Vermont Monitoring Cooperative Committees

Advisory Committee

Provides guidance on details of finance and program activities for VMC

  • John Austin Wildlife Biologist, Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department
  • Ryan Hanavan Forest Entomologist, USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area
  • William Keeton , University of Vermont
  • James Kellogg Aquatic Biologist, Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Randall Morin Research Forester, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station
  • Richard Poirot Air Quality Planner, Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Angie Quintana-Jones Soil Scientist, Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest
  • Barbara Schultz State Forest Health Program Manager, Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation
  • Kimberly Wallin Research Assistant Professor, University of Vermont and USDA Forest Service
  • Deane Wang Associate Professor, University of Vermont
  • Beverley Wemple , University of Vermont
  • Sandra Wilmot Forest Health Specialist & Climate Change Coordinator, Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation

Steering Committee

Provides guidance on program policy and direction for VMC