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Sean Lawson

Dept. Forests, Parks, & Rec.

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List of Projects

ProjectRoleStart DateEnd Date
Tree Phenology Monitoring: Bud developmentParticipant 1991-04-01
Forest Pest Monitoring: Pear Thrips MonitoringParticipant 1989-05-01
Ozone Bioindicator Plant MonitoringParticipant 1994-06-01
Cloudwater Chemistry on Mount MansfieldPrincipal-investigator 1998-08-01 1998-10-31
Tree Phenology Monitoring: Fall Color and Leaf DropParticipant 1991-07-15
Forest Pest Monitoring: Forest Tent Caterpillar, Spruce Budworm and Hemlock Looper MonitoringParticipant 1991-06-01
Forest Pest Monitoring: Gypsy Moth MonitoringParticipant 1991-05-01 1995-10-30
Tree Nutrition Status on Long-term Soil Monitoring PlotsParticipant 2000-07-01 2000-10-31
Tree Phenology Monitoring: Understory plant phenologyParticipant 1991-04-01
Long-term Soil MonitoringParticipant 2002-01-01