; boating on Lake Conroe with a lunch stop at Wolfies for Mud Bugs (Google it); bocce on the pine straw; judicious hot tubbing; church at the Lone Star Cowboy Church (Google it); a private screening of the original, unedited movie Animal House; and repetitive sessions of eating and drinking. Previous gatherings have been hosted by Scott and Wendy Severance at their Lake George Camp; Paul and Mary Hurley at Trickey Pond, Maine; and Richard and Judith Lawson at their Rehoboth, Massachusetts, home. We are planning a late August gathering in 2017 when Mike Crane will host the fraternals at his family camp on Upper Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.”
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Colleen Denny Hertel

66 50th Reunion September 23–25, 2016 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Gordon shares, “After careers in law and business, my wife, Leslie, and I have retired to South Carolina to be near children and grandchildren. We are enjoying our newfound freedom. We look forward to seeing old friends at our 50th reunion.” Norman Coleman writes, “The ‘What was Kake Walk’ debate was enjoyed by Norm Coleman, Warren Kaplan, Larry Miller and Larry Roth ’67 following a series in the Vermont Cynic on “Racism at UVM” for which we were interviewed. Our follow-up opinion piece printed in the April 8 issue, with a longer version on-line, discussed the importance of context and described what was essentially a Winter Carnival. The university is considering future events to bring back alums and we felt that a better understanding of the past rather than painting it simply as ‘racist’ would be useful, particularly so in the current xenophobic era requiring both effective confrontation and also addressing issues of inequality that adversely impact many people and society. Would ‘What was Kake Walk: good and bad’ be an interesting colloquium for our 50th Reunion and for UVM?” Craig Watt retired after 34 years of practice in emergency medicine and occupational medicine in the Detroit area. He shares, “My wife, Christine, and I live in Richmond, Virginia, near three of our grandkids. Another grandson is in Edinburgh, Scotland, with our daughter and her husband. We travel when we can. Last time I was in Vermont was in 2009 when I attended a medical conference in Burlington. I saw many, many changes at UVM on that visit. I see an occasional Vermont license plate here in Virginia (the green is distinctive from 1/2 a mile away). Best wishes to all.” Plans are in place for our 50th Reunion, and we hope that you have had the opportunity to make your reservations for the grand September 23-25 event. Rooms are still available in the Burlington area, so at this point you will be able to find accommodations. We have some fun events in store, and we would love to share time with you. Please contact me or the UVM Alumni Association if you have questions. See you soon!
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Kathleen Nunan McGuckin

67 Janice Moncsko Cassidy shares the sad passing of John J. “Jack” Cassidy on November 23, 2015 of cancer. John Capron was Jack’s classmate, roommate and best man. He tells us that Jack put up a courageous four-month battle with advanced gastro-esophageal cancer. His loving family was by his side. Jack always made it a priority to stay in touch with his UVM classmates and Delta Psi brothers, arranging impromptu mini reunions from time to time. Howard Solomon writes, “In August 2015 I caught a 16-lb. bicuda in the Rio Sao Benedeto, in the Brazilian jungle. This was certified by the International Game Fish Association as a new all tackle world record.” Bill Meezan and Claudia Serwer were each elected to serve a three-year term on the UVM Foundation Board of Directors at the board’s spring meeting. Both have been longtime donors and volunteers and, most recently, active members of the UVM Foundation Leadership Council.
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Jane Kleinberg Carroll

68 Paul E. Sackevich is enjoying volunteer work with the local Warming Shelter for the homeless, delivering Meals-on-Wheels, tax counseling with the VITA/TCE program as well as doing some part-time work with a mentally-challenged young man. Life is good and he is always grateful for his time at ATO with his fraternity brothers.
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Diane Duley Glew

69 Join students who lived in Coolidge, Mason, and Hamilton for a reunion of Experimental Program alumni on September 23 – 25, 2016. More info here:
James Betts MD’73 was elected to serve a three-year term on the UVM Foundation Board of Directors at the board’s spring meeting. Jim has been a longtime donor and volunteer and, most recently, an active member of the UVM Foundation Leadership Council.
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Mary Moninger-Elia

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70Join students who lived in Coolidge, Mason, and Hamilton for a reunion of Experimental Program alumni on September 23 – 25, 2016. More info here:
Sherry Jones Peterson retired after 40 years in the non-profit field in Richmond, Virginia. She spent the last 17 years as the CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Richmond Chapter. She continues to be an Alzheimer’s Advocate, presently serving as an ambassador to one of Virginia’s senators. She and her husband, Bill, are looking forward to doing some traveling.
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Doug Arnold

71 Join students who lived in Coolidge, Mason, and Hamilton for a reunion of Experimental Program alumni on September 23 – 25, 2016. More info here:
Jim Seder writes, “My daughter Zoe, has a master’s in special education and Spanish and is teaching in an elementary school. My eldest daughter, Brea, has an LCSW and both are working in Chicago. Both better get married soon. My son Tal graduated from Wharton and has been working in private equity in London for several years and is opening up his own firm in Los Angeles (loves to surf.) It helps to have an intelligent wife.” Joyce Thornton writes, it is with sadness that I tell you of the passing of John Blais on September 26, 2014. He was in the class of ‘71 with his twin brother, Jeff Blais, who lives in Providence, Rhode Island. Robert W. Davis writes that Mike Towner’s wife, Jan, sent him an email with the sad news that Mike died from complications of type 1 diabetes, last summer. Suzanne Fageol shares that she is working in the field of somatic trauma education. She is enjoying living on Whidbey Island, Washington, with eagles in the backyard and the beach below her. Alice Smith ’69 shares that Patricia Renaud Ribolini of Montpelier, Vermont, passed away on March 3, 2016. Mary Curran Campbell and Colleen Johnson Hale are saddened by the passing of Patricia. Patty was a courageous fighter in her battle with ovarian cancer. She passed away just over one year after her diagnosis. Her friendship will be deeply missed.
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Sarah Wilbur Sprayregen

72 Join students who lived in Coolidge, Mason, and Hamilton for a reunion of Experimental Program alumni on September 23 – 25, 2016. More info here:
Helen Scheidecker Riehle writes, “Life has been busy; I was elected to chair South Burlington City Council and recently appointed to fill a vacant seat in Vermont Senate where I had served earlier for four terms. I recently retired from Vermont Health Connect as executive director. During the summer months my husband of 44 years, Ted Riehle ‘70, and I can be found in our backyard gardening and playing with our three golden retrievers.” David Holton shares that the following UVM grads spent a week skiing in Chamonix, France, this winter. Lu Ann Dillon ’76, Suzanne Dirmaier ’78, Greg Dirmaier ’76, Ruth Chiles, David Holton and Steve Berry ’76 had great fun skiing in the Alps. Steven Himelfarb writes, “Delta Psi, those were the the ‘life’ in Rhode Island ...hit me up?” Doug Peacock reports that he is retired and living with his wife, Anne. He writes, “My hobbies are reading, motorcycling, and working out. My UVM days seem like a million years ago, but would love to hear from any classmates who remember me and those very interesting times. Meadville is in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania and halfway between I90 and I80. For any old friends passing through, feel free to look me up.”
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73 Join students who lived in Coolidge, Mason, and Hamilton for a reunion of Experimental Program alumni on September 23 – 25, 2016. More info here:
Mary Ann Leone shares the sad news that her husband, Frederick W. Leone, Jr. passed away from scleroderma on December 27, 2013.
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Deborah Layne Mesce

74 Join students who lived in Coolidge, Mason, and Hamilton for a reunion of Experimental Program alumni on September 23 – 25, 2016. More info here:
Joanne Artz shares, “For the first time since graduating, one of my college friends visited me in late April 2016! Sue Lewis Degener ’73, one of my dearest sisters in Gamma Phi Beta, spent a couple of days in Evansville on her way home to Vermont from visiting family in the southwest. For nearly 40 years I’ve been the one to travel to Vermont and drive around the state to visit sorority friends, so it was wonderful to finally be able to share my southern Indiana surroundings with Sue!” Bruce Leblanc writes, “I have reached the ranks of the retired and my wife, Nancy Zeliff Leblanc, and I moved to the outer Cape Cod (Eastham) to begin enjoying retirement. We are 1/4 mile from the Cape Cod Rail Trail and less than a mile to great beaches. I started retirement earlier than Nancy who is finishing up her last year of teaching in central Massachusetts and will join me full time in June. Our family is growing with three grand-children and a fourth on the way. All three of our children live within a short day’s drive in the Boston area. When not working on fixing up our new home I am either biking or volunteering at the National Sea Shore Salt Pond Visitors Center. If any UVMers are down this way please stop in, it is a great source of info on the National Sea Shore Park.” Kris Garnjost reports, “Still happily living in beautiful little Windsor, Vermont in the bucolic Upper Valley. Graduating one from college and one from high school this spring. Enjoying working with kids on the slopes and at the American Precision Museum—the beginnings of mass manufacturing. Come visit us!” Steve Rice shares that he and his wife, Anna, moved in January to their new home in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. “We are living in a 55-plus community near the ocean. We walk the beaches every day, and enjoy being outside,” Steve says. “After living in New York state for over 30 years, it was time for a change, so we headed south.” Steve would love to hear from old classmates at “The coffee is on, if you come down this way,” he writes. Paul Kenny shares that he is opening a new luxury residential real estate brokerage franchise as Engel & Volkers Sun Valley, in Idaho. Scott Davis has been enjoying his retirement over the past three years after many years as a school administrator at a secondary technical education center in Laconia. Sarah Davis ’75 also recently retired as an elementary teacher in Ashland, New Hampshire, after many years in education. Scott and Sarah are enjoying their time with traveling, skiing, riding bikes, and other outdoor activities on the lakes and hills of Vermont and New Hampshire.
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Emily Schnaper Manders

