Insect Diversity on Mount Mansfield: Light Traps





  • Confirms effectiveness of using macrolepidoptera in a regular monitoring program
  • Species with limited elevation ranges may prove most useful for observing climactic trends on Mt. Mansfield
  • Low elevation species Pachypolia atricornis may qualify as an indicator species for forest health

(1991-05-01 - 1995-11-01) Describe the diversity of Lepidoptera (moths) in three different habitats on Mount Mansfield. Conduct a light trap survey for macrolepidoptera at three sites on Mount Mansfield where collections were made between 1990-1995. Quantify the relative abundance of Lepidoptera at 3 elevations. Survey insects to establish site specific data on species abundance and diversity, and to establish permanent monitoring sites for long term trend information. Document insect biodiversity with respect to elevation and habitat. Document taxonomic diverstiy and abundance of selected insect groups, especially Lepidopters, Diptera, Hymenoptera, and Coleoptera.

A lepitoptera.

A lepitoptera. (From Wikimedia Commons)

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