Study Site Applications

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In providing a well coordinated and integrated monitoring and research program at the Mansfield site, we are requiring all participants to apply to the VMC annually, for project approval and location permission. Project approval is to ensure that the proposed project's goals and objectives are in keeping with those of the VMC, to prevent duplication of efforts, and to maintain good communications on all new and changing activities from year to year. Location approval allows each cooperator to function without the threat of interference from others, allows the VMC to ensure that land use is in keeping with VMC guidelines, and provides needed information on specific locations of projects to update our GIS information.

The requirements for VMC application approval are:

  • the project is in keeping with the goals and objectives stated above,
  • adequate project information is provided to understand the proposed project,
  • the cooperator agrees to provide data or results to VMC in a timely manner,
  • and the applicant agrees to provide an annual progress report or information for an annual VMC report.

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