75 Join students who lived in Coolidge, Mason, and Hamilton for a reunion of Experimental Program alumni on September 23 – 25, 2016. More info here:
Steve “Zeke” Gardiner relaunched the management development firm founded by his grandfather in 1928 and carried on by his father. After spending 30 years running leadership development in a Fortune 500 company and a pharma firm, he specializes in conflict resolution and developing high potentials. His sessions are upbeat, highly interactive and immediately impactful. His theater experience at UVM greatly assisted him. Carolyn Gorham Guest shares, “I am currently the director and lead teacher at the Balch Nature Pre-School at The Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont. I also am an independent paper cut artist.” Jane Haslun Schwab says, “Life has sure changed for me after losing my husband last year, but I am doing well. I retired and spend a lot of time with my grandson, and I have a granddaughter on the way, May 10. I am lucky to have a great support system of family and friends, and I look forward to my annual Pi Phi Girls’ Weekend in May, this year in York Beach, Maine.” Candace Whittemore Lovely travelled from her home in Hilton Head, South Carolina, to visit Massachusetts this past April. She is an artist, who paints in the Impressionist style, and was in Massachusetts to attend the Fresh Air Event at the Copley Society and commissioned to do some portrait paintings. She stayed with Emily Schnaper Manders ’74 who hosted a successful Coloring Book signing party for Candace at her house in Framingham, Massachusetts. Candace and Emily also had dinner with Margo David DiIeso ’74. You can find more of Candace’s art work at
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Dina Dwyer Child

76 40th Reunion September 23–25, 2016 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email is with great sadness that Joan Ambusk ’84 wrote to announce the passing of Rob Roy Macgregor. He died in October, 2015 after a brief but brave battle with pancreatic cancer. Rob grew up in Connecticut and after graduation lived briefly in Utah and California before permanently settling back in Vermont. Rob was a key member of the Viking Nordic Center staff in Londonderry for 20-plus years. The rest of the year, he was a self-employed stone mason, whose well-crafted walls and other projects can be seen throughout southern Vermont. After a lifetime in Vermont, Stephanie Hahn Nolan has been living in Nashville, Tennessee, for seven years near two of her four children (and going on three grandchildren). She teaches choral music at Saint Cecilia Academy on the Dominican Campus, and is loving life in Music City and the warm, sunny south! Skip Beitzel writes, “It is with great sadness that I communicate the passing of our dear friend Steve Brown. Steve was suffering from multiple ailments and passed peacefully and painlessly this past weekend in Providence, Rhode Island. He was surrounded at his bedside by his family. Steve was really looking forward to our 40th Reunion this September. We’ll certainly honor our memories of Steve (along with Chip Greene) when we’re back up at UVM in September. We all represent a remarkable class for UVM. Steve was a part of this legacy of our enduring friendships.” To read a tribute to Steve career written by Scott Mackay ’74, visit Fred Royce writes, “In October, I completed my work as a museum technician at the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site and am currently seeking my next position.” Samuel Press says, “I’ve been living in quiet medical retirement since 1998 in the Old North End of Burlington. I’m nominally of counsel to my law firm but do no substantive work. I judge for the Lawrence Debate Union when possible, but debate has changed so I’m a bit of a dinosaur. It takes effort to keep up with Vermont’s many excellent microbreweries, with about a dozen in and around Burlington alone.” Kathleen Walsh MacAndrew ’77, dental hygiene, writes, “Four classmates from 1977, Peggy Boemig Cavanaugh ’77, Lisa Tiraboschi ’77, Leslie Keyworth Hills ’77 and I are wondering if any of you are interested in re-connecting in 2017 (Yikes! 40 years since we took those awful Board Exams!) If you are interested, please email Kathy at: We’d love to have our ‘Big Sisters’, Class of ’76 and ‘Little Sisters’, Class of ’78 join us! Marcia Pryzbylo Pierce ’78 is in on this, too! Spread the word!”
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Pete Beekman

77 Debra Lyn Bassett has been named the inaugural John J. Schumacher Chair in Law at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. She became a tenured law professor in 2004 and is the author of a treatise, four casebooks, and 40 law review articles Kevin Fisher writes that he and Tripp Blair ‘76 reunited for a swim meet at the New England Short Course Swimming Championships after 40 years! Still able to churn some water! Kirk Robinson writes, “In response to Ron Nye’s questions regarding chronic Lyme Disease in the 2015 fall issue: Ron, I’ve had chronic Lyme for five years. I lost 60 pounds in the first three months but have regained 20 pounds and stabilized well, and have resumed a very active life. For me, a gluten and dairy free diet have been doing the trick, but also keep your sugar intake low; and I keep a bottle of doxycycline antibiotics with me at all times in case of a flare up.” Dr. Paul Dunkling traveled south last fall for a weekend of SEC football hosted by fellow alum Steve Wilenski. Steve and his wife, Jill, live in Germantown, Tennessee, where Steve is the human resources director for the city after several leadership positions in healthcare management. Their ultimate destination was Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for a memorable game day experience with the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. A friendship formed long ago at UVM added another special chapter as they shared an amazing day and night filled with the traditions, charm, tailgating, pride and passion of an energized 102,000+ fans. The Wilenskis are a “house divided” with son Andrew finishing his graduate degree in finance at “Bama” and daughter Lauren a public relations major and student ambassador at UT-Knoxville. ‘Roll Tide/Go Vols & Go Cats Go!’ Per Steve, “College football is a year-round obsession best understood by those of us who live here, with one more now added from Shelburne.” Andrea Howard Bonnar shares, “Celebrating our 40th anniversary this year with my husband, Peter Bonnar ’76! Our son is training for his first marathon to be run in May on the Maine coast.” Patricia Boera writes, “I’d like to remind Vermonters and visitors to our beautiful state that there’s a great, free event taking place in Middlebury during the week of July 10 through 16. Look for me under the big white tent on the Village Green during the 38th Annual Middlebury Summer Festival-on-the-Green.” Kathleen Walsh MacAndrew, dental hygiene, writes, “Four of your classmates, Peggy Boemig Cavanaugh, Lisa Tiraboschi, Leslie Keyworth Hills and I are wondering if any of you are interested in re-connecting in 2017 (Yikes! 40 years since we took those awful Board Exams!) If you are interested, please email Kathy at: We’d love to have our ‘Big Sisters’, Class of ’76 and ‘Little Sisters’, Class of ’78 join us! Marcia Pryzbylo Pierce ’78 is in on this, too! Spread the word!” Anne Ainsworth Holtz writes, “A contingent of Thetas (Cindy Cotton Orrick, Anne Ainsworth Holtz, Pam Wales, Debbie Brooks Mango, Andrea Sweed) convened in South Carolina to celebrate the year of reaching a major chronological milestone, to attend the wedding of the daughter of Polly Chesire Yoas, but most importantly to try and remember the last names of good looking but strange guys who lived on South Prospect Street and the numerous happenings during their storied tenure at UVM. Perhaps due to the aforementioned chronological milestone and numerous bottles of wine, the group failed to satisfactorily recall names or many of those infamous events. Therefore, plans are being made to reconvene at a yet to be determined location in the near future!”
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UVM Alumni Relations

78 Michael Durkin writes, “I am working for Booz Allen Hamilton managing the Patient Safety Program at Patrick Air Force Base. Enjoying living on the Space Coast with my wife, Bonny. Looking forward to another yearly reunion with UVM/Christie Hall best friends Bob Hopwood ‘79, Gary Catlin ’79, and Topher Slack ‘79. This year we will explore the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.” Mark Kaufman, Ken Koffman, Charlie Trapani, Robert “Bob” Kraus ‘77, and Ron French ‘77 all got together in August 2015 at Peter Katz’s Lake Tahoe home. They all had a great time catching up on past UVM times and learning to play pickleball. Recalling very competitive glory days ended abruptly with a mishap on the pickle ball court. Still a very good time was had by all. Marjorie Cohen writes, “I can’t believe that many of us are turning 60 this year. I have never been better. Working in South Korea, providing mental health counseling with the military. Still keep in touch with a lot of friends from UVM and wonder what happened to some others. Anyone know where Chris Angell is? Amy Lazarus? Dave Drake? The Spring Street residents. I miss Vermont. We were so, so young.” Kathleen Walsh MacAndrew ’77, dental hygiene, writes, “Four 1977 classmates, Peggy Boemig Cavanaugh ’77, Lisa Tiraboschi ’77, Leslie Keyworth Hills ’77 and I are wondering if any of you are interested in re-connecting in 2017 (Yikes! 40 years since we took those awful Board Exams!) If you are interested, please email Kathy at: We’d love to have our ‘Big Sisters’, Class of ’76 and ‘Little Sisters’, Class of ’78 join us! Marcia Pryzbylo Pierce ’78 is in on this, too! Spread the word!”
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UVM Alumni Relations

79 Catherine Eftimiou DiMaratino writes, “I am director of talent for TimeTrade Systems—a Massachussetts-based software company and I am interested in connecting with UVM alumni.” Jeff Newton represented UVM at the inauguration of the new president at the University of Miami. Jeff is a member of the UVM Foundation Leadership Council. A group of 1979 physical therapy grads (including Mary Tautkus Winslow, Sandy Meyer Wilcox, Paula Jenkins Larose, Linda Potash Marchese, Liz Macini Millard and Lisa Fernandez) gathered for a mini-reunion in August 2015 at the gorgeous waterfront home of Jenny Yonker Lind in Suffolk, Virginia. We kayaked on the James River, dined on the Spirit of Norfolk cruise ship, battled the riptides of Virginia Beach, created masterpieces at the Mermaid Factory and laughed throughout the weekend as we caught up on each other’s lives. A huge thanks to Jenny and her new husband, Greg, not only for opening up their home to such a motley crew, but also for renting a huge van to transport all of us around all weekend!” Nancy Orben Small shares, “My husband, Roger Keller, and I are living in beautiful Upper Black Eddy, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on the Delaware River. Our little stone house is sandwiched between the river and the beautiful Delaware Canal, where wildlife abounds and the stars shine brightly. I often travel to Vermont for visits with one of my daughters and for business consulting purposes. Stop in for a visit!” Dean DeNicola writes, “I am still a professor at Slippery Rock University doing research in freshwater ecology. I often communicate and collaborate with Al Steinman, who is the director of the Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute at Grand Valley State University. Al and I moved in different social circles and didn’t know each other at UVM, but we ended up both getting our doctorates in the same lab at Oregon State University in the 1980’s. We were both inspired by UVM professor Dr. Philip Cook ’57 to study algae.” Julie Lundgren shares, “I am still working as an ecologist in the Natural Heritage network after all these years, in New York state for the past eight years and am now affiliated with SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. My base of UVM field classes in dendrology, botany and wildlife continue to serve me well, whether dealing with all our forest health issues or finding rare species. I also enjoy mentoring the next generation of field biologists—and they need and want more botany and field studies (UVM are you listening?). Hope to see some of you this year rather than waiting for the next Reunion.”
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Beth Gamache

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UVM Alumni Relations>

81 Karen H. Kaplan writes, I’m an editor at Nature, an international science journal based in London, United Kingdom, and work in the company’s D.C. office. I’m a Connecticut native, but since graduating from UVM, I’ve lived in Boston; Charleston, South Carolina; and the D.C. area for the last 12 years or so.” Kathleen Perry Hall says, “I continue to work as a physical therapist and made an employment change a little over a year ago. I now work for the Alpine Clinic in Franconia, New Hampshire. It is a sports medicine and orthopedic clinic that is associated with the U.S. Ski Jumping Team. I work with a group of fine PTs and orthopedic surgeons. I still love what I do and feel fortunate for my education at UVM.”
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UVM Alumni Relations

82 Peter Lareau writes, “I saw the most recent Vermont Quarterly and noticed the update from Tim Goddette on his time in Virginia and comments about others who we ‘paddled around with’ in grade school, high school, and at UVM. Great to hear they are all doing well. I myself am going on 34 years here at Glens Falls National Bank & Trust Company as a chief risk officer. My wife, Heather, and our four kids have really enjoyed life here in the Glens Falls region and boating on Lake George. I still get back to Burlington to visit my parents and friends frequently with periodic stops in downtown Burlington. Our kids are each two years apart and our eldest is heading off to college next year! My brother John Lareau, also a Class of ’82 grad, still lives in East Dorset, Vermont, running his land stewardship business since graduation. His wife AnnMarie Demers Lareau ’84 is a teacher at a local school and his three children, one of whom is also a UVM grad from a couple years ago, are all doing well!” Daniel Colby reports, “I was recently promoted to senior vice president and business marketing market manager at Biddeford Savings Bank where I serve as the senior commercial loan officer.” Ralph P. Ergas DMD, FAAPD was recently nominated and selected for fellowship in the American College of Dentists. The ACD Convocation will take place October 20 in conjunction with the American Dental Association’s annual meeting in Denver, Colorado.
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John Scambos

83 Lynn Cline has released her third book and her first cookbook, The Maverick Cookbook: Iconic Recipes and Tales from New Mexico. It was published by award-winning Santa Fe-based Leaf Storm Press., one of the first web sites for foodies, called it “one of the most exciting new fall cookbooks,” along with books by Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl, Emeril LaGasse and others. Travel + Leisure is also featuring it as a fall cookbook, too.(See story in The Green) Lori Moran Giblin shares, “I recently traveled to Florida from Nashville, Tennessee, where we live. I visited with Carolyn Woodard Arnold in Pensacola on the way. She’s still practicing physical therapy and has had such a wonderful, varied career. On the other hand, I teach English to Speakers of Other Languages amidst Nashville’s strong refugee community. My husband is a physician’s assistant here. Our daughter is in 6th grade and loves her triathlon team.” Mark R. Wetzel writes, “I recently had the opportunity to participate in UVM’s Grossman School of Business Global Family Enterprise Case Competition as a judge. We had 24 teams from ten countries and close to 60 judges, many of whom are UVM graduates in family businesses. It was great to be back on the campus and so impressive to see what Dean Sanjay Sharma has done with the business school. It is also exciting to think about the future of the business school at UVM.” As for me, I am still teaching Pilates and knitting and continue to love both jobs! They both bring me much joy and challenges. Our youngest, Colleen Nicole, graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in May and is currently making the interview rounds. Our oldest, Caryn Alexis, is almost done with her course work for her doctorate of musical arts at West Virginia University. She will be performing in Toronto this summer at a summer program. We are so proud of both of them! I spent ten days in Norway with my mom and youngest daughter visiting my ‘sister’ and her family where we celebrated our first Easter in Norway. We were there for the beginning of lambing season and ended with a couple of days in Oslo before returning home.
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Lisa Greenwood Crozier

84 Maureen Truax Holland is the 27th recipient of the Association for Women Attorneys (AWA) Marion Griffin-Frances Loring Award this year in Memphis, Tennessee. Maureen T. Holland, owner of Holland & Associates, PC, holistic attorneys and counselors at law, directs a firm that specializes in labor and employment law. She is licensed to practice law in Tennessee and Vermont state courts, the U.S. District Court for Western Tennessee, the Fifth and Sixth U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court. Originally from Vermont, Ms. Holland was born in Burlington, and grew up in small towns outside of Burlington including Richmond, Huntington and Hinesburg, each with former populations of less than approximately 2,300 persons. She graduated from the University of Vermont in Burlington (1984) with a bachelor of science degree in agricultural and resource economics. She received her juris doctor from Vermont Law School (1989), a private law school located in South Royalton, Vermont, which has ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the country for environmental law, and graduated cum laude. Ms. Holland commuted 75 miles each way to law school and also taught at a university in Japan during a year’s sabbatical. In her early career, she applied for a practicing attorney position (a paid, competitive judicial clerkship). In order to qualify for selection, she completed a timed, written test and cinched the job. She provided research and writing support services for judges in a couple of small towns, traveling to four State of Vermont trial courts, often miles away from one another. At that time, without electronic research, she was tasked with rigorous duties such as writing a complicated order in a couple hours from scratch, to being called by a judge sitting on the bench who needed legal research questions answered in a few minutes. Very pleased with her old-school training, she feels that this more difficult process made her a more thorough attorney, with acute attention to detail and refined research skills, as well as a diligent spirit to accommodate client needs. Later, Ms. Holland was the first legal counsel to the Vermont Water Resources Board (1990-1991), and interim executive officer for the board (October 1990-May 1991). She moved to Memphis in 1991 and was the senior federal judicial law clerk to the Hon. Jon Phipps McCalla (1992-1995), held an associate position at the local firm of Wolff Ardis, PC (Mary Wolff and Pat Ardis, 1995-1997), and is now a member and owner of Holland & Associates, PC in Midtown Memphis, where her younger daughter, Yvette, is now a junior partner. Ms. Holland practices law with an emphasis on problem-solving. This more client-needs focused approach is known as holistic law. Currently, Ms. Holland sits as special judge in General Sessions Court in Memphis on an as-needed basis. She is the former chair of the Memphis Bar Association Labor & Employment Law Section and former chair of the Wellness Committee. She currently sits as a board member for the Memphis Bar Association and is a 2015 fellow of the Memphis Bar Foundation. Ms. Holland currently lives in East Memphis with her wife, Dr. S. Taylor Williams. She has two daughters: Margot Chapman and Yvette Holland. Peter G. Williams submitted a photo to the Alumni Association’s Flickr photo gallery with the caption: “UVM alumni gathered in Vernon and Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, in January 2016, for a week of cross country skiing, telemark skiing, and longtime friendship bonding.” From left to right: Peter G. Williams of Vancouver, Washington; Paul Berkelhammer of Seattle, Washington; Crispin Prahl ’85 of Seattle, Washington; Paul Duba ’81 of Gunnison, Colorado; Doug Geller of Vernon, British Columbia; and Richard Faesy ’83 of Starksboro, Vermont Laurie Colon writes, “I had fun catching up with Jamie Wechsler Fenster ’85 when we volunteered to work the UVM booth at her daughter’s high school College Fair. Then, I got to see my senior-year roommate, Patty DeLuca Burke ’85, while she was vacationing in Fort Lauderdale. Time flies, but the friendships remain! I’ve sent a picture of both events to the Alumni Association’s Flickr gallery!”
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Abby Goldberg Kelley
Kelly McDonald
Shelley Carpenter Spillane

85Cassie E. Bell writes, “Sorry to have missed our 30th Reunion. Hope to see everyone at the 35th in 2020!” Adam Burack and his wife, Jessica, proudly celebrate the graduation of their daughter, Abby Burack ’16, from the College of Education. Abby is the third-generation Burack to graduate from UVM beginning with her grandfather, Daniel Burack ‘55. Abby is hoping her 7-year-old brother, Jacob, continues this tradition. Mary Jo Beaber writes, “So proud that my son, Nate Gourd ’20 will be part of the class of 2020! On our recent admitted student day, I had a flash back as we toured the second floor of Wright!” Kathy Battistoni G’85, an active member of the UVM Foundation Leadership Council, was elected to serve a three-year term on the UVM Foundation Board of Directors at the board’s spring meeting. Kathy’s term begins July 1, 2016.
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Barbara Roth

86Paul Grieco is thrilled to say, “My daughter Olivia Grieco ’20 is following in her father’s footsteps and has chosen to attend UVM!” Bill Jacoby shares, my youngest son, Patrick Jakoby ’19 is now a freshman at UVM! It is great to get back up to Burlington now and then.” After 12 years in Sweden (Stockholm & Lund), the family of George Payne moved to Tokyo, in the autumn of 2015. George’s wife, Matilda, accepted a marketing position with IKEA, Japan. George is teaching and running his youth basketball program in the city. They will be in Japan for three or five years. Their children, Lennart and Nova-Li, attend International School with 50 nationalities of students. The family has adjusted well to that “other concrete jungle” and are enjoying it immensely.
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Lawrence Gorkun

87Barbara Huntress Tresness is married to fellow classmate Gregory Alan Tresness. Barb and Greg have three boys and live in Manlius, New York. Their youngest son, Graham, has multiple disabilities and uses eye gaze technology to communicate. Greg is President of Arcom Digital. Barb is an author of two books: Beyond a Charmed Life, A Mother’s Unconditional Love; and Everyone Communicates: Learn How to Talk to Me, a guidebook to communicating and socializing with nonverbal and limited communicators. Barb is an author, disability advocate and founder of CHAT Collective and Ultimate Yu. Barb released her memoir in January 2016. Kirkus Review describes the book, “A mother’s loving memoir about caring and advocating for her son, who was born with a severe form of cerebral palsy…The narrative is powerful and heartfelt.”π Midwest Review says, “Impressively well written and an inherently absorbing read from beginning to end, Beyond a Charmed Life, A Mother’s Unconditional Love is a candid and heartfelt memoir that is very highly recommended to the attention of any and all parents struggling to raise a special needs child.” Tracy Fitzgerald writes, “Hello 87! I’m still working at Suffolk University in the Center for International Programs and Services. My oldest two children are studying here as a sophomore and junior, respectively.” Brenda Bouchard Singal shares, “I am very excited that my youngest son, Aneesh, is a UVM freshman, neuroscience major, in the Honors College. I am so proud that he is a Catamount.” Greg Erdmann writes, “I haven’t checked-in in over 20 years. I moved back to Vermont 25 years ago, never looked back and have been working at several technology companies here ever since. Currently I’m vice president of global sales at Renewable NRG Systems—traveling constantly around the world, promoting our wind and solar technologies. Amazing company, amazing area, and an amazing education at UVM! Trying to convince my daughter to stick around for Class of 2021!” Nancy Johnston Hildreth reports, “Now I will have two kids at UVM! Grace is a sophomore and Owen will start in September...what a great place to be, what a great place for my husband and I to visit!”
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Sarah Reynolds

88 Doug Benerofe won a national writing prize for the title story of his collection, Elba in Brooklyn. That story can be found online with Narrative Magazine. Other stories from his collection can be found online with Necessary Fiction,, and He’s presently looking for publication of his first novel. He teaches English at a school near San Francisco. Mark “Floyd” Boyden and Lauri Watson Boyden ‘91 are owners of Boyden Farm in Cambridge, Vermont, and have transformed the former dairy into a local/natural beef grower for stores around New England, and have converted the majestic old barn into an events barn for weddings and events. Mark writes, “We have three daughters, oldest Emily is a first-year student at Montana State University and avid skier; Lucy is in high school, loves horses and competes in that; and wild child Rachel is in junior high. No farm boys? Where there’s girls, there’s boys! Had a great week together skiing in Montana with fellow classmates Brint ‘Herman’ Smith, Joe ‘Spooge’ Nugent, and Eric ‘Luke’ Krieg. Would love to hear from other classmates, or stop in at our farm.” Jill Talbot Huard shares, “I had a fabulous time visiting UVM in January to celebrate the Cats’ Meow’s 35th anniversary! It was so much fun catching up with Jackie Aldinger Hayes, Geri Brockwell Unger, Haley Veller, Gina Carmolli Steen, Lauren Swick Jordan, Sarah Buell Izzo ‘89, and getting to meet all the new Cats on the block and share in the sweet harmonies! I was able to bring my daughters and my dad to my alma mater to show them why I love it so much! I can’t wait to come back and visit again! Here’s to 35 more years! #meow35.” Christine D. Vitale writes, “After spending 17 years in municipal recreation and getting my MAT in education, I am heading to Accra, Ghana to teach middle school theatre at an international school. I hope to visit the national parks in Ghana and go on safari.” Mark Nierenberg tells us, “My wife, Lisa, and I live in the mountain town of Evergreen with our two daughters, Mia (15) and Kate (13). We would like to host anyone who may be passing through Colorado on vacation, or perhaps on college tour for your kids. I visited Burlington this fall for the first time in about 20 years and it brought back so many great memories. Hope to reconnect with some of you out west.” Joyce Letourneaut Cabrera is proud to announce, “Our eldest daughter, Cassidy, successfully led a UVM Alternative Spring Break Program helping to build homes in Colorado with Habitat for Humanity. Cassidy Cabrera ’16 received her bachelor’s degree in anthropology from UVM on May 22. We are ridiculously proud of all that she has accomplished while at UVM!” Submit your news to—
Cathy Selinka Levison

89 Robert Shire writes, “I have become an executive director with Take Shape for Life, an optimal health company. My chiropractic practice is part of the Midtown Integrative Health and Wellness Center in Manhattan. My daughter, Ilana, will be attending Syracuse University, Newhouse School of Communications in the fall. We also got an adorable Cavachon puppy named Coby.” Liz Porter Moran was very excited to get together with Ann Rutherford Redfield and Erika Zaff Hession in Burlington in May! Andrew Whiteley writes, “I am currently the president of the Premier Homes Division of AFA– William Rave in Southport, Connecticut. We were again named the #1 Ranked Real Estate Team in New England by the Wall Street Journal. My firm is expanding to South Florida where I am also licensed. We recently purchased a home in Palm Beach. My two sons will both be attending Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts next year—one a freshman and the other a junior. We will have our youngest daughter at home still going into third grade at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut. Would love to catch up with old classmates.”
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Maureen Kelly Gonsalves

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Tessa Donohoe Fontaine

91 25th Reunion September 23–25, 2016 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Danielle Schwartz Shapiro recently published her first book, John Vassos: Industrial Design for Modern Life (University of Minnesota Press) which examines the life and work of industrial designer John Vassos (1898-1985). Vassos was RCA’s key consultant designer through the rise of radio and television and into the computer era. The book stimulates broad discussions of the meaning of technological design for mass media in daily life. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with her husband and twins. David Allen, CRPC, CLTC is a private wealth advisor and the owner of Balance Wealth Advisors, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. in Wellesley and Fall River, Massachusetts. David was part of the Ameriprise Diamond Ring Club in 2005, has received the Ameriprise Chairman’s Advisory Council award multiple years; was part of the Ameriprise Hall of Fame in 2013; Ameriprise Circle of Success, 1996-2014; and was most recently awarded Five Star Wealth Manager. Also, the Natick Visiting Nurse Association, the area’s premier free-standing, not-for-profit home health care agency, has appointed David to its Board of Trustees. Laurie Way lives in Brookline, Massachusetts. She is loving her job in donor relations at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and still does ballroom dancing as her main hobby with some local competitions here and there. Laurie and her fiancé, Paul, got engaged a few months ago and are now in the planning stage. Laurie says hello to fellow UVMers! Jeffrey Malsch writes, “Valerie Narins Malsch and I are still living in Westchester County, New York. Our oldest daughter is finishing her second year of college at Barnard, our next one is headed to Northwestern in the fall, and our third daughter is in the middle of her college search (UVM?). We get a little break after that as our son will start high school in the fall. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Reunion!” Sara Moola shares, “My company VATC is hiring geospatial web developers and software engineers. To apply go to” Alexander M. Perez writes, “I am a proud graduate and often speak of my time at UVM as the most amazing four years of my life. The Department of English set me on the course for success in my career in higher education. I have a master’s degree in English from Columbia University and obtained my doctoral degree in educational leadership with a specialization in curriculum and instruction. I was in the first group of juniors selected for the Buckham Overseas Scholars Program in 1989-90, the most incredible adventure of my life. Today, I serve as chair of the English Department at Lake-Sumter State College in Clermont, Florida. My husband, Ron, and I live in Orlando, Florida, and I look forward to serving UVM as an alum in any way I can. Thank you, UVM. I am who I am today because of you.”
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Karen Heller Lightman

92 Anne Phyfe Palmer’s Seattle business, 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, celebrates 20 years this year. After teaching aerobics from age 16 to 26—including stints for UVM Rec Sports at Wright Hall and at The Olympiad—Anne moved to Seattle, fell in love with yoga, and opened the first 8 Limbs in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in 1996. Now four neighborhood studios, 8 Limbs is celebrating this milestone by tackling the difficult conversation of race bias and white privilege within the Seattle yoga community, topics sparked for Anne during her time at UVM. Thomas Paul Gubbins writes, “Just wanted to let everyone know that my wife, Jennifer Gubbins, and three kids have been calling South Pomfret, Vermont, our home for the past 10 years.”
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Lisa Kanter

93 Scott Sullivan was promoted to chief ethics and compliance officer of Flowserve Corporation in May 2015.
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Gretchen Haffermehl Brainard

94This past Presidents Day weekend, Mitch and Julie Gould braved the negative 15-degree weather and visited Burlington for the first time in 20 years. “We toured the University with UVM futures Jake (would be class of ‘22) and Max (would be class of ‘24). The changes to Burlington and the university are so amazing. We hope to be back soon.”
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Cyndi Bohlin Abbott

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Valeri Susan Pappas

96 Abe Prandini writes, “Hello, UVM! I’ve recently celebrated my 20-year work anniversary with Energizer Battery. I have worked in eight manufacturing plants, starting as a mechanical engineer, and now I am the operations manager of our plant in Marietta, Ohio. We produce electro manganese dioxide for alkaline batteries. We are responsible for the first recycled battery content in the market, winning 2016 product of the year in the sustainable category. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Angie Emery Prandini ’95, since 1997 and we have one dog and one cat. We love to spend time at our beach house in Myrtle Beach in the summers. We make it back to UVM from time to time and are amazed at all the changes.”
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Jill Cohen Gent
Michelle Richards Peters

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Elizabeth Carstensen Genung

98 Meredith Thomas Mansfield and her husband, Marc, welcomed their second child, Mason George Mansfield, on December 15, 2015. Mason joins big sister Madison, age two. The family currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Jennifer Vellano writes, “I am writing on behalf of the Slade Hall Community. As you may or may not know, our food system is greatly disrupted not only on the level of state or country, it is a national epidemic. Slade offered a sanctuary of choices, where we had committees that would order from the Northeast Co-op (at the time) and shop at the downtown farmer’s markets. It was a healthful, vegetarian environment that broke ground on a campus that was already ahead of most in non-conventional thinking and I was always on the cooking team. In fact, it was my group who got the four-burner stove donated that still stands. We were self-sustaining and even taught ourselves how to compost and grow vegetables. It was amazing to come home from class and actually ‘think’ about what you were going to cook for 24 people, what you were going to eat and how in our house, we all ate together at the same time. Slade created more of a brotherhood and sisterhood than any fraternity or sorority you have or have ever had on campus. We learned how to love. We cooked together, we cleaned together, we took sun-showers to see what it would be like to preserve electricity, we taught each other life lessons that were far beyond what was being taught in other dorms because we were not a ‘dorm’, we were a family, and a house. Slade has birthed writers, musicians, artists, creators, animal lovers, educators and poets, to name a few. I get all of these alumni questionnaires in the mail and I just received one yesterday asking me to critique my experience at the Rubenstein school which was SNR when I attended. The questionnaire asked me how much the school contributed to my career, as I am 40 now. My answer? It didn’t. Slade did. I became a chef and owner of Maison Prive Chefs and G.E. Brown Fine Food & Provisions.” Jennifer Lacroix writes, “Although I’m not a member of the Professional Organization of English Majors (POEM), I am putting my English major to good use. After teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP) to international college or university-bound students for over fifteen years, this fall I returned to school as a doctoral fellow at Boston University’s School of Education. As a fellow, I am researching metacognition as it relates to learning a language more effectively and efficiently. I have a wonderful 15-minute bike commute to work (year round) along the Charles River and love living in the progressive city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with my Swiss-American husband, Franz, and daughter, Helen (3).” Jessica Greenwood Boyle returned to full-time work in Global Clinical Operations for Alexion Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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Ben Stockman

99Happy summer 99ers! I have a few updates for you but am hoping more people will send in updates, stories and adventures for our next issue! Johnson Lambert LLP named Carolyn Rice, CPA, a partner on January 1, 2016. Carolyn has over 16 years of experience in public accounting and serves insurance and not-for-profit clients from the Burlington, Vermont office. Colleen Farrell Kamrad has been married to Michael Kamrad for 17 years. They welcomed their second son, Breccan Farrell, in January. He joins big brother, Declan Reed, who was born in July of 2013. The Kamrads reside in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania, where they recently built a new home. Colleen works for GlaxoSmithKline as a sales vice president in their Vaccines Business Unit. In their free time the Kamrad family enjoys traveling and supporting the Philadelphia Flyers. Chris Frier is currently working in London. Chris, his beautiful bride, Sara, and their adorable son, Colby, have been doing what they can to jet set while abroad! Their latest adventure brought them to Dubai. We miss you guys around here but I am so happy to see the memories you are making! Please send me updates, babies, weddings, funny sightings, anything I can put in our notes! Submit your news to—
Sarah Pitlak Tiber

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00 Jennifer Ellis and Liz Fenton, associate professor of English at UVM, both of the class of 2000 welcomed their first baby, daughter Helen Vesta Fenton on May 18, 2015. Helen is granddaughter to Nancy Lord ’71 and Henry Ellis ’71, MD’75. She is great-granddaughter to Mary Moore ’35 and John P. Lord ’39, MD ’42. She is also great-niece to Jane Lord ’72 and Warren Ellis ’64. Sara Hennessey Desilets and her husband, Travis, welcomed their third child, Benjamin James, on December 5, 2015. Benjamin was also welcomed by his older siblings, Zachary (10) and Abigail (8). Sara and her family reside in Essex, Vermont. Kristin Clark Lombardi ’00, MD’05 is a pediatric cardiologist at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. She and her husband, Mike, have three children: Olive, Ruth, and Pete. They hope to visit UVM this summer!
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UVM Alumni Relations

01Kerri McAllister has been selected as a 2016 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow by National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions. Recognizing excellence in geographic education, this amazing professional development opportunity will be taking her to the Arctic, Svalbard, and Norway to study climate change and marine science. Jason Carmichael graduated from UVM with a degree in management information. He currently owns his own business, Galen Healthcare, with two partners and three offices. Nikole Burroughs shares, “I am still living in Bethesda, Maryland, with my three kids: Allison (6) and twins, Luke and Caitlin (4). After working for Senator Leahy for seven years on Capitol Hill, I have bounced around the foreign policy community, spending time at USAID and am currently serving as a senior advisor to the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources. Would love to hear from folks!”
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Erin Wilson

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Jennifer Khouri Godin

03 Johnson Lambert LLP named Adam Dubuque a partner on January 1, 2016. Adam has provided audit, tax, and other related services to Johnson Lambert’s clients since 2003 and recently completed the AICPA’s Leadership Academy. He is based out of the Burlington, Vermont office. Gibbons P.C. is pleased to announce that Samuel I. Portnoy has been named director in the firm’s Business & Commercial Litigation Department in the Newark office. Samuel handles a wide range of large-scale business and commercial litigation matters in both state and federal courts throughout New Jersey and New York. He has also been consistently selected to the New Jersey Super Lawyers Rising Stars list. Jon Kantor has joined the faculty of the Department of Transnational Issues at the National Intelligence University in Washington, D.C. In an adjunct capacity, Jon is teaching masters-level courses on counterterrorism and homeland security to U.S. military officers and other federal government officials. Beth Rice Bradley, her husband, Matt Bradley ‘98, and their son, Pierce (18 mos.), just moved back to Burlington after a few years between Chicago and Connecticut. Beth is owner of Foodsense, LLC, a small consulting company that helps the food and nutrition industry develop strategies to advance nutrition research and education. The Bradleys are super excited to be back in Burlington and hope to see fellow classmates that live in town or may be passing through. Congratulations to Bradley Lawrence, who married Erica Meyers, now Erica Lawrence, on June 21, 2014.
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Korinne Moore

04 Anna “Anya” G. Gushchin finished her medical and post graduate training in 2015 and, after working in Papua New Guinea, relocated to Chicago to start working at Hines VA Medical Center and Stroger Hospital. Her next steps are to continue building an international ophthalmology training program in her new departments. Continuing with the outreach mission that started while at UVM, she will be part of a teaching team going to Micronesia this summer to work with the only ophthalmologist on the islands to provide skills-transfer training in oculoplastic and ocular surgeries. She would like to find other UVMers that have an interest in outreach work in Papua New Guinea with the goal to go back for a follow up visit next year. Theater major Rebecca Sherman is celebrating eight years at The Public Theater/Shakespeare in The Park in New York City. Katie Scott married Sean Williams on the island of Kauai on April, 24 2016. After a week-long stay on the island, they celebrated with family and friends in Lake Forest, California, and Maynard, Massachusetts.
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Kelly Kisiday

05 Kerry Clare Duggan writes, “This year has probably been the busiest to date for Jason ‘JJ’ Vélez and I. We bought ourselves a little slice of Detroit in the Eastern Market—which is a source of great pride since we spent so much time there when I served as the Secretary of Energy’s Liaison to the City of Detroit. Our daughter, Jaeli, is in second grade and is a reading animal. Our son, Liam, is in Spanish immersion daycare, which means Mommy (the only non-Spanish speaker in the house) is learning new words every day. As we departed from our holiday trip to Michigan, he took his 48th flight. JJ has had quite a year, his eighth as Director of After School at the Maret School. He also took on new roles, as both camp director and as the year-round program director at the Camp at Cleveland Park. After five years as a director at the U.S. Department of Energy, I moved to the Office of the Vice President at the White House, where I serves as energy and environmental (and Detroit!) policy advisor to Vice President Biden. Our family had the special occasion to share the holidays with the Biden family at their residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory.” Jennifer A. Zicherman Kelleher tells us, “I am fishing my post-grad residency at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, New Hampshire, in June after graduating in May 2015 with a Doctor of Pharmacy from MCPHS University. I will be continuing to work as a per-diem clinical pharmacist and will be living my dream of working as a veterinary compounding pharmacist at Ethos Veterinary Health in Woburn, Massachusetts.” Bryant Jones and Marie Castelli welcomed their beautiful daughter, Elliot, on August 30, 2015 in Washington, D.C. Elliot made her first trip to Vermont last fall where she visited the UVM campus and saw her cousins in Burlington. Germain Mopa was selected to serve as a Foundation Fellow at the spring meeting of the UVM Foundation Board of Directors. Fellows are emerging alumni leaders who will gain experience and insight into how the UVM Foundation operates and help insure that the perspectives and opinions of young alumni are considered by the Foundation Board, leadership volunteers, and the Foundation staff.
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Kristin Dobbs

06 10th Reunion September 23–25, 2016 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Lauren Koenig Giannullo writes, “My husband, Mark Giannullo ’05, and I welcomed our first child into the world on February 29, 2016! August Koenig Giannullo arrived happy and healthy and is a complete joy. We can’t wait to get our little Catamount up to Burlington for a visit!”
Submit your news to— Katherine Murphy

07 Jacob Dibble writes, “I work with a global corporate real estate firm based out of Los Angeles. I manage the firm’s commercial cost and project management services for Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. I have a vested interest in connecting with the UVM alumni team to work with students with an interest in real estate or need guidance with job placement.” Kathleen Babcock Rivard and her husband Chris Rivard welcomed their first child a healthy and happy baby girl in October, 2015. Ryan Desisto writes, “Hallie Brox and I got married in September in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts and we had a ton of UVMers there! Tyler Lamont, Christina Grice, Scott ‘The Champ’ Kelly, Jeff O’Neil, Adam Packer, Emily Shapiro Packer, Kevin Haar, Jimmy Farah, Ben Kahn, Ben Meirowitz, Emily Landry, Liz Stubbs, Anne Brooks Adams, Michelle Marcus Dew, Graham Sexstone and Katy Brox ’05. We met freshmen year in the Chittenden and Buckham dorms and we live in Boston with our dog, Henry.” Submit your news to—
Elizabeth Bitterman

08 Brandi Gray Wirz shares, “UVM was the best experience of my life! The Early Childhood Education Program prepared me for my future career and gave me the foundation needed to use my education and experience to start my own eco-conscious school for young children that serves families of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers drawing its inspiration from the Reggio Emilia Approach. Thank you, UVM! You changed my life! Check out where my education took me:” Frieda Lynn Arenos is proud to announce her upcoming marriage to Roger Platt of Washington, D.C. The couple will be married at UVM on August 6, 2016. Frieda has been working for U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy since 2009. She currently serves as the senator’s legislative correspondent on health, education, human services and nutrition. Frieda is also a full-time graduate student at American University, pursuing a Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication.
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Elizabeth Bearese

Emma Grady

09 David Bidwell and Katy Hamlin ‘10 got married on August 8, 2015 in Augusta, Maine. There were many UVMers in attendance including the following people pictured in the photo posted on the Alumni Association’s Flickr photo gallery Cecilia Ackerman ‘10, Burton Putrah, Hillary Hutchins ‘11, Kari Dalane, Alena Warren, Gordon Whelpley, Dakota Whelpley ‘10, Taylor Lalemand, Dan Belhumeur, Matt Brown, Stephanie Fakharzadeh, Colleen Hertz, Katelyn Esterby, Ben Kingsbury, Claire McKown, Ali Schymik, and Maria Dirolf. Since graduation, Sam Rubinoff has moved to New York City where he works as a stand-up comedian at night and dog walker by day. He just made his first film project called ‘Dog Days’, a six-episode web series about the misadventures of a dog walker in New York City. You can check out the web series at Susan M. Cirilli, Esq. has joined the Philadelphia office of the law firm, Leader & Berkon, LLP. The firm also has offices in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. She concentrates her practice in asbestos litigation, business and commercial litigation, and product liability and toxic tort defense. Katie Krawitz has recently gotten engaged to Justin Buettner of Harwinton, Connecticut. She has also been with the Animal Resource Center at Yale University for five years. Scott Bailey was selected to serve as a Foundation Fellow at the spring meeting of the UVM Foundation Board of Directors. Fellows are emerging alumni leaders who will gain experience and insight into how the UVM Foundation operates and help insure that the perspectives and opinions of young alumni are considered by the Foundation Board, leadership volunteers, and the Foundation staff.
Submit your news to— David Volain

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10 Teddy Dobbin writes, “Congratulations to Eamonn Berry and Gretchen Zehner on their engagement. Having said that, the New England Patriots > Pittsburgh Steelers #TB12.” Julie Camuso also sends huge congratulations to Eamonn and Gretchen on their engagement! Dana Gulley was selected to serve as a Foundation Fellow at the spring meeting of the UVM Foundation Board of Directors. Fellows are emerging alumni leaders who will gain experience and insight into how the UVM Foundation operates and help insure that the perspectives and opinions of young alumni are considered by the Foundation Board, leadership volunteers, and the Foundation staff.
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Daron Raleigh

11 5th Reunion September 23–25, 2016 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Molly Kelly-Yahner and Brian Sozansky G’12 were selected to serve as a Foundation Fellows at the spring meeting of the UVM Foundation Board of Directors. Fellows are emerging alumni leaders who will gain experience and insight into how the UVM Foundation operates and help insure that the perspectives and opinions of young alumni are considered by the Foundation Board, leadership volunteers, and the Foundation staff.
Submit your news to— Troy McNamara

12After meeting in UVM’s Integrated Study of Earth and Environment program nearly five years ago, Scott Camp and Caylin McKee got engaged over Christmas and plan to be married in 2017! Emma Holmes Offer and Alex Offer ’1, celebrated their marriage on October 17, 2015. The two met as members of UVM Hillel in 2008 (although they do not remember exactly when). They currently reside in Austin, Texas. Latimer Hoke has reached the end of his first year of full-time teaching. This required a move to Lincoln County High School, Eureka, Montana (southern British Columbia). He is also volunteering for the local ambulance, search and rescue, and two ski patrols.
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Patrick Dowd

13 Timmy Sheble-Hall writes that he is starting at Northeastern Law in Boston this fall. Emily Page Pijanowski shares, “I will be graduating from Suffolk University Law School in Boston this May with a concentration in international law. I recently began working at an immigration law firm in Boston and I am particularly interested in the practice areas of asylum and refugee protection as well as other forms of humanitarian relief for immigrants. In the future, I hope to have the opportunity to work for an international NGO as a global human rights advocate.” Devon Winter shares, “I am graduating this spring from Drexel University with a master’s in television management. I will continue on in pursuit of my MBA. I studied public communications and community entrepreneurship at UVM. Looking back, I am very happy with the education I received from UVM. I felt ready on graduation day for the working world. I also know my undergraduate studies have helped me immensely in graduate school.” Brendan Sage and Sydney Lucia ‘12 are enjoying life together in Washington, D.C. Brendan will be attending Georgetown Law this fall after spending two years focusing on nonprofit law as a paralegal at the D.C. firm of Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg. Sydney is the program manager for Europe & International Organizations at the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). She began at CPSC in 2013 during the final year of her master’s program in international peace and conflict resolution at American University. They enjoy playing soccer in D.C.’s rec leagues and going for walks in Rock Creek Park with their beloved Chihuahua, Brownie.
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Katharine Hawes
Madelaine White

14 CharlieDan Sheffy writes, “I’m excited to announce that after serving in a one-year position as an English teacher at Montpelier High School 2015-2016, I will be accepting a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Diversity Grant to Bavaria, Germany. There I’ll be collaborating as part of a diversity cohort of 19 other Americans, of the 140 who are awarded ETA’s. At my placement, I’ll be working with students of all shapes and sizes, but focused particularly on those from minority and immigrant backgrounds. In addition to teaching English as a foreign language, I’ll be focusing on depicting American educational values, culture, and social norms to give others a direct means of better understanding the United States and its citizens. I’m thrilled at the chance to return to Bayern and meet fellow educators, friends, and students; learn new curricula, teaching strategies and best practices; and establish life-long habits of learning in a beautiful country. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, be it years of school next to each other in desks or M-F in a desk in front of you. Thanks to all of my collaborators, mentors, family and friends.” Christopher Veal was selected to serve as a Foundation Fellow at the spring meeting of the UVM Foundation Board of Directors. Fellows are emerging alumni leaders who will gain experience and insight into how the UVM Foundation operates and help insure that the perspectives and opinions of young alumni are considered by the Foundation Board, leadership volunteers, and the Foundation staff.
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Grace Buckles

15 The Nantucket Historical Association (NHA) is pleased to announce the hiring of Angela Grove G’15 in the position of the NHA’s Sacerdote Chair of Education in November 2015. The NHA’s Sacerdote Chair of Education will develop and implement educational and learning opportunities at the organization for schools, students, and teachers within the Nantucket community and beyond. In coordination with the Director of Visitor Experience, the position researches, develops, and implements inspiring youth initiatives that expose audiences to the internationally significant history of Nantucket, using the NHA mission and strategic plan objectives as guidelines for youth projects. “Angie Grove impressed our search committee from the moment she appeared. Her background, her enthusiasm, and the vision she brings to the education team are the elements that brought her application to the very top of our more than 100 applicants for this important endowed position. The Sacerdote Chair of Education is now our fourth endowed position, and we are very grateful to Bonnie Sacerdote for her generous support of our outreach and educational efforts,” says NHA Gosnell Executive Director Bill Tramposch. In her position as Sacerdote Chair of Education, Grove will focus on the NHA’s educational efforts and programs for K-12. She will be responsible for organizing school group tours; custom programs like Nantucket Night Watch, a fourth-grade overnight program in collaboration with Nantucket Elementary School; A Walk Through Time, the NHA’s interactive walking tour and sleepover program for the Nantucket New School; and Museum in my School, a classroom-based educational program highlighting NHA artifacts and collections, as well as managing the Discovery Room, the Whaling Museum’s designated space for families, and its signature programs Hands-On History and Winter Discovery Days. Grove earned her Bachelor of Art degree in Philosophy at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, Virginia, and recently completed her Master of History degree at the University of Vermont, where she received a research award for her thesis on a double-agent spy during the Revolutionary War. Before graduate school, Grove taught both in and out of classrooms for organizations such as Outward Bound and Playworks, and served as a park ranger for the Boston National Historical Park. “I am looking forward to making Nantucket history relatable to the students I'll serve,” says Grove. “By engaging with history, I believe that students can learn empathy, diversity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.” A native of Washington State, Grove moved to the east coast at age eighteen to live closer to the sites of early American history. She and her husband have an “affinity for islands,” having met and gotten married on an island in Boston Harbor. “Nantucket, in particular, has the perfect combination of the small-town charm that I grew up with, and the big-city sophistication and culture of places like Boston and New York,” adds Grove. “In addition to soaking in the history all over the island, I am looking forward to taking advantage of the bike paths for dog-walking, joining a recreational soccer team, and maybe spending some time with the local community theater!” An endowed chair is one of the most prestigious and permanent investments that can be made at an institution, as it both recognizes excellence and provides a permanent source of financial support for the position. Named in memory of Peter M. Sacerdote with a $1-million gift from the Family of Peter M. Sacerdote, the NHA’s Sacerdote Chair of Education is an endowed-chair position at the organization. Over the years, Bonnie Sacerdote and her late husband, Peter, and their family have demonstrated a strong commitment to the NHA, through membership, special events, the Friends of the NHA, and the campaign for the expansion of the Whaling Museum, where the Sperm Whale Exhibit was named in recognition of their leadership support. The Sacerdote Chair of Education is the NHA’s fourth named position, along with the Gosnell Executive Director, Robyn & John Davis Chief Curator, and the Obed Macy Research Chair. Ben Daggett, shares a reflection from midnight, at the top of Mount Philo in Charlotte, Vermont, during the Spring of 2014, after his return to Vermont from a study abroad excursion to the country of Botswana in Southern Africa during the Fall of 2013. “The top of Mt Philo was cold. I heard the coyotes in the distance. It was like hearing an old group of friends laughing at jokes, playing cards, and raising good spirits while not worrying about what time I would show up. I love friends like that. Friends that have fun in any company. Even if you are absent or the world changes, they keep getting on with their lives like usual. Perhaps I should have been doing the same. I was trying to, but never before had I felt such longing for something out of my grasp. A longing for the wilderness, for my old Botswana friends. A longing for the quiet of the bush of Southern Africa. It is a primitive longing that we all have engrained in our DNA. Many of us have forgotten it. Many will never acknowledge the roots at which they came from, where our bodies will all one day pay back the energy that we owe to the natural system of endless cycles that go on and on under our feet without making so much of a whisper. But if you do acknowledge it, listen for the whispers, and let it thrive inside you. It can result in astounding changes and revelations that some first world minds are not prepared for. Maybe my mind was one of those not ready to live in the wild as all humans once did. Maybe all of us are meant to be students to nature. Maybe our preparation and the path we take to revelation and transcendence is irrelevant.” Samantha M. Berthelette writes, “I have been accepted to Florida State University’s philosophy doctorate program and will be enrolling in the fall. I am absolutely thrilled about this opportunity, as FSU has the top program in the United States for philosophy of action. My professors from UVM have been extraordinarily helpful and supportive through this whole process; I absolutely could not have done it without them. I’m so excited to start the next phase of my life and career!”
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  • Esther Daigneault Robinson ‘38, of Newfane, Vermont, February 16, 2016.
  • Geoffrey P. Wiedeman ‘38, MD’41, of San Antonio, Texas, January 16, 2016.
  • Ida Hall Sloan ‘42, of Sarasota, Florida, November 16, 2015.
  • Ruth Nido Wight ‘43, of Harrison, Maine, February 28, 2016.
  • Helen Ells Higgins ‘44, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, January 25, 2016.
  • Leonard Y. Kunken ‘44, of Orlando, Florida, December 26, 2015.
  • Noah Cyrus Thompson ‘44, G’70, of Shelburne, Vermont, March 04, 2016.
  • Janice Preston Stafford ‘45, of Salt Lake City, Utah, December 27, 2015.
  • Diana Barnes Schwenk ‘46, of Southampton, New York, December 04, 2015.
  • Peter F. Esteran ‘47, MD’50, of Solana Beach, California, February 18, 2016.
  • Grace Brewster Parks ‘47, of Sparrowbush, New York, April 26, 2015.
  • Patricia Bennett Stoudt ‘47, of Bedford, New Hampshire, February 22, 2016.
  • Henry V. Atherton ‘48, G’50, of South Burlington, Vermont, March 01, 2016.
  • Ruth Millington Bill ‘48, of Plattsburgh, New York, January 21, 2016.
  • Mary M. Downey ‘48, of Nashua, New Hampshire, January 15, 2016.
  • Robert A. Astone ‘49, MD’55, of Rancho Mirage, California, March 13, 2016.
  • Crofter E. Cummings ‘49, of Windsor, Vermont, February 17, 2016.
  • Norman E. Dubie, Sr. ‘49, of Lebanon, New Hampshire, December 06, 2015.
  • Gerald H. Greemore ‘49, G’50, of Barre, Vermont, January 13, 2016.
  • Lawrence Fred Lumbra ‘49, of Westminster, Maryland, February 12, 2016.
  • John Anthony Zagroba ‘49, MD’53, of Barre, Vermont, December 30, 2015.
  • Richard G. Kinsle ‘50, of Scottsdale, Arizona, January 16, 2016.
  • Elizabeth Brownell Montgomery ‘50, of South Hero, Vermont, January 07, 2016.
  • Willard Robertson ‘50, of Bennington, Vermont, February 18, 2016.
  • Kenneth T. Robinson ‘50, of San Jose, California, February 06, 2016.
  • Wendell E. Smith ‘50, MD’54, of Glen Allen, Virginia, February 11, 2016.
  • Robert Hadley Corrigan ‘51, of St. Albans, Vermont, March 12, 2016.
  • Edward A. Kamens MD’51, of Henrico, Virginia, January 01, 2016.
  • Elouie Farnsworth Snyder ‘51, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, January 14, 2016.
  • Ruth VanBuren Gipson ‘52, of Middlebury, Vermont, February 03, 2016.
  • Cornelius O. Granai, Jr. MD’52, of Northfield Falls, Vermont, March 14, 2016.
  • Helen Lauber Miller ‘52, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, January 26, 2016.
  • Robert Lee Sturk ‘52, of Hampton, Virginia, February 22, 2016.
  • Paul R. Bousquet ‘53, of Woodstock, Vermont, December 31, 2015.
  • Leland David Churchill ‘53, of Merrimack, New Hampshire, January 22, 2016.
  • Richard P. Isper ‘53, of Fairborn, Ohio, February 14, 2016.
  • Jean Hawley Navarra ‘53, of Campbell, California, March 15, 2015.
  • David Pearl ‘53, of South Burlington, Vermont, March 25, 2016.
  • Gayl Robinson ‘53, of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, December 01, 2015.
  • Kenneth D. Blake, Jr. ‘54, of West Brookfield, Massachusetts, December 30, 2015.
  • Marcia Bennett Kartsen ‘54, of North Easton, Massachusetts, March 30, 2015.
  • Denise Bell Keefe ‘54, of Williston, Vermont, February 08, 2016.
  • John E. Mazuzan, Jr. MD’54, of Burlington, Vermont, March 23, 2016.
  • Sara Upton Mikell ‘54, of Williston, Vermont, March 16, 2016.
  • Betty Davis Sawyer ‘54, of Brattleboro, Vermont, February 24, 2016.
  • Barbara Cockey Thompson ‘54, of Modesto, California, May 04, 2015.
  • Elinor Parker Jamieson ‘55, of Waterbury, Vermont, January 17, 2016.
  • Howard S. Irons MD’57, of Boca Raton, Florida, January 26, 2016.
  • Steven E. Kanor ‘57, of Hastings on Hudson, New York, November 27, 2015.
  • Donald A. Klein ‘57, G’61, of Fort Collins, Colorado, February 23, 2016.
  • Arleen Mayer Williams ‘57, of Sarasota, Florida, March 24, 2016.
  • Robert B. Quinlan, Sr. ‘58, G’74, of Naples, Florida, March 02, 2016.
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  • Patricia Macey Plumb ‘59, of St. Albans, Vermont, January 15, 2016.
  • Susan Sproule Bell ‘60, of Shelburne, Vermont, December 05, 2015.
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  • James Daniel Donoghue G’75, of Colchester, Vermont, January 23, 2016.
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  • Stephen James Bullis ‘71, G’74, of Colchester, Vermont, March 06, 2016.
  • Patricia Elwert Ribolini ‘71, G’83, of Montpelier, Vermont, March 03, 2016.
  • Glen T. Morrisseau ‘72, of Milton, Vermont, January 05, 2016.
  • Susan Crandall Shaw ‘73, of Meriden, Connecticut, December 23, 2015.
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  • Jennifer Fyles Potthoff G’83, of Portland, Maine, March 08, 2016.
  • Douglas Erwin Green MD’91, of Salt Lake City, Utah, January 21, 2016.
  • Janet Elizabeth Induni ‘91, of Essex Junction, Vermont, January 17, 2016.
  • Matthew William Geiger ‘96, of Southborough, Massachusetts, March 09, 2016.
  • Toni J. Lyng G’02, of Fort Edward, New York, February 14, 2016.
  • Jane Duxbury G’08, of Providence, Rhode Island, January 19, 2016.

Bill Eddy, longtime faculty member in the Environmental Program, passed away April 29 at his home in Sutton, Vermont. Eddy taught for twenty-two years at the university and received an honorary doctorate from UVM in 1993. He brought his students the perspective of a distinguished and varied career. In East Africa in the early 1960s, he pioneered the development of Swahili language documentary films for raising awareness among African viewers about the economic importance of wildlife in the region’s national parks. In the early 1970s, Eddy worked with the Conservation Foundation and U.S. Park Service to produce a global environmental film and book titled Consider the Process of Living, a prescient presentation of the perils of environmental degradation. His last book was The Other Side of the World, Essays and Stories on Mind and Nature.

Henry V. Atherton, alumnus and faculty member in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, passed away on March 1. He was a professor in the Animal and Dairy Science Husbandry Department, where he had a distinguished thirty-six-year career as a professor, research investigator, and Dairy Extension specialist, focusing on special interest areas of dairy and food microbiology and sanitation. A pioneering investigator on the influence of bulk-milk cooling on the quality of milk and dairy products, that work earned him a place as a leading researcher in a 100-year history of the American Dairy Science Association. Generations of UVM students past are indebted to Atherton as the founding force behind the Carrigan Hall Dairy Bar, long a delight of campus life.

Dale L. Critchlow, former adjunct professor in engineering, died on May 6 in Shelburne, Vermont. Critchlow focused most of his career working for IBM Research. After retiring from IBM, he took up teaching in UVM’s College of Engineering and Mathematics for thirteen years. An avid woodworker in retirement, Critchlow recently worked with friends to craft bookshelves for the Book Nook, a free book exchange located in UVM’s Davis Center.

Francis R. Bliss, emeritus faculty member in Classics, died on March 16. Before joining the UVM faculty to teach classics, Bliss had taught at Colby College and Case Western Reserve University.

Bill Meezan ’67, alumnus and stalwart supporter of UVM’s LGBTQA community, passed away in May. A Fulbright Scholar, Meezan was a leader in the social justice field, a national expert on child welfare issues. A resident of New York City, Meezan’s last position prior to retirement was as the Mary Ann Quaranta Professor of Social Justice for Children and Distinguished Professor at Fordham University. Meezan was also a committed philanthropist and volunteer for his alma mater, who served on the UVM Foundation’s Foundation Leadership Council and was appointed in April to the UVM Foundation’s Board of Directors. He was presented with an honorary doctorate by UVM in 2013 and is a past alum speaker at the LGBTQA Center’s Rainbow Awards and Graduation ceremony. Meezan is survived by his husband of many years, W. Michael Brittenback. Gifts to the Bill Meezan Memorial Fund at the University of Vermont will honor his memory by building support for students in UVM’s LGBTQA community who are struggling financially. To give:

